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About David Wattenbarger, CFP®, CAP®

I started DRW Financial as a fee-only financial advising and planning firm after working for twelve years “behind the scenes” in financial services, where I learned a great deal about how best to serve the needs of my clients.

I have found it valuable to continue learning, and earned my CFP® designation, as well as the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation, which aligns well with my desire to help clients align their financial lives with their own unique values.

My personal values revolve around carving out quality time with my family and making the work I do worthwhile and valuable to my clients.

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Recently Published

Insights from the bond market

September 11, 2018

Many investors recognize that the bond market provides an opportunity for asset class diversification, but what may go unappreciated are the insights that bonds can provide for investments in the stock market.  There are three data points in particular that can be useful for investors building portfolios in stocks.Inflation crossover rateThe actual rate of inflation that an investor experiences over their investing timeline has enormous consequences for their economics; at a minimum, invest [...]

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On inflation, stocks, bonds, and cash

February 23, 2018

image from Bloomberg, Feb 23, 2018 https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/SPX:IND Why did the market "go down" in late January, 2018?  There are many possible reasons, and most of the time a substantial move in the market is really about a combination of things (if there is any real reason at all). My current vote for the "biggest" reason for this particular fall in the price of stocks is what was happening in the bond market, which was itself reacting to what was happening with the Federal [...]

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on bitcoin, the blockchain, and "crypto" currencies

December 15, 2017

Let's get two things out of the way early: (1) there is a lot of noise in the news right now about Bitcoin and its crypto-cousins (and too little information, in my humble opinion), (2) this post is a contribution to the noise, but hopefully contains a little information relevant to my client base and readers. the briefest of summaries There are plenty of articles going around about what crypto currencies are supposed to be, and how blockchain technology is meant to work, so I will keep my com [...]

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  • Charitable Giving
  • Gen X
  • Offers Free Assistance to Furloughed Government Workers
  • Self-Employed Individuals
  • Women's Finance

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  • Flat Fee: $500+
  • AUM: 1.00%


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