Stu Sutphin, CFP®

About Stu Sutphin, CFP®


​ My name is Stuart Sutphin (or Stu if you know me outside of work). I first discovered Financial Planning while attending Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech. When exploring the various options that existed, my academic advisor began telling me about financial planning for people. He spoke of the relationships and trust that advisors build with clients, and how I can be an instrumental resource in the growth of others by helping them with their finances. I will admit that if anybody was around, they would have seen my eyes light up and my interest sparking during the conversation. By the end of the talk, I knew where my destiny was leading me next. I committed to the education process and now have the pleasure of living that dream. I am now in a position to help people with their finances whether it relates to investing, taxes, estate planning, student or general debt management, preparing for college, preparing for retirement, living in retirement, and really anything that requires making a financial decision. For me, I enjoy helping my clients feel peace of mind with their decisions and trusting me to help better themselves. Not only do I want to support my client’s future endeavors but I also want to help them obtain mental and emotional peace with their decisions so everybody can be happy all around. So, that’s the story of how I am now in a position to serve the community and the world around me.

As for what I do outside of working with my wonderful clients, I love spending time with family and friends playing board games, swapping stories, hiking, exploring food options, and in general enjoying each other’s company. I tend to also be attracted to subcultures and as a result, my hobbies span a wide range including HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts – AKA sword fighting), photography, biking, hiking, volunteering at the local animal shelter and veterinary clinic, cooking, and most importantly all things coffee 😊.

If one quote could sum up the journey of my life, it would be:

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

~ Tao Te Ching

To me this represents a teachable spirit open to learning, new opportunities, and possessing a pure heart that is ready to evolve and grow. This has been true for every pivotal moment in my life. Because, when I was ready, without fail a teacher appeared to help guide the way through my new opportunity, and I hope to provide you with a new opportunity to grow just as I have been able to do.



Ben Dobler, CFP®, EA

About Ben Dobler, CFP®, EA

Hi, I’m Ben Dobler, a Fee-Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Enrolled Agent.

As a husband and a father, I’ve personally worked through every step of establishing a comprehensive financial plan for my own family, including cash flow planning, company benefits analysis, insurance needs analysis, income tax planning, retirement planning, debt planning and paying off student loans, estate planning, and saving for college.

Having friends and family members in the medical profession has inspired me to work with young doctors and health professionals in particular to address their unique needs around student loans, complex benefit packages, and relocating for residency, fellowship, and attending positions.

Andrew Langdon, CFP®, EA

About Andrew Langdon, CFP®, EA

We recognize how important financial education is to the veterinary community. Becoming more financially secure not only improves the lives and well-being of you and your family, but also can help improve the lives and well-being of your patients and clients.

At VetWorth, we offer fiduciary, fee-only financial planning specifically to veterinarians. From tax planning strategies for relief veterinarians to analyzing disability options for specialty vets to retirement planning scenarios for practice owners, our goal is to positively impact the lives of our clients through collaborative financial planning.

I made the decision to serve veterinarians after reading a Merck study showing more than half of veterinarians would not recommend the profession to their peers, with low incomes and high student debt being the overwhelming reasons. By working with vets to improve their financial situation, I hope to help reverse this negative perception many vets feel.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Enrolled Agent with the IRS. I am based out of Peachtree City, GA and serve clients both locally and across the country.

If you’re interested in having a casual conversation about how a financial planning relationship may benefit you, please feel free to reach out!

Ashley Foster, CFP®

About Ashley Foster, CFP®

I am a CFP® and founder of Nxt:Gen Financial Planning. My practice focuses on building trust by creating meaningful relationships with each and every one of my clients. I provide fee-only, fiduciary advice and investment management in Houston, Texas and beyond.

Financial planning should be a collaborative and engaging process. My goal is to help you achieve a sense of financial clarity and purpose, using money as a tool to create your definition of financial success.

Charles Dickens once said that “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with over ten years of industry experience, I’m passionate about helping my clients realize their financial potential by giving them the courage to plan confidently for their future.

I began my career as a financial advisor over ten years ago. Those first couple of years were financially challenging, as I tried to keep my practice afloat during the Great Recession. Even though my income was variable, expenses such as my car note, student loans, and rent were fixed. I had to be creative in handling my finances in order to stay ahead of my expenses. Mastering financial basics and learning how to employ smart financial strategies got me through the tough times.

