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Hi, I’m Andie, and I have a problem – NUMBERS! I love them. I graduated with my engineering degree in 19–, well, a while ago, but entered the workforce at a time when virtual careers and telecommuting were not options. As a vagabond military spouse, I spent years bouncing around the Air Force teaching entry-level math classes at community colleges and finding students paid best attention when you could relate math problems to their real lives – car loans, home buying, the break-even for their catering business, the true cost of student loans – you get the idea.

I established The Table to bring comprehensive financial planning, counseling, and education to the military community. More than two decades as a military spouse and ten years as a DoD military financial counselor make me uniquely qualified to serve my clients who are active duty, guard, and reserve service members, veterans, and surviving spouses from all over the country. My goal is to help you use the discipline you learned and the pays and benefits you earned in your military career to create your best financial future. I focus on maximizing pensions, TSP accounts, VA educational benefits, healthcare coverage, and military tax advantages.

I also offer services for small business owners wanting a low-cost, high-quality employer-sponsored retirement plan. In my years as a military financial counselor, I helped countless service members get started saving for retirement using their unique “401(k)” plan, the Thrift Savings Plan. While I gave briefings too numerous to mention on the benefits of using an employer’s retirement plan, it was the fireside chats with my small business owner dad that called me to action. At the age of 74, the owner of the Anfinson Farm Store established a 401k, and all seven employees made their first contributions. Research shows that an employer-sponsored retirement plan is the number one tool for retirement readiness. After a regular paycheck and a healthcare plan, there is no better way to take care of employees who have become like family. I challenge every employer to make “paying yourself first” a little easier and a lot more understandable for themselves and their employees.

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June 19, 2020

Good news for TSP participants! Starting July 1, 2020, TSP will have ten Lifecycle (L) Funds to choose from instead of the five currently available.  The addition of the new L Funds will create target dates separated by only five years instead of ten, allowing you to more precisely target the time when you think … Continue reading TSP Lifecycle Fund changes!

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MFAA Take-off!

May 7, 2020

I want to give a big shout out to Kate Horrell.  She tirelessly provides information and support in the financial best interest of military families.  She recently had a conversation with me and my friend Adrienne over at Clear Insight Financial Planning about our new network of military-focused comprehensive financial planners.  [link to Kate’s post] … Continue reading MFAA Take-off!

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Introducing MFAA!

April 20, 2020

Today is the official launch of a new organization: Military Financial Advisors Association We are dedicated to bringing comprehensive financial planning to active duty and reserve service members and their spouses, as well as veterans of all ages. All advisors are fee-only planners whose practices operate under a fiduciary oath: your best interests are first … Continue reading Introducing MFAA!

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