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I learned quickly in my first year working in the financial services field the importance of having a financial plan and a trusted advisor. It was 2008, the beginning of the financial crisis. At that time, I worked almost exclusively with teachers and public school staff as a registered representative and investment advisor. The time demonstrated that even with great public benefits, everyone should be thinking about investing in their future.

In 2011, my wife and I made the decision to move west to Oregon. We had heard that it was a place where you could make a career, but also provided a different environment to enjoy other priorities like being outdoors and access to a great lifestyle, adventure, and community. I started working at a local Portland financial services firm that was home base for around 150 high end independent firms across the country. The firm provided insurance and investment products for the ultra-affluent.

While working my way to senior management, I was able to earn other licenses to further my education and also learn intimately the pros and cons of how different practices operate. Most of all, working with many different small offices affiliated with the firm gave me the ability to understand some of the conflicts in our industry along with how individual clients may not understand how their advisor is getting compensated.

After almost 8 years, I made the decision that working with clients directly was the direction for me. I earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation and started working at a small financial planning firm in Portland. After being given the opportunity to join Clarity Capital Management as a fee-only advisor and partner, I decided to join Ryan Mohr and the firm.

While not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Amanda, and four legged adventure partner, Cori. I enjoy backcountry skiing, long distance trail running, and all forms of cycling. Please don’t be surprised if I show up to a client meeting on two wheels!

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