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About Ashley Dixon, CFP®

Who am I and where in the world am I?
I am a military spouse, mother to two children, Savannah (7) and James (5), and cat, Joey. We currently live in the sunflower state, Kansas, where the sunflowers bloom for two glorious weeks and the rest of the year the weather is brutally hot, bitterly cold, or on the good days a perfect 72 degrees. I grew up in South Carolina, but have lived many amazing places, Australia as a young child, Spain during college, and through the many moves with the military in Texas, Hawaii, Colorado and this summer our next big adventure to Germany.

Why did I choose to be a CFP®?
I became a Certified Financial Planner over 10 year ago to help people who do not ‘get’ money find understanding and feel confident in making money decisions. I discovered early on when I left my small town bubble and went to the large state university that other people with different backgrounds from different areas of the state and country that not everyone understood basic money topics. I felt fortunate that my dad shared some money topics with me and that I easily understood them. I also felt like our country was and still is doing a disservice to us all in that financial literacy and education is not a higher priority in primary and secondary schooling environments.

What I am learning now?
I strongly believe that tax planning plays a very significant role in your overall money picture and ability to grow your wealth. In 2020 – 2021 I completed a Comprehensive Tax Course and prepared tax returns along side an experienced Enrolled Agent and fellow CFP®.

I also believe that behaviors and emotions drive most of our decisions made surrounding our money and spend a lot of my time understanding how to show up in a space that encourages you to also be aware of these areas to have more control. In March 2021 I became Dare to Lead™ Trained based on the research of Brené Brown, Ph.D, MSW.

What is the life part of my work/life balance?
I enjoy traveling through experiences and food, relaxing on the beach and snow skiing with my family. I will always opt for the outdoors as long as the weather is pleasant.

What I am most proud of?
I took two years off in my career to raise my babies and we lived off one-income, when I reentered the workforce the majority of my income went to childcare cost. Now that my kids are in elementary school, we still strive to live off one-income and align our spending with our love to travel and for experiences. Budgeting and spending plans are the key to this success.

What challenges have I faced that have made me who I am today?
My daughter had open heart surgery at 7 months old to close a hole, the unknowns are scary and family is invaluable.

I lost my younger brother to a heart attack at the age of 26 and it shifted my mindset that you only get one chance at this life so do not wait to do it all, start living today.

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