Bob Rall, CFP®

About Bob Rall, CFP®

Bob has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. He began his financial career with Prudential Insurance, where he gained valuable knowledge and experience that allows him to help clients make sure that their various insurance policies are structured properly to protect their assets. While at Prudential, he was introduced to the investment side of the financial services industry and quickly learned that this is where his passion lies.

After three years with Prudential, he followed his passion and joined the Dean Witter brokerage firm in Cocoa Beach. He spent the next six years in the brokerage world, helping clients develop and manage their investment portfolios. His desire to help clients beyond their investments led him to complete the educational and experience requirements to earn the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 1998.

Bob had a passion for the financial markets, and enjoyed the relationships he had developed with his clients, but his disdain for the culture of Wall Street led him to join an independent, fee-only financial planning and investment management firm in 2000. He spent the next four years managing client portfolios and helping them to develop long-term comprehensive financial plans.

A desire to be even more independent when helping clients led him to start Rall Capital Management in September of 2004. While most advisory firms are built to cater to the ultra-high-net-worth client, Bob built Rall Capital Management to cater to an underserved segment of the market, known as the “mass-affluent.” Individuals and families of more modest means have less room for error when planning their financial futures and managing their investment portfolios. This is the group that Bob has focused on serving.

Bob is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA®) and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA®). He is a contributing writer for the Journal of Financial Planning and served on that publication’s Editorial Advisory Board for several years. He is also a recognized leader in the retirement planning field—he helped launch the FPA’s Retirement Planning Knowledge Circle and served as its host for several years.

Bob and his wife, Gina, are both active members of the local running community. Together, they have traveled to many parts of the country to run marathons. Before being slowed by a knee injury he sustained a few years ago, they had each completed more than 20 full marathons, a number of half-marathons, and they still participate in many of the local races of various distances. Bob is the President and on the Board of Space Coast Runners, a local non-profit group promoting fitness through running and walking. He served as Editor of the Club’s newsletter when it was awarded “Outstanding E-Newsletter – 2014” by the national running group, Road Runners Club of America. He was awarded the “Silver Shoe” award by Space Coast Runners in 2013 for his service and commitment to the Club.

Bob, Gina, and Bob’s adult children, Adam and Jenna, are deeply involved with Brevard County’s Special Olympics program. They all serve as certified, volunteer coaches for the track and field team. Bob and Adam also play for the Brevard County Special Olympics Unified Softball Team, which integrates special athletes and “partners” competing together. The team won the Gold Medal at the 2014 and 2018 Special Olympics USA Games, representing Team Florida. The relationships that the family has developed with our special citizens have become a very powerful part of their lives.

Bob graduated cum laude from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications. Having grown up in Columbus, he is an ardent fan of The Ohio State Buckeyes. He also enjoys CrossFit, history and playing the piano.

One of the things he is proudest of is having built a small, independent and successful firm that allows him to work with his family as they help other families achieve their financial goals.

Luke McCord, CFP®, CSLP®

Luke McCord, CFP®, CSLP®

Hi, I’m Luke.  I was born in, raised in, and still reside in metro Atlanta, Georgia.  Graduate of Georgia Tech.  Husband, father, Christian, and business owner.  I founded Greenway Financial Planning as a means of connecting individually with folks that are looking for some help answering questions to their personal financial matters.  Listening to and learning about other folks’ history, background, and what is important to them is necessary to what I do, and it’s also what I enjoy doing.  So, if you’d like to connect with me, even if you’re just curious, give me a shout.  I’m more than happy to help, if I can.

Sidney Divine, CFP®, ChFC, RLP

About Sidney Divine, CFP®, ChFC, RLP, RICP

Sidney R. Divine graduated from LaGrange College in 2011. He then pursued his dream to help good people live better lives. By 2014, he had earned the title of Financial Planner and began to work with his clients by helping them optimize cash flow, manage risks, and plan for their investment and retirement needs. In 2015 and 2016, Sidney was nominated for Financial Planner of the year; an award he proudly earned in 2017 while being ranked within the top 2 percent of 1,875 planners nationally within the Fortune 500 firm.

