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About Joseph Kuo, CFP®, CMA

Born to a family business, I was always surrounded by business owners commiserating with each other and figuring out how to break through to the next level. Growing up, I received many mixed money messages. I learned that family is most important, but no one has time for family; that money provides safety and freedom, but everyone seemed to be chained to their businesses; that we must work hard to build a beautiful future, yet no one knows where they are heading. Like many others, my father was too busy with his business so he never set up a retirement plan, never diversified his holdings, and never planned for his legacy.

While I never had to worry about money, I also felt lost and invisible. There is a sense that, no matter what I do, I will always be my father’s shadow instead of my own person. During college, I recall hearing my father’s banker declaring his admiration for business creators while looking down on inheritors of wealth. After graduate school, I decided to make my own way and joined a management consulting firm. Eventually, I went corporate and became the director of the business unit CFOs at a tech firm.

Alas, the world changed for my family during the economic upheaval. A perfect storm of the credit crunch, geopolitical turmoil, and economic downturn resulted in the family business, which has grown into an international conglomerate, going bankrupt. Because dad had invested everything back into his business and in illiquid real estate holdings; he literally lost his wealth overnight. I cannot imagine what it feels like to lose the dream that you’d invested 40 years of your life and sacrificed time with family to build. This is why I founded Abundance Wealth Planning – I don’t want to see this happen to any other family and promised myself that I will do whatever I can to help others thrive and flourish.

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Ideal Clients

  • Attorneys
  • Business Executives
  • Gen X
  • Inherited Wealth

Ways Advisor Charges

  • Quarterly Fee
  • Assets Under Management

Fee Options

  • Quarterly fee: $2,500
  • AUM: 0%+, 1 mil AUM included in Quarterly fee

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