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About Alyssa Lum, CFP®, MBA

I founded Luminate Financial Planning because I am passionate about the power of planning and about helping you build a life based on what matters most to you. Financial planning is a mix of art and science. It’s not just about the numbers, but what the numbers mean for you. It’s how you can use money as a tool to build your own great life.

I will work with you to simplify and take control of your financial life. I will empower you to align your financial assets with your own values and goals.

I believe that financial planning should be transparent, using a fee-only structure to minimize conflicts of interest. No commissions and no hidden fees.

I personally understand the transformative power of sound financial planning and advice. Before leaving my prior career in corporate finance, and before I knew financial planning was even a profession, I built my own extensive plan for my family. We wanted to figure out if I could take time off of my career to start a family and become a stay-at-home mom while our kids were young. That basic plan (built with an Excel spreadsheet) served as a guidepost for the financial decisions my family and I have faced.

My background 

I have an MBA in Finance from Georgetown University and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Bloomsburg University. I hold the CFP® certification and passed the Series 65 Uniform Investment Adviser exam. I worked as an associate financial advisor and wealth planner for an independent broker-dealer before launching my own practice.


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