Amy Barnes, CFP®, CIMA®

About Amy Barnes, CFP®, CIMA®

As a college student, I witnessed my mother, who was widowed, place her trust and life insurance money with a friend at a reputable investment firm. Her money was grossly mismanaged, and she was devastated. I am fiercely passionate about protecting my clients and their wealth as a trusted partner throughout their lives, operating with honesty and transparency in all our work together. I launched Firebrand Wealth as an independent, fee-only firm so that I could fully live and breathe these values every day, and lead my team to do the same.

I specialize in helping women working in the rough-and-tumble worlds of technology and entrepreneurship. I also help families undergoing big financial changes in their lives, such as a death in the family, divorce, career pivots, sudden wealth, or the burden of caring for parents.

Firebrand Wealth offers both hourly-fee and asset-based-fee advice and guidance, including:

• Savings Strategies
• Socially-Responsible Investment Management
• Retirement Planning
• Tax and Estate Planning

Having spent 20 years in financial services, from Wall Street to the San Francisco Bay, I now call the greater Seattle area home. I paid my dues working at traditional brokerage firms and the world’s largest asset manager, and I believe there is no better way to serve clients than as an independent fiduciary, putting their needs first.

In my spare time, when not busy chasing the kids around in matching super-hero capes, I enjoy writing and learning tennis. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, with a Bachelor of Arts in the College of Letters, and hold the Certified Investment Management Analyst designation from the Wharton School of Business. I am Series 65 licensed and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

Taylor Anderson, CFP®

About Taylor Anderson, CFP®

Taylor’s passion for financial planning started when she and her husband decided to take a break from their traditional career paths in Seattle to join the Peace Corps. She served for two years in Kyrgyzstan before joining her family-owned financial planning business in Vancouver, Washington. Since then, Taylor has found that she has a passion for serving clients who are ambitious in their career paths and hobbies alike. Most importantly, hearing about her clients’ travel plans and being able to assist them in making them happen is incredibly rewarding. The best challenge that Taylor faces is helping her clients build flexibility into their financial plans. When she is able to oversee and assist her clients execute a sabbatical that they have been dreaming of, this is not only satisfying for the client but her as well. She loves to share her personal experience regarding her first sabbatical and since then, why she has not shied away from taking them year after year.

Taylor began her career in consulting and as a project manager at large companies. With this experience, she knows what it is like to make decisions on benefits, to advocate for herself in annual reviews, and to navigate corporate work environments. Taylor brings her prior experience to her sabbatical planning work by adding creativity to the more technical side of financial planning. Mindmaps, roadmaps, and her favorite…. brainstorming with Post-Its are some of her favorite techniques in sabbatical planning because they create active engagement with clients and provide fresh and insightful perspective.

Taylor would love to help you in your journey in planning for a break or transition in your current career. Vacations and doing what you love should not be an event that only happens once you retire. Contact Taylor if you would love to know the next steps to living your work and personal life to their fullest.

MK Lee, CFP®

About MK Lee, CFP®

MK is a fee-only and fiduciary financial planner helping professionals in the tech industry build strong and agile financial futures.

MK provides financial planning and coaching services to inform and empower your decision-making — giving you the knowledge, strategies, and confidence to grow your own wealth.

Prior to founding SEAMFI, MK worked as a trusted advisor in New York and the Bay Area for high-net-worth clients, including individuals featured on the Forbes 400 Billionaires list. She earned her MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Throughout her career, MK has guided many families in balancing their current needs with their future goals. She provides services related to budgeting and cash flow management, investments, retirement planning, estate planning, and clients’ philanthropic interests.

MK and her family live in Tacoma, WA, where she enjoys the relaxed culture and the natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest. She is passionate about keeping a work/life balance and to that end is a frequent traveler who prioritizes spending time with family and friends.

Nick Reilly, CFP®, CDAA

About Nick Reilly, CFP®, CDAA

You can read about his full financial planning journey on his website:

Nick founded One Day Advice so that he could combine his experience and background as a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Digital Asset Advisor, with his passion for technology and helping others achieve more out of life.
His mission revolves around enriching the lives of those he works with by empowering them to take control of their finances and freeing them to live the life they want.
Nick loves the opportunity to educate the clients he works with and has a gift for breaking down financial concepts in an easily digestible way. Through his podcast, the One Day Advice Podcast, he provides listeners a behind-the-scenes look into the financial services industry, while giving timely advice around their personal finances.

