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About Dustin Suttle, CFP®, MBA, CRPC®, AAMS®

Hi there! My name is Dustin, and I’m on a mission to make financial services accessible to as many people as possible.

When I joined this industry over 20 years ago, I was struck by how much people were forced to pay for investing and planning services. I know firsthand how transformative financial guidance can be, but I also watched as countless individuals and businesses were overcharged, hurting their ability to reach their goals in the long run.

I held firmly to my belief that low-cost financial planning would fill a critical need in the industry, so I built it myself. Suttle Crossland Wealth Advisors was born, and the rest is history!

Today, I devote my career to helping clients from all walks of life meet their financial goals. As a Certified Financial Planner™, Accredited Asset Management Specialist®, and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® with an MBA, I’m well positioned to guide clients through countless financial journeys and transitions. I treasure each client relationship, learning where my clients would like to go and how we can work together to make their dreams a reality.

Regardless of your specific situation, my goal is to provide you with the peace of mind to pursue and achieve your desired results. Life doesn’t always go as planned (in fact, it usually doesn’t!), and having a solid financial plan gives you a safety net for life’s many surprises. Together, we’ll prepare you for the road ahead–whatever it may bring.

My specific areas of expertise include portfolio construction, retirement planning, risk minimization, life transition events (career change, retirement, etc.), tax strategies, business ownership, and financial planning. I offer ongoing portfolio management and one-time financial plans depending on your unique needs and goals.

Outside of the finance world, I enjoy spending quality time with my fiancé, family, and friends. I’m also a proud member of the Phoenix Men’s Arts Council. In my spare time, you’ll often find me camping, hiking, volunteering in my community, or learning something new in a great book.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your financial goals and how I can help you reach them. Let’s start a new chapter in your financial story!

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Ideal Clients

  • Gen Y/Millennials
  • In Transition
  • Investment Planning & Management
  • Retirement Planning

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  • Monthly Fee
  • Hourly
  • Assets Under Management

Fee Options

  • Monthly Fee: $100+/mo
  • Hourly Fee: $285+/hr
  • Assets Under Management: 0.55%

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