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About Don Hance Jr., CFP®, EA

Don Hance, Jr. is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, an IRS Enrolled Agent, and the founder of LifeSighted, a fiduciary financial planning and tax prep company centered on helping clients simplify their personal or family finances so they can focus on living a life that they love.

Before starting LifeSighted, Don spent several years working at a firm with a diverse set of retired, high net worth clients. Through the conversations he had with his clients during that time, he learned a great deal about their histories, including how they built and maintained their wealth. Among the trends that stood out the most through those conversations is that many clients wished they had spent more time enjoying the journey of life, rather than pushing off their dreams until retirement. Wanting to make sure that his generation did not fall prey to the same regrets, Don made it his mission to bring life-focused financial planning to those who wanted it, regardless of portfolio size. And thus, LifeSighted was born.

Don holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Southern California, and his CFP® coursework was completed at UCLA Extension, where he obtained a Certificate in Personal Financial Planning, earning it with distinction. He is the director of NexGen for the Financial Planning Association of Los Angeles and an active member of NAPFA Genesis, both of which are organizations that represent the future of the financial planning industry. In his free time, he regularly takes advantage of the pleasant Southern California weather, playing baseball, softball, and volleyball or enjoying a nice hiking trail or a day at the beach.

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