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About Daniel Pichardo, CFP®, CRPC

Hi, I’m Daniel. I am married to my beautiful wife Nicole, we had our first child, Kade, in November 2016, and we have a husky pit-bull named Whisky. We live in Huntington Beach, CA and enjoy relaxing on the beach, riding dirt bikes in the desert, hiking, and traveling.

A little background on my upbringing…

My parents immigrated to California from Spain over 40 years ago, eager to start a family and pursue the American dream. My Dad got his Contractor’s license, and developed a “niche” market in building DIY car washes. You know, the one’s you pump quarters into to activate the pressure washer gun. My Mom was a stay-at-home Mom, but she also handled all the behind the scenes work involved in running a business…accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and everything else that happens in between.

Over the years that followed, they gave birth to my older brother, me, and my two younger brothers. God bless my Mom for putting up with the craziness of four boys! Despite all the fun we had, it wasn’t always easy and business wasn’t always the greatest. Throughout my childhood, I experienced all the ups and downs involved with money and running a business, and quickly learned how emotional of a topic it could be…sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

Fast forward…

Fortunately, my parents did an amazing job in raising us and teaching us the importance of education. I became the first Pichardo ever to attend college. I was accepted into Pepperdine University where I began my college career, and graduated from Cal State University, Fullerton with BA in Business Finance. I started as a Psych major, but soon I decided to switch my major to Business Finance. I figured whether I became a psychologist, firefighter, or even a professional soccer player, at least I would have a basic understanding of how to handle money.

I learned money and psychology are actually very closely related. Money is an emotional topic which affects our behavior and relationships, and can have a profound impact on our lives, stress levels, and sense of security. I discovered the world of Investment Management and Financial Planning, I finally felt like I knew where God wanted to use me in this life. I’m a huge people person so I sought out to become a Financial Planner to teach families the basic principles of money and help them pursue their American dream.

In my ten years as a Financial Planner for my clients, I have worked with banks, brokerage firms, and wire houses, which has given me a deep understanding of the complicated world of finance from every angle. I created Bridge Capital Consulting, LLC with the goal to serve you as a fiduciary and partner. My goal is to listen and understand your story to afford you the freedom of living your life by design and not by default.


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