Kelly Ennis, CFP®

About Kelly Ennis, CFP®, ChFC

I am Kelly Ennis, founder of Infinity Financial Strategies, LLC, a fee-only registered investment adviser working with clients locally in southern New England and virtually throughout the United States. I have more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and I am passionate about helping others to understand and use financial strategies to improve their lives.

I started Infinity Financial Strategies to work with clients who need financial advice that covers their entire financial situation including their retirement plans, employment benefits and other areas that are often overlooked. My mission is to help clients view money as a tool used to achieve their goals rather than being the end goal itself and then to teach clients how to best use that tool.

When I’m not working directly with clients I work with students teaching financial literacy and leadership skills. When I am not helping people pursue their financial goals I can be found gardening or hanging out with my husband and teenage sons.

If you are ready to commit to designing your ideal financial future contact me to learn how we can work together.