Sidney’s belief in education since beginning as a Financial Planner has seen him earn the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation, and the Registered Life Planner (RLP) designation from the Kinder Institute of Life Planning.

Upon earning the RLP designation, Sidney fully embraced his new role as being a Financial Life Planner. As such, he works with clients to help them align their financial realities with the lives they aspire to live. He does this by engaging in a client-centered process that delivers freedom to clients, namely the freedom to pursue life’s passions, wherever they may lead.

Sidney also believes strongly in serving the community. He has served in numerous roles working with youth to empower them to live more inspired lives. Much of this work has taken place on the foundation that sports and athletics can help build confidence and bolster the role of teamwork and citizenship.

No matter your needs, you will find Sidney to be a trusted advisor that educates you, advises you, and helps you bring clarity to your money and peace to your life.

Neil Mahoney, CFP®

About Neil Mahoney, CFP®

My name is Neil Mahoney and I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who loves to help special needs families and people with disabilities enjoy life, make the most out of their money, and live the best life possible.

As a father of three kids, including twins with disabilities, my wife Rebecca and I have first-hand experience with many of the financial and life challenges special needs families face. I’m here to help special needs families and people with disabilities be as strong as possible financially to help reduce financial stress and increase quality of life.

My ideal clients are special needs families, people with disabilities, professionals serving the disability community, and good-hearted people who are or commit to become financial or volunteer supporters of the disability community.

I absolutely love playing table tennis (ping pong) and before the pandemic was playing 5+ days per week. I have a lifelong passion for trains and model railroading, much to the dismay of my wife, and especially enjoy “operating sessions” and getting stuck waiting at railroad crossings. RVing in our 41-foot trailer is new adventure for our family and we have enjoyed getting outside more often.

Justin Porter, CFP®, CPA, J.D.

About Justin Porter, CFP®, CPA, J.D.

Hi, I’m Justin. I’m the founder and lead advisor at PWM. We help families who need a coordinated approach to their financial strategies for retirement. Obviously, there are plenty of advisors that offer retirement planning. What sets me apart is the extra horsepower I have in the areas of tax planning, estate planning, asset protection and charitable giving.

We might be a fit if, in addition to retirement planning, you:

• Pay too much in taxes.
• Want to design a strategy that protects your assets from creditors.
• Need to incorporate complex assets (businesses, investment real estate, etc.) into your retirement strategy.
• Want to improve the effectiveness or tax efficiency of your charitable giving.
• Need to update your estate plan or at least have a second set of eyes review it.
• Want to plan for the tax impact that required minimum distributions (RMD’s) will have on your strategy (particularly after the SECURE Act of 2019)
• Want to protect the assets you leave your children from taxes, creditors or divorce.
• Will inherit assets and want to plan for being a good steward of those assets.
• And/or need an effective investment strategy without unnecessary fees and expenses

Here are the cliff notes on my background and qualifications:

• Education – Georgia Tech and GSU Law
• Credentials – CPA, CFP® & JD
• I transitioned to the wealth management industry in 2014 but have been serving the same type of clientele since 2009 in the accounting and legal industries. I don’t practice law or accounting anymore, but they are useful skills to have in constructing a comprehensive financial plan.
• Started my career in public accounting with Frazier & Deeter. I spent several years preparing tax returns and recommending tax planning strategies for high-net worth families and small business owners.
• Worked for a boutique estate planning and corporate law firm in Atlanta where I drafted wills, trusts, ownership agreements, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, etc.

I have held 3 different financial planning positions prior to starting my own firm in 2018. One was at a large bank with very wealthy clients ($20-90mm net worth), one was with a fee-only RIA with wealthy clients ($3-20mm net worth), and one was with a fee-based RIA with millionaire next door type clients ($1-5mm net worth). From that experience, I learned:

• An independent, fee-only RIA is the best structure for a firm to minimize conflicts of interest.
• That each advisor at that firm should be held to the fiduciary standard for every piece of advice they give their clients. Splitting hairs over when you are required to act as a fiduciary and when you can be held to a lower standard only hurts the client.
• The bundled service model of charging for investment management and providing financial planning for “free” is not very transparent. It also doesn’t work for families who have a more complex balance sheet. I offer an unbundled approach. You can hire me for financial planning, investment management or both.
• Most families benefit from replacing the comprehensive planning meetings that occur only once or twice a year with shorter, more frequent meetings. The material is easier to digest and we can focus on the part of your financial life that matters most to you at that time. We leverage technology to make these extra meetings happen where and when you want them.