Nick has experienced many parts of the financial services industry. He’s worked as a financial advisor at a large brokerage firm (Long-story-short, he didn’t feel he could best serve his clients under a large company’s umbrella with so many conflicts of interest). He’s also worked with a large independent registered investment advisor, where he personally met with and performed financial planning for the ultra-wealthy (Fortune 100 executives, angel investors, and highly successful leaders in technology). He worked with their CPA’s around tax preparation and tax strategies, their attorneys for estate planning and formulating trusts, provide cash flow management, and guidance around insurance and wealth management. While he enjoyed gaining the experience working with these types of clients, he wanted the chance to work more with people who were in the earlier part of the wealth-building stage of their lives where his advice could have the longest and deepest impact.

Nick has also worked in the tech sector, so he actually understands what it’s like to work within a tech firm and loves to utilize his knowledge and experience in the field with the tech professionals he works with.

One Day Advice was established to help people build and manage their wealth through the digital age. The digital age is an exciting time full of great potential, however, it has created a higher sense of anxiety and financial complexity. We filter out what’s important, simplify your finances, and guide you along the path to financial freedom.

Outside of work, Nick loves to spend time with his wife Andreea and mini-Goldendoodle, Oslo. Nick is a perpetual learner, and will likely be found with a book in his hand. Depending on the season, you’ll find him mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, wake surfing, or at the gym lifting weights and playing basketball.

Rebecca Conner, CFP®, CPA

About Rebecca Conner, CFP®, CPA, RLP

I believe that no matter what living a wealthy life means to you – maximizing your happiness begins with taking control of your financial life.

My mission is to cut through the crap and meet you where you are. I offer you online, automated ways to manage your money with flexible financial planning. I work with tech entrepreneurs and professionals as a financial coach and confidant, helping you grow your wealth.

I help my clients learn more about stock option/RSU strategies, IPO and acquisition stock sale strategies, real estate investment analysis, business strategy and other financial planning topics.

In my off-time, I enjoy mentoring startups through Techstars and helping small business owners think more about their operations and financial metrics.

I am originally from Dallas, Texas and I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in the Business Honors Program and Accounting with a Masters in Professional Accounting.

Before founding SeedSafe Financial, I was a Director of the Investment Team for Lighter Capital, a financial advisor at Merriman Wealth Management, and headed the tax department for Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Martin Lundgren, CFP®, CFA, CIPM, PMP

About Martin Lundgren, CFP®, CFA, CIPM, PMP

Northern Lights strongly believes the most important aspect of financial planning is to develop a long term sustainable plan that is continually being adjusted as life happens. This plan will look differently for each client and contains the following areas: investments, retirement, cash flow, insurance reviews, estate planning, foreign and domestic tax review, and other aspects of a client’s financial life. We believe that a one-time planning meeting will not fit most people and much more value is involved with a continuous process and many touch points.

In terms of investment philosophy, we at Northern Lights will develop a long-term asset allocation, and will adjust this in order to take advantage of opportunities in the markets. We believe the most long-term value is gained from an efficient asset allocation, revised tactical changes, and lastly selecting low cost quality managers in order to implement the most effective investment solution for our clients.

With twelve years of industry knowledge and experience in wealth management, Martin Lundgren, President and founder of Northern Lights Advisors, Inc. delivers exceptional service in advising clients. He previously served as a Client Relationship Director for a private wealth management service provider, advising wealth managers with over $10 billion under management. He was also responsible for large client relationships, investments, and asset allocation at a large multi-family office.

Mr. Lundgren holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, considered the gold standard in the financial industry, has the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification, which is the premier financial planning standard and he holds a Certificate in Investment Performance Measurements (CIPM), an expert investment performance calculations designation. Lastly, he is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Mindy Crary, CFP®, MBA

About Mindy Crary, CFP®, MBA

Mindy founded Creative Money LLC to provide financial planning and strategic, customized advice without product sales. With a masters in business, a life coaching certification and 16+ years in financial services, Mindy can help untangle the biggest obstacles to financial success, and provide coaching, clarity and concrete action steps. Mindy is also the author of the book Personal Finance That Doesn’t Suck, available on Amazon.

Jason Preti, CFP®

About Jason Preti, CFP®

I created Unleashed Financial for the client that needs comprehensive planning and investment direction but doesn’t currently have enough assets for a “traditional” wealth management firm. Unleashed Financial does not require minimum investment, net worth or income levels. You need a plan for your current goals and long term wealth accumulation, we understand and help you meet your goals.