David Born, CFP®, CFA

About David Born, CFP®, CFA

Dave’s experience in investment management and financial planning uniquely position him to serve as his client’s independent trusted advisor – a personal chief financial officer that can discreetly navigate the tides affecting your financial life.

Professional highlights include portfolio management on Union Bank municipal investment team which earned recognition as the best in the industry by Barron’s in 2008 and 2009; lead investment management responsibility at a $300M financial planning firm; and working with amazing entrepreneurs, executives, and families.

David’s education includes a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, a Certified Financial Planning (CFP) designation, and a U.C. Berkeley bachelor’s degree where he conducted a study on evidenced based investment management with Haas Professor of Investments David Distad.

David launched PFM to continue building upon his vision of complete personal financial management: discreet and unwavering focus on how expert financial management can help a client achieve her goals. From setting and achieving goals, to preparing you for all of life’s contingencies and investing for your future – David helps his client’s understand what they should be doing, and then helps them get it done.

Brett Fry, CFP®, CFA

About Brett Fry, CFP®, CFA

When Brett’s grandfather passed away 15 years ago, there were hundreds of people in attendance at his funeral; he was a very loved and respected man. Many people approached Brett and shared stories illustrating what a good man his grandfather was and how he had positively impacted them and the community. This experience taught him that what you do on a daily basis leaves a lasting impression on people. As a result of this, and other lessons, Brett made the commitment to be an influence for good in the lives of others, to put relationships first, to always be honest and transparent in all his dealings, and to give 150% to everything he does. It’s these principles that inspire and drive Brett in his career as a financial planner.

For over a decade Brett has found great satisfaction in helping his clients create financial plans and strategies to eliminate the stress they feel concerning their financial futures. As the Managing Director in the Dallas Office of Forteris Wealth Management, Brett has a genuine desire to always do what’s best for his clients and help them achieve their goals, passions, and dreams.

Brett received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Stephen F. Austin State University and a dual Master’s Degree in Finance and Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University. He earned his CFP and CFA designations in 2014 and 2017. Before becoming the Managing Director for Forteris Wealth, he worked for Altfest Personal Wealth Management and BNY Mellon in New York City.

In his free time, Brett enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing golf, and watching his beloved Cowboys and Texas Tech play football. He currently resides in Plano, Texas with his wife Janelle, who is his greatest support and inspiration.

Justin Brownlee, CFP®

About Justin Brownlee, CFP®

Hi! I’m Justin Brownlee. Brownlee Wealth Management is a fee-only financial planning firm that exists to bring clarity to your financial life. We want to help you simplify your investments, lower your taxes, and grow your family’s wealth.

My background is in helping high net worth families navigate the tax code to build an estate plan, portfolio, and retirement plan that works for them.

When not working, I enjoy coffee, brisket, and college football. I’m a cancer survivor. My wife and I love exploring 30A with our three kids-J.D., Blair, and Peter. Being a family of five, I find that a surprising amount of my free time is consumed by breaking down Amazon boxes that miraculously appear at our house constantly.

You can schedule an intro call at https://www.bwmplanning.com/schedule-appointment

Brandon Renfro, CFP®, Ph.D.

About Brandon Renfro, CFP®, Ph.D., RICP®, EA

I help you plan your optimum retirement income strategy. You’ve saved your whole life for retirement, and now it’s time to use that savings to relax and spend your time the way you want to. We will figure out together the best way for you to distribute your savings and account for investment risks, taxes, and an uncertain future.

I live in East Texas with my wife and two kids. I am a former professor and take a teaching approach with my clients as well. No two retirements are the same, so your retirement plan will require some custom-fitting. I want you to understand everything we do so that you can help me understand the best plan for you.

I am also an Infantry Major in the Arkansas Army National Guard.

Read Brandon’s blog here: https://www.brandonrenfro.com/blog/

Neil Krishnaswamy, CFP®, RICP®

About Neil Krishnaswamy, CFP®, RICP®, EA

My name is Neil Krishnaswamy. I have long been intrigued by the challenge we face to live the most abundant life we can NOW while also building a secure foundation for the future. For over the past decade, I’ve sought answers by building and refining processes to help people allocate their resources in line with their goals and make better decisions. This journey has manifested into the formation of an independent financial planning and investment firm, called Krishna Wealth Planning.

With a diverse background as both a technology professional and advisor for a wealth management firm, I utilize unique skills and a process-based approach to help manage the complexity of my clients’ financial lives. I identify the risks and trade-offs that need to be made while carefully executing the details of their financial and investment plans. I also seek to educate the broader public through writing, pro bono services, and interactions with the media.

