Spencer Stephens, CFP®, MS

About Spencer Stephens, CFP®, MS

Hello. My name is Spencer and I am a recovering dragon…

In middle school, my parents started giving me $10 each week to buy lunch. This was my first real income stream and I loved it! But I quickly noticed that if I used my “hard earned” money on lunch I would have less of it. So naturally, I stopped buying lunch! But why stop there? I stopped buying basically everything so I could have more money… I was like a treasure-hoarding dragon!

That was until senior year of high school when I bought my first stock and used my first credit card to impulse purchase $100 shoes. I also had a lot of fun using my money to go on adventures with friends and my dragon scales started peeling back. I realized that it is possible to live life now while still saving and preparing for the future.

I completed my undergraduate studies in psychology with a business minor and was planning to become a business psychologist. However, my Intro to Finance class blew me away with discussions about Roth IRAs and compounding interest. I had no idea this stuff existed!

So, I changed directions and completed a master’s degree in Finance. Afterward, I completed all the requirements to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. These steps have given me the expertise needed to best serve my clients.

Throughout this process, I also married my high school sweetheart, had 4 kids and worked full-time. I know exactly what it’s like to be a young parent in the throngs of life!

While I still have some dragon-like financial tendencies, I have learned how to use the money to bring joy to my life and the lives of others. Personal finance is way more personal than it is finance! That’s why I help my clients focus on their life goals, determine how to best plan for them, and guide them through life’s journey along the way to their dreams.

I believe firmly that working with an independent, fee-only, CFP® professional like me is the best way to achieve financial success. Now let me show you how! Contact me today to get started.

Robbie Schoonmaker, CFP®, CPA

About Robbie Schoonmaker, CFP®, CPA, RLP

• Don’t pay a percentage of your assets—hourly or set fees instead—and no minimums
• Experience the process of connecting with yourself through Life Planning to identify the most meaningful goals for you to accomplish, now.
• Your Certified Financial Planner is also your CPA and can plan for and prepare your taxes.
• You become educated and empowered to make your own financial decisions.
• You maintain control over all of your assets, keep them wherever you want and make your own trades based on specific index-based investment recommendations.
• Meet from your home (or anywhere!) virtually.
• Night and weekend appointments available.
• 20+ years of experience with clients from new investors to ultra-high net worth investors, plus real estate management experience.

Neil Mahoney, CFP®

About Neil Mahoney, CFP®

My name is Neil Mahoney and I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who loves to help special needs families and people with disabilities enjoy life, make the most out of their money, and live the best life possible.

As a father of three kids, including twins with disabilities, my wife Rebecca and I have first-hand experience with many of the financial and life challenges special needs families face. I’m here to help special needs families and people with disabilities be as strong as possible financially to help reduce financial stress and increase quality of life.

My ideal clients are special needs families, people with disabilities, professionals serving the disability community, and good-hearted people who are or commit to become financial or volunteer supporters of the disability community.

I absolutely love playing table tennis (ping pong) and before the pandemic was playing 5+ days per week. I have a lifelong passion for trains and model railroading, much to the dismay of my wife, and especially enjoy “operating sessions” and getting stuck waiting at railroad crossings. RVing in our 41-foot trailer is new adventure for our family and we have enjoyed getting outside more often.

James Sweeney, CFP®, CFA

About James Sweeney, CFP®, CFA, MBA

I founded SwitchPoint to provide holistic, unbiased advice to working professionals who are ready to start planning for retirement.

I have years of experience helping individuals and families plan for and transition to retirement.

My flat fee business model removes the conflicts of interest inherent in traditional commission and % of asset models and allows me to focus 100% on the needs and goals of my clients.

If you are ready to get serious about retirement (whether you’re 10 years or 10 days away), let’s chat. I can help you understand where you stand today and then design and implement a plan that works for you.