Deaton Smith, CFP®, ChFC®

About Deaton Smith, CFP®, ChFC®

I’m Deaton Smith and I am the founder of Thayer Financial, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, a West Point graduate and OEF Veteran. I named Thayer Financial after the founding father of West Point because I envision my company as something bigger than me. It embodies the same values and principles of my time at West Point and in the Army: Duty, Honor, Integrity, and Loyalty. These values are at the very core of everything I do and stand for.

The existing business model is drowning in a sea of “trust me” salespeople all riddled with major conflicts of interest and complicated financial products that pay exorbitant commissions. This is why I created my own firm. My values and beliefs did not line up with any of these major firms and I knew that there had to be a better way to serve my clients.

That’s why I launched a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser that is legally obligated to work as a fiduciary 100% of the time. I don’t accept commissions, referral fees, kickbacks, free vacations, or marketing dollars from insurance companies or investment companies. The only way I get paid is directly from my clients for the services that I provide, which allows my clients to weigh the true cost of the advice they are receiving.

Ian Bloom, CFP®

About Ian Bloom, CFP®

Hi! My name is Ian Bloom. I started my firm, Open World Financial Life Planning because I wanted to serve other nerds, not sell financial products. I focus on systematizing my clients’ financial lives to reduce their stress and worry, so that they can focus on their passions.

As a nerd, I understand what it’s like to have hobbies and priorities outside of the norm. Whether your interests lie in gaming, programming, collecting, or something tamer, my goal is to make your financial life much more simple so that you have less stress and more time to focus on your interests. Life shouldn’t be about scrolling through google searches to solve a complex financial question. Your time should be spent doing the things you love and taking care of the people you care about.

My philosophy on financial life planning was shaped through my experience getting my CFP® designation, my bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and three years of amazing mentorship in the financial industry. Comprehensive financial life planning with my firm combines the skills I’ve developed through my experience and education, the perspective I have as a nerd and Millennial, and the drive I have to increase financial literacy within my community. I chose a fee-only structure for the firm in order to minimize conflicts of interest and make payment as transparent for my clients as possible. Having no product sales involved means I can focus on the perfect solution for my clients, not getting paid.

Working with my firm starts with a complimentary first meeting in which we talk through your values, goals, and finances. If we decide to work together we will gather details on your finances, analyze and prioritize your goals, and eventually arrive at a plan through collaboration. I will help with the implementation of that plan, educating you on the what’s and why’s of each checklist item so that you feel comfortable with the changes. Finally, at the end of a yea,r we will review our progress and reassess the plan going forward.

On the personal side of things, my passions lie in gaming. I love tabletop games, trading card games, and video games. I specifically love anything that is geared toward difficult strategic decisions. My wife and I spend a lot of our time playing games together, using Pokemon Go as a motivator to stay active, and hosting our friends and family for various get-togethers.

Go ahead and book that first meeting to get started! It’s always FREE.

If you’re not so sure yet, and would like to see some examples of my personality or how I work with clients, feel free to check out my YouTube channel. I try to keep to a pretty regular video schedule, so there’s plenty of content available. Chances are if you have a single financial question, I have either addressed it on the channel or have plans to in the near future.

Charles S Terry, CFP®

About Charles S Terry, CFP®

Are your finances starting to become a larger burden than you want to carry by yourself? After working for over a decade at a large planning and wealth management firm, I started Shepherd so I could serve as a “personal CFO” for my clients.

I help navigate the challenges of investments and income taxes, and develop strategies for paying off debt, charitable giving, and passing down wealth to the next generation.

In addition to the technical challenges of wealth, I’m passionate about helping my clients navigate the relational, emotional and spiritual challenges as well. Many of my clients are Christians who are looking for an advisor who shares their worldview and convictions around money and faith.

I am a Certified Financial Planner ™ and have served as a Subject Matter Expert for the CFP Board of Examinations. In my free time I love to take road trips with my family in our RV, watch college basketball (Go Heels!), and try new recipes in the kitchen.

Pam Horack, CFP®

About Pam Horack, CFP®

Think of me as Your Financial Mom – the planner that works with regular families. Throughout my career, it seemed that financial advisors were always looking to sell their products or manage money to retirees, business owners, or those with lots of money – no one wanted to plan and budget for everyone else. My clients look like just like regular people:


• Mom and Dad get up in the morning, get the kids off to school, work all day either at home or an office, come home, get dinner on the table, pay the bills, hope the house isn’t underwater, and have a little money in their retirement account.

• Getting married? Congrats! Now you need to combine your finances. No one needs financial planning more than two people getting married; except two people getting divorced. It’s much easier to get it right on the front side.

• You have graduated from college, moved into the real world, and started your own life. But Mom is still paying your cell phone bill and doing your laundry. You can make it on your own with some spending strategies and cash flow controls.


You will get the tools and advice needed to plan your retirement, create your budget, and save for your goals. My local and national resources can help you put together your will or review your insurance. Each client receives an easy-to-read financial plan outlining your current situation, alternatives to reach your goals, and an action plan to get you there.