Krishna Wealth Planning has service offerings ideal for Gen X families along with Baby Boomers seeking retirement income planning. My core service offering is integrated financial planning accessed through a monthly subscription. The premium service offering includes both integrated financial planning and investment management. Please see the firm’s website for more details on services and pricing. You may also schedule a free discovery consultation to learn if these services are the right fit for you and your family.

On a professional note: I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in 2014 and received my Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) certification in 2016. In addition, I am an IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) and earned a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.

On a personal note: I live in McKinney, Texas (North Dallas area) along with my lovely wife of 17 years, Pavi. I also playing tennis, practicing yoga and escaping into a good book. I am always grateful to spend time with my beautiful 11-year-old daughter Veda. I am a member various organizations including the XY Planning Network, NAPFA and the Global Financial Planning Institute.

Travis Gatzemeier, CFP®

About Travis Gatzemeier, CFP®

I’m Travis Gatzemeier, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and the founder of Kinetix Financial Planning. I believe money is a tool that can unlock the optionality of life. My goals are to help optimize your cash flow, grow wealth, and pay less money to Uncle Sam through dynamic financial planning and investment management.

Prior to my career as a financial planner, I graduated with a business degree from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. I began my professional career at a large brokerage firm where I learned the ins and outs of the financial markets. During this time I was able to gain valuable experience in financial markets, risk management, and personal finance. I then found my path working as a wealth manager for a small financial firm serving pre-retirees and retirees which included selling insurance to clients. I realized that insurance sales mixed with financial planning created a huge conflict of interest! I made the decision to become a fee-only financial planner in order to give my clients real financial advice with limited conflicts of interest.

On a personal note, I live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area but grew up a small-town kid in central Texas. When I am not helping my clients, I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, reading, or listening to the next queued up podcast. In addition, I am a supporter of the professional sports teams in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. An avid outdoorsman – hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, and everything in between. I have a husky that keeps me busy and active named Koda. My favorite getaway is Montana where I have family!

Chris Reddick, CFP®, MBA

About Chris Reddick, CFP®, MBA, Ph.D.

Hello, my name is Chris Reddick. I am a Financial Planner and Owner of Chris Reddick Financial Planning, LLC. My firm specializes in investment management, retirement planning, and financial planning for professionals in corporate, education, and public service careers. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional which is the highest standard for personal financial planning in the industry.

I am a goal-based financial planner. We establish goals together, track progress in accomplishing your goals, and celebrate your wins. If you are looking for a financial planner that holds you accountable for getting results, I am the one for you!

I was born and raised in Canada and earned an MBA in Business Studies at the University of Guelph. I earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Sheffield, in the United Kingdom.

In the year 2000, I moved to the U.S. to begin my university teaching career at Murray State University in Kentucky. Currently, I am a full professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio and have taught, among other subjects, a graduate-level course in economics since 2001. I have 11 years of management experience as a department chair, and author of numerous books and articles on technology, finance, and other management subjects.

I currently work as a personal financial counselor with Zeiders Enterprises, which serves the active-duty military. Also, I am on the Board of Directors for the San Antonio Financial Planning Association and serve on the pro bono committee.

My wife Cathy and I have two children, Rachel and Abigail. I love to spend time with my children, watch movies, and travel.

Wakefield Hare, CFP®

About Wakefield Hare, CFP®

Greater Than Financial is a financial planning and investment management firm specializing in planning for the busy families of Kansas City’s Northland and across the United States. We help those families who need extra expertise to find the information necessary to make confident financial decisions. We accomplish this by using the latest financial planning applications and by developing a customized communication schedule for every family we serve.

Our dedication to planning comes from one simple thought: people have access to all they need for a full life, yet most feel like something’s missing.

So much of our lives are but a shadow of what they could be because of waste. The effective application of financial principles can fix that.

To us, finance is about discovering the best and highest use for all that we have, including our money, our skills, our time, and our energy. Finance, done right, equals more life. Life that is greater than what we are currently living.

Those thoughts spurred Wakefield to create Greater Than Financial and give the company its mission: Giving accurate and timely information to make it simpler for families to live fully.

With over 12 years of investment management and financial planning experience, and over 15 years working with teenagers and their parents through Young Life, Wakefield has gained the ability to layer technical planning expertise on top of insightful communication to be able to discover what a family really needs to make progress.

That’s why Greater Than Financial focuses on serving Kansas City Northland families under 50. These people’s schedules are so full, it becomes normal to not slow down long enough to remember the reason we’re all running so fast in the first place.

