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About Breanna Reish, CFP®

Hi, I am Breanna Reish! I grew up in a family that lived with what we needed and didn’t have a lot left over for luxury. At the age of 14 I realized that making money meant that I would have the opportunity to buy what I wanted and do what I wanted so I started working and saving. Knowing I had money in the bank for when I would need it gave me great confidence and provided a sense of safety and security. My passion for sharing these core principles with others led me to my role as a financial planner, but I was wearing rose colored glasses

While I was here to guide, and educate, the industry was all about selling and products. It was an experience that was miserable for most women, including myself. As I watched this process I could see how many women felt ignored, discouraged and ultimately inadequate. This was totally unacceptable to me. I knew these were smart, capable women, it was our industry that failed them.

My true purpose as a financial planner is to create an inviting environment where women are encouraged to discuss their money judgment, to learn about their investments in a way they enjoy and become more comfortable managing their money with confidence.

Professional Bio:
Breanna Reish, CFP® graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in Financial Planning from California State University, San Bernardino. While in school Breanna interned with a local independent planning firm in order to gain experience working with local families. After her internship, Breanna went on to work with a planning and tax preparation firm. There she gained a lot of tax knowledge that has, in turn, helped her clients with tax planning. Breanna sat for and passed the CFP® exam in 2015. She decided to gain more experience working locally where she could focus solely on perfecting her planning experience for clients. In 2017 Breanna decided it was time to pursue her dream of creating a comforting experience for women and planning for those that really want a great comprehensive experience.

Personal Information:
Breanna was born and raised in sunny southern California. She is married to Zac, a landscape contractor, and has two crazy kids named Journey and Dayton. When Breanna is not working with clients she is driving her children to tennis, swim lessons, leading her daughter’s girl scout troop, or helping with her husband’s off-road races. As a family they love to camp, take weekend trips to Mexico and consume as many street tacos as humanly possible.

Breanna believes in and tries to help others live the best life possible. This means finding balance, letting go of what can not be changed, believing in oneself, having a positive attitude and spending time with and on the things that truly matter.


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Ideal Clients

  • Charitable Giving
  • Educators, Teachers, and Academics
  • Gen X
  • Women's Finance

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  • Monthly Fee: $200+
  • Hourly Fee: $200/hr
  • Flat Fee: $499+


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