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About Bob DePasquale, CFP®, CAP®, CKA®

Financial management should be a collaborative process where a team of people shares one vision and works together to make the best decision for each situation.

We all have a unique set of gifts, talents, and possessions. It is our responsibility to steward them the best we can. I love partnering with purpose-driven families to execute their unique financial and legacy management system.

Initiate Impact seeks partnerships with families who care deeply about what they have and how they can make a positive impact in the world. The organization was founded by my business partner, Stacee Jacobs, and me after we spent a combined 27 years working in an alternate financial services business model.

Stacee and I spent many years working with people from various walks of life and noticed that every situation is unique. There was never any one product or service that fit every scenario. The one constant was that each situation required a lot of information gathering, research, comparisons, expertise in different areas, and decision making. We realized this because there were always multiple investment options, policies to choose from, contracts to decipher, elections to make, and other critical choices. We determined that advice was valuable. But what was most important, was a collaborative effort where everyone worked together and there was one central plan.

Partnering with Initiate Impact is a detailed, yet enjoyable process. We serve families on an ongoing basis making sure we are well-prepared for expected changes and nimble enough for those that are unexpected. I feel that this approach helps us be the best we can be and provides a fulfillment our previous role could not.

I live with my loving wife, Trisha (2007), and our cat, Kobe in Weston, FL. Trisha teaches kindergarten and enjoy exercising and traveling together.

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