These families are coming into their peak earning years but still have time for career transition if it makes sense. These families are pushing to make sure their kids are on track to become fulfilled, productive adults. These families are beginning to confront the realities of life after the kids get out of high school, including the complexities of paying for college and the expectation of an empty nest.

If you’re that family and want a consistent planning process to help you make the best decisions possible, then you are a Greater Than family.

Gretchen Behnke, CFP®, MBA

About Gretchen Behnke, CFP®, MBA, RLP

I was a client first. Before becoming an advisor, I was a client. I know first-hand how powerful financial planning can be, and that experience inspired me to help other professional women find courage and excitement in their finances. My time as a client inspired my life’s work—to give women an elevated financial experience and help them find excitement and confidence with their money. I listen with empathy, plan with integrity, and look forward to celebrating all of your wins.

I approach financial planning differently than most firms. I didn’t “grow up” in the industry or get my start in a major wirehouse. I chose to be in this industry from my time as a client, which directly influences the unique experience I bring to my clients. I’ll always see your plan as a client first and an advisor second. Your life should inform the numbers, not the other way around.

Through our firm’s high-touch, holistic wealth model, we guide, support, and empower women to align their money with their vision, values, and goals. We seek to create a safe, encouraging, and empathetic space where you are seen, heard, and understood. Here, your entire life experience matters.

What is Holistic Life Planning? Money is a valuable tool to help you live your most ideal life. Life planning puts your goals and values at the center and builds your finances around them. Whether you want to change careers, make work optional, start your own business, or pursue a passion project, we can help ensure your finances support the steps you need to take to get there. By staying true to your values, we can help structure your investments to best support them. Your life plan considers your goals and values, investments, insurance needs, tax plan, estate plan, legacy building, and more.

Gain the confidence to invest in your life and live your dreams. Contact me to request a complimentary consultation.

Bob Rall, CFP®

About Bob Rall, CFP®

Bob has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. He began his financial career with Prudential Insurance, where he gained valuable knowledge and experience that allows him to help clients make sure that their various insurance policies are structured properly to protect their assets. While at Prudential, he was introduced to the investment side of the financial services industry and quickly learned that this is where his passion lies.

After three years with Prudential, he followed his passion and joined the Dean Witter brokerage firm in Cocoa Beach. He spent the next six years in the brokerage world, helping clients develop and manage their investment portfolios. His desire to help clients beyond their investments led him to complete the educational and experience requirements to earn the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 1998.

Bob had a passion for the financial markets, and enjoyed the relationships he had developed with his clients, but his disdain for the culture of Wall Street led him to join an independent, fee-only financial planning and investment management firm in 2000. He spent the next four years managing client portfolios and helping them to develop long-term comprehensive financial plans.

A desire to be even more independent when helping clients led him to start Rall Capital Management in September of 2004. While most advisory firms are built to cater to the ultra-high-net-worth client, Bob built Rall Capital Management to cater to an underserved segment of the market, known as the “mass-affluent.” Individuals and families of more modest means have less room for error when planning their financial futures and managing their investment portfolios. This is the group that Bob has focused on serving.

Bob is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA®) and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA®). He is a contributing writer for the Journal of Financial Planning and served on that publication’s Editorial Advisory Board for several years. He is also a recognized leader in the retirement planning field—he helped launch the FPA’s Retirement Planning Knowledge Circle and served as its host for several years.

Bob and his wife, Gina, are both active members of the local running community. Together, they have traveled to many parts of the country to run marathons. Before being slowed by a knee injury he sustained a few years ago, they had each completed more than 20 full marathons, a number of half-marathons, and they still participate in many of the local races of various distances. Bob is the President and on the Board of Space Coast Runners, a local non-profit group promoting fitness through running and walking. He served as Editor of the Club’s newsletter when it was awarded “Outstanding E-Newsletter – 2014” by the national running group, Road Runners Club of America. He was awarded the “Silver Shoe” award by Space Coast Runners in 2013 for his service and commitment to the Club.

Bob, Gina, and Bob’s adult children, Adam and Jenna, are deeply involved with Brevard County’s Special Olympics program. They all serve as certified, volunteer coaches for the track and field team. Bob and Adam also play for the Brevard County Special Olympics Unified Softball Team, which integrates special athletes and “partners” competing together. The team won the Gold Medal at the 2014 and 2018 Special Olympics USA Games, representing Team Florida. The relationships that the family has developed with our special citizens have become a very powerful part of their lives.

Bob graduated cum laude from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications. Having grown up in Columbus, he is an ardent fan of The Ohio State Buckeyes. He also enjoys CrossFit, history and playing the piano.

One of the things he is proudest of is having built a small, independent and successful firm that allows him to work with his family as they help other families achieve their financial goals.