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About David Wattenbarger, CFP®, CAP®

I started DRW Financial as a fee-only financial advising and planning firm after working for twelve years “behind the scenes” in financial services, where I learned a great deal about how best to serve the needs of my clients.

I have found it valuable to continue learning, and earned my CFP® designation, as well as the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation, which aligns well with my desire to help clients align their financial lives with their own unique values.

My personal values revolve around carving out quality time with my family and making the work I do worthwhile and valuable to my clients.

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Recently Published

May 2020 updates and insights

May 22, 2020

It has been a bit since I have collected together my thoughts and observations on the market, the economy, and implications for financial planning best practice.  Some of this post will get technical and long winded, so I will try to capture the headline level here at the top. Market volatility is [probably] not over As of this writing, the S&P is still about 14% below the market highs in mid February, and about 9% below the start of the year.  That reflects a remarkable "bounce [...]

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Revisiting Target Date Funds During COVID 19

March 30, 2020

This post focused on target date funds, but could similarly apply to a "passive" portfolio of index funds that includes an allocation to bonds. Target retirement date mutual funds have become a mainstay of employer sponsored retirement plans (401k plans, for example), and many retail investors are choosing these options as well for their simplicity.  The general idea of a target date fund (TDF) is that the fund holds a mix of assets - -mostly stocks and bonds -- in proportions that shift o [...]

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You should revisit yield to maturity

March 9, 2020

The recent collapse in US bond yields to all-time historic lows presents an opportunity and an obligation to review the prevailing yield to maturity (and yield to "worst") of the bond and "fixed income" portions of an investment portfolio. We know that bond prices and yields are inversely related, at least for bonds with fixed coupons and no call features.  As yields rise, prices fall; as yields fall, prices rise, all else held equal.In asset allocation theory, an investor may hold [...]

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