As my practice grew, I found my career becoming less and less fulfilling. I was helping the wealthy keep more of their money, yet my friends were still recovering from the effects of the Great Recession. I transitioned my practice to a boutique investment management firm in 2014, but a change of scenery did not change how I felt.

It wasn’t until I started running into more and more young professionals who needed conflict-free financial advice, did I realize I was unable to effectively deliver it within a traditional financial advisory firm. This is why I created Nxt:Gen Financial Planning, to serve clients just like you.

Most days, I help successful young professionals such as yourself realize their full financial potential. Whether it is helping them make smarter money moves, holding them accountable to their goals, guiding them through student loan repayment, or taking a holistic view of their cash flow and investments, the end result is the same. They now feel confident about their financial situation, knowing they have a trusted advisor guiding them to their unique definition of financial success.

When not working, you can find me spending time with my beautiful wife, Anna, a local Veterinarian. I am an avid soccer player, and a passionate advocate for providing financial literacy education to underserved populations right here in Houston, Texas. I volunteer in my community through my Rotary Club, and in my profession by sitting on the local board of the Financial Planning Association. And when time allows, Anna and I can be found exploring the world, living out our shared dream of traveling together.

I look forward to helping you realize your full financial potential so that you too, can begin to chase your dreams.

Sidney Divine, CFP®, ChFC, RLP

About Sidney Divine, CFP®, ChFC, RLP, RICP

Sidney R. Divine graduated from LaGrange College in 2011. He then pursued his dream to help good people live better lives. By 2014, he had earned the title of Financial Planner and began to work with his clients by helping them optimize cash flow, manage risks, and plan for their investment and retirement needs. In 2015 and 2016, Sidney was nominated for Financial Planner of the year; an award he proudly earned in 2017 while being ranked within the top 2 percent of 1,875 planners nationally within the Fortune 500 firm.

Sidney’s belief in education since beginning as a Financial Planner has seen him earn the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation, and the Registered Life Planner (RLP) designation from the Kinder Institute of Life Planning.

Upon earning the RLP designation, Sidney fully embraced his new role as being a Financial Life Planner. As such, he works with clients to help them align their financial realities with the lives they aspire to live. He does this by engaging in a client-centered process that delivers freedom to clients, namely the freedom to pursue life’s passions, wherever they may lead.

Sidney also believes strongly in serving the community. He has served in numerous roles working with youth to empower them to live more inspired lives. Much of this work has taken place on the foundation that sports and athletics can help build confidence and bolster the role of teamwork and citizenship.

No matter your needs, you will find Sidney to be a trusted advisor that educates you, advises you, and helps you bring clarity to your money and peace to your life.

Erik Kroll, CFP®

About Erik Kroll, CFP®

Hi, my name is Erik Kroll, and this is my story.

I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with a passion for helping people live their ideal lives. I spent five years working in traditional financial planning for a Milwaukee-based firm before I decided to quit my job and start Hilltop Financial Advisors. My time spent working in financial planning and investment management opened my eyes to an interesting phenomenon that exists in the world of financial planning— busy people often spend so much of their time either working or planning for the future, that they get very little time to actually enjoy the present.

This time opened my eyes to the need for a firm that got things in the right order. Hilltop starts by working together to discover why money is important to you and your family. Our single-point-of-contact model ensures that your most important goals and deepest held values are factored into every decision that is made. We act as your representative to reduce the number of people that you have to meet with and free you up to spend time doing the things you love the most.

Before my life as a financial advisor, my life was pretty hectic. I grew up in Alaska and my dream was to become a professional hockey player. After I finished high school, I was recruited and played junior hockey for two years before pursuing my Bachelor’s degree and playing NCAA hockey. While I didn’t make it to the big time in the sport that I love, the time I spent traveling as a semi-professional athlete, gave me an understanding of what it’s like to have a career that demands so much time and leaves very little to spend taking care of the future.

Aside from my life as a financial advisor, I live in a Milwaukee suburb with my lovely wife, daughter and Great Dane. Hockey is still part of my life, and I play in a rec league weekly. My wife and I enjoy going birding and doing anything outside.

That’s enough about me. Interested in working together? Let’s get in touch!