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About Gretchen Behnke, CFP®, MBA, RLP

I’m Gretchen, the founder of Pearl Financial Planning, a boutique financial planning firm for independent professional women who want a holistic life planning approach to align their money and their lives.

As a Registered Life Planner, I want to uncover your most essential goals for a fulfilled life before formulating your financial plan, so your finances can fully support those goals.

Life Planning starts with a process for discovering (or remembering) the full life you want to live. Once we have your vision vividly painted, we do a comprehensive financial plan. And that plan is much more tailored, meaningful, and exciting because we built it within the broader context of your ideal life.

Investments are a critical part of your financial plan, and I will manage your investments and advise on your 401(k). But I believe your life shouldn’t be all about your investment portfolio; rather, your investment portfolio should be in service to all the things you want to do with your life.

I don’t like the idea of advising on hundreds of thousands of dollars without really knowing my client. Ours will be a collaborative relationship where you are fully heard and seen, and treated with respect and empathy.

I was a client of a fee-only financial planner for nearly 10 years before I started Pearl. It made a huge difference in my life. Now, I’m doing that for you, with a twist: I trained extensively in Life Planning to add that skill to my technical expertise in comprehensive financial planning.

Often financial planning is comprehensive, in that, it gives you a robust plan to succeed at the life you are living now. But what if the life you are living now is out of sync with the life you want to be living? That’s where Life Planning comes in.

For a financial plan to be most beneficial to you, we need to align it with your life. Your best life. Your ideal life. Schedule a free consultation to start your exploration.

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