Danika Waddell, CFP®, RLP®, CSLP®

About Danika Waddell, CFP®, RLP®, CSLP®

My focus is on women (and their partners) in the early to middle stages of their careers. Specifically, I absolutely love helping clients who receive equity compensation as part of their income. It’s extremely common in the tech world and while there are plenty of brilliant people working in tech, many of them do not have the time or inclination to manage the influx of stock.

What I love about financial planning is the relationships and the process. I’m not overly focused on investment performance, nor do I plan to deliver a massive financial plan which might be better used as a doorstop. In my view, financial planning is a highly dynamic process, with many moving pieces that are constantly in flux. At Xena FP, I work with my clients on an ongoing basis, to help them navigate whatever life delivers. I strive to both educate and empower clients as we develop a collaborative relationship.

While originally from Western New York, I’ve lived in Seattle for 20 years. Along with my husband, our chaotic household includes our two daughters plus two cats and a puppy. We’re huge travelers and are happiest when we’re planning our next overseas adventure. In 2019, we had a grand European vacation which included 6 countries in 16 days, even driving to Spain for lunch one afternoon. Current trips are on hiatus, but we also love being in the mountains (skiing, running) and throwing a frisbee.

Read Danika’s blog here: https://xenafp.com/blog/

Brad Wright, CFP®

About Brad Wright, CFP®

As Founding Partner, Chief Investment Officer, and Director of Financial Planning, Brad focuses on understanding, researching, planning, and implementing our clients’ financial goals.

Brad is also a frequent guest speaker to Fortune 500 companies and often serves as a financial expert for Boston’s ABC affiliate (WCVB-TV) and the Mix 104-1 New England Lifestyles show.

Brad began his transition to financial planning over ten years ago from a successful career as a television and radio host, working for ABC, NBC, and CBS Radio. Brad’s experience and approach enables him to easily connect and build relationships with clients to collaboratively determine their path to financial independence.

Brad is serving as the 2020 President of the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts and he’s a member of the Television Academy, where he is an official Emmy Awards voter.

David Flores Wilson, CFP®, CFA

About David Flores Wilson, CFP®, CFA, CEPA®, CCFC

David Flores Wilson helps professionals and business owners in New York City achieve financial freedom. Named Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisors of 2019 and WealthManagement.com 2019 Thrive list of fastest-growing advisors, he is a Managing Partner for Sincerus Advisory and Writer/Editor for Planning to Wealth. His financial guidance has appeared on Yahoo!Finance, the New York Times, MSN News, CNBC and InvestmentNews. A graduate of University of California, Berkeley, he holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA®), and Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC).

Read David’s blog here: https://www.planningtowealth.com/

Leah Coleman, CFP®, AAMS®

About Leah Coleman, CFP®, AAMS®

As a husband and wife team, starting Orchard Financial Group has been a dream of ours for many years. We wanted to create an advisory firm that we personally felt comfortable using, somewhere that treated us like a person and not just an asset.

We provide comprehensive financial planning, project-based planning, and asset management to support millennials, young and mid-career professionals, LGBTQ couples and families, start-up businesses, executives, and near-retirees. As a fee-only, fiduciary, and independent financial advisor, Orchard Financial is never paid a commission of any kind. We have a legal obligation to provide unbiased and trustworthy financial advice.

With us on your team, you get the best of both worlds, a team-based approach to discover your financial needs and set you on the right path to success. We want you to feel the freedom that knowledge brings, leaving you confident that experts manage your financial well-being. We organize, grow, and protect your assets through life’s transitions. Through education, motivation, and proper planning, Orchard Financial Group is here to take the heavyweight and responsibility that surrounds financial independence off of your shoulders and place it on ours.

We’re excited to learn more about your unique financial position and share our knowledge and strategies with you. A deep-rooted relationship with us provides certainty through customized education, expert financial planning, and a growth map with specific implementation assistance along the way. Together we will create a balance between your finances and dreams.

Mike Zung, CFP®

About Mike Zung, CFP®

I am a podcast geek, an introvert, a die-hard Liverpool soccer