It usually makes sense to “try before you buy” when hiring a financial advisor. If you think I might be a good fit for your family, why don’t we start with a FREE consultation. Usually, consultations last about an hour. During that time, you can get a better understanding for the services I provide and how I provide them. I’ll also ask you a number of questions to gain a basic understanding for your current situation and what plans you have in store for the future. I should be able to provide some recommendations during the meeting. If it looks like there might be a fit, I’ll provide you with a proposal for my services which includes a full recap of our meeting and a handful of written recommendations following our consultation. It will take a week or two to draft that document depending on the needs of my current clients but it should be worth the wait.

I do not charge for consultations and there are no strings attached. Here is the link to my calendar if you’d like to self-schedule a zoom meeting or phone call.

If you prefer not to use the app, you are welcome to reach out to me directly via e-mail (whfgva@cbegrejz.pbz). Here is my cell (540-270-7542) and office line (404-954-2720) if you prefer a phone call. Please leave a voicemail with your name and number if I don’t pick up. Chances are I’m in a meeting but can call you back soon.

David Clarken, CFP®, CFA®, EA

About David Clarken, CFP®, CFA®, EA

Who Do I Serve?

High achieving Professionals, Consultants and Entrepreneurs – people who earn a living on their intellectual capital.

You Work hard, constantly strive to be better and you’re an expert at what you do. You have lofty aspirations and the drive to achieve them. I understand you because I am you. I understand you want a lot out of life, but most of all…you want more Time and fewer things to Worry about.

 Women in Transition – Whether you’re getting married, starting a family, fighting about money, or facing divorce, I’ll help you through it with confidence.

I watched my Mom struggle financially after her divorce and hated that I couldn’t help her. I understand the stress transition can bring and I made it my life’s mission to fix it – To empower people – particularly women facing a life change. I take the time to understand your feelings, learn what you need and discuss how to meet your challenges.

I’ll be in your corner whenever you have a question or wonder if you could be doing things just a little better. I’ll help you face the future with anticipation, rather than apprehension.

Financial planning is a process, not a piece of paper, to get you where you want to go. It changes as your life unfolds and your needs evolve—never losing touch with what’s most important to you. It gives you clarity and peace of mind, so you feel confident.

How am I different?  P-P-E-D

Purpose: This business is very personal to me. I built this firm to honor my Mother and care for clients in a way that would have made her proud. I treat every client like Family.

Passion: Empowering people through financial well-being – to live their best life, is my calling. To be worthy of your trust us critical, which is why I’m committed to lifelong learning – humble to know I’ll never know it all but driven to try. I’ve read books about tax on the beach and finance magazines on a flight to Italy because I love to!

Empathy: Your feelings and experiences matter. I consider the complex emotional issues in your financial life. More than how much I know, it matters how much I care.

 Depth: Any competent advisor will provide comprehensive planning, easy to use technology and reasonable fees. I believe You deserve More, so I go beyond. Financial literacy for your children and grandchildren, making sure your parents and grandparents aren’t exposed to estate planning risks, savvy tax savings strategies and much more.

As your financial advocate, I’m in your corner, available when you need me – even for the little things. When things happen in your life, I hope to be one of your first calls.

 Am I Qualified?

In terms of resume, I’ve earned the highest credentials (CFA, CFP, EA), have over two decades of financial experience, embrace a fiduciary standard of care, have no conflicts of interest and the discipline and tenacity of a former Marine.

What do You Get?

Return on ENERGY –I give you TIME, enabling you to spend your time on what matters most to you—your spouse, your kids, your career, your fun… Or would you rather spend your quality time Googling financial issues? Ask yourself – What’s your time worth?

 Return on INVESTMENT – Pay a little to protect a lot. It takes intelligence, foresight and humility to get help, especially with something so personal.

Simply taking the emotion out of financial decisions carries a high value. Don’t step over a dollar to pick up a dime…

You might hire someone to clean your house, mow your lawn or repair the air conditioner. Why not outsource your financial security to an expert?

If you’ve ever wondered if you could be doing things a little bit better… it’s time you find out

Bobby Cremins, CFP®, CFA®, CKA

About Bobby Cremins, CFP®, CFA®, CKA

Here’s the long version summed up in five bullets:

1) I started off in finance working at a regional bank, SunTrust, helping people with more transactional needs like opening home equity lines, loans, checking accounts, money market accounts, etc.

2) I found that I really enjoyed finance because it brought numbers to life, but I wanted to build deeper, lasting relationships with clients so I moved into wealth management / financial planning at Morgan Stanley (then Smith Barney)

3) I was recruited to move to Merrill Lynch/Bank of America as the world seemed to be falling apart. I thought I was moving to a more secure financial institution…ha!

4) As I watched what seemed to be the demise of modern finance and capitalism with it, I stumbled onto Biblical stewardship via Crown Financial and Financial Peace University

5) After seeing a different approach to personal finance, I started Metanoia Financial to provide Biblically-based financial planning and advice

Chloé A. Moore, CFP®

About Chloé A. Moore, CFP®

I’ve had the privilege of helping people realize their potential and live the life of their dreams for almost two decades. I’ve also been fortunate to work with a wide range of clients from multi-generational high net worth families to recent college graduates. With each relationship, I gain more insight into how much our emotions and our history with money has an impact on our financial decisions. When my clients experience life transitions, their investment portfolios are the last thing on their minds. They are more concerned about navigating through big life decisions or having a plan in place in anticipation of a major event. In being there for my clients, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of going beyond investment management and developing a deeper relationship.

As a woman of color in the financial services industry, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being the only one in the room. Approximately 23% of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals in the United States are women, and approximately 1.7% are black. The statistics are similar for underrepresented and underserved populations in tech (women, people of color, the LGBTQ community). I’ve built my firm to address the needs of these populations. In addition to helping you grow financially, I can help you gain clarity around your ideal life, build a network of professionals who can work together to help you achieve your goals, and point you to resources that can help further your career.

Why Financial Staples? In addition to being the financial expert among my friends, I’m the go-to person for all things culinary. I love to entertain and, with my well-stocked kitchen, I’m always prepared to whip up a seated dinner for 8 at a moment’s notice. I also believe in the power of a recipe, but I know how to improvise if needed. This easily translates to a person’s financial world. With staples (good financial habits) and a recipe (financial plan), anything is possible!

If you would like to learn more about how we can work together, schedule an initial consultation.

Read Chloé’s blog here:

Chris Hansen, CFP®

About Chris Hansen, CFP®

My name is Chris Hansen, and I am a Fee-Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

In 2016, my son graduated from the University of Cincinnati Medical School and is now in Ann Arbor, Michigan to become a Neurologist. Working with him and some of his fellow graduates made me realize that new doctors have nowhere to turn when trying to understand and find answers to the complex financial issues they are facing. Most of the information available on the internet is either incomplete, wrong, or an attempt to sell products or advertising. I will do my best to produce a series of articles that will help you cut through the garbage and find the information you need.

If you have a specific question or want a particular subject covered, please feel free to drop me a line anytime at

Helen Ngo, CFP®

About Helen Ngo, CFP®

Helen Ngo, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, began her career at Raymond James in 2008 at a private practice in Atlanta, working with a team of advisors manage over $500MM in assets. In an effort to expand her knowledge and skills, she moved to Tampa, FL and entered Raymond James’ Financial Planning Residency Program, a rigorous 2-year curriculum designed to sharpen a financial advisor’s expertise in investment management, asset preservation, and financial planning strategies.

In 2013, Helen founded her own independent financial planning practice, Capital Benchmark Partners, LLC, to dedicate more time and focus on helping women professionals in the fields of law, consulting, and medicine to build their wealth and advance their careers. Furthermore, she specializes in business planning for women solo entrepreneurs.

Her unique style and approach to business has allowed her to expand her business to accommodate clients nationally and overseas. Helen is often featured in major financial news outlets including CNBC, Forbes, NerdWallet, CBS Money, and Investor’s Business Daily.

Helen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics from Emory University and is an active alumna.