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About Angela Furubotten-LaRosee, CFP®

I founded Avea Financial Planning to guide busy families with college-bound kids toward successful college funding outcomes while also helping parents define and reach their own ideal financial lives.

In my own active, dual-career family with not one, but two college-bound kids, we are smack in the middle of figuring out our own college funding plan. Like many, our family values a college education. Yet we see the steep cost and complexity involved in making sound college buying decisions. This is where I can help.

Our work tends to start with determining creative solutions for complex college funding situations. Then we continue our work with families on the usual suspects of finances, including cash flow, saving, & investing. We craft well-defined action steps to achieve desired outcomes centered on living one’s ideal life.

When I’m not working with families, I’m with my own. We like to work in the yard, go boating & camping on the Snake River and eat outside in our beautiful, sunny Southeastern Washington weather.

To learn more about my college funding and comprehensive financial planning services, I invite you to visit or call 509-366-0032 and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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