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About Jesse Carlucci, CFP®, Ph.D.

Jesse is a family financial planner and founder of Arrow Investment Management. He helps everyday Americans reach their financial and lifestyle goals, and is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom.

Prior to starting Arrow Investment Management, he spent eight years in higher education as a university professor, and has a strong background as a researcher, teacher, and mentor. He develops and helps implement customized investment, estate, and financial solutions for all the families he works with. As a fiduciary, he takes his ethical obligations to work in the best interest of his clients very seriously.

The Arrow process:
1.) Initial consultation
2.) Gather data
3.) Analyze and recommend
4.) Implement the plan
5.) Monitor and update the plan

Jesse lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, where they enjoy hiking the national parks, golf, and spending time outdoors.

Jesse received his Ph.D from the University of Oklahoma in 2012, his M.S. from the University at Buffalo in 2008, and a B.A. from Binghamton University in 2005. He is a CFP® professional and also a lecturer at the University of Virginia in the Certified Financial Planning Certificate program.

Jesse is the author of Money Milestones: A twelve-month personal finance journey, and over ten professional technical papers. He writes monthly personal finance articles at “Arrow Investment Education”.

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