Ryan Stith, CFP®

About Ryan Stith, CFP®

My name is Ryan Stith, and I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. I am also the founder of Pivot Point Wealth. I founded Pivot Point Wealth to help families, like my own, develop a better understanding of their financial lives in a way that provides clarity, simplicity, and purpose in their decision-making. I believe this is best achieved when our decisions around money and life match our values.

We are all on a financial journey guided by the actions and decisions we make along the way. As a financial planner, I feel it is my job to serve as a guide, whether that means helping you discover what values are truly important to you or simply acting as a signpost to point you in the right direction when you come to a crossroads.

On a more personal note…I’m a ginger by birth, planner by nature, and teacher’s husband by choice. I was born and raised in the small town of Brandenburg, KY where I live with my wife (DeAnna), our two kids (Madeline & Henry), and our dog, Penny. I’m a huge University of Kentucky basketball and football fan (Go Big Blue!), as well as loyal English Premier League football follower. In my spare time, you’ll find me outside running, in the garage tinkering and finding any excuse to use power tools, or on a patio enjoying time with friends and family.

Chris Hansen, CFP®

About Chris Hansen, CFP®

My name is Chris Hansen, and I am a Fee-Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

In 2016, my son graduated from the University of Cincinnati Medical School and is now in Ann Arbor, Michigan to become a Neurologist. Working with him and some of his fellow graduates made me realize that new doctors have nowhere to turn when trying to understand and find answers to the complex financial issues they are facing. Most of the information available on the internet is either incomplete, wrong, or an attempt to sell products or advertising. I will do my best to produce a series of articles that will help you cut through the garbage and find the information you need.

If you have a specific question or want a particular subject covered, please feel free to drop me a line anytime at Hello@PersonalChoiceFinancial.com.

Daniel Wrenne, CFP®, ChFC®

About Daniel Wrenne, CFP®, ChFC®

Daniel Wrenne, CFP® is a financial planner at Wrenne Financial Planning LLC. His passion is empowering others to be their best financially and live better lives. He is working to build a planning firm quite different than others. Wrenne Financial Planning’s mission is to help clients feel smart, important, informed, secure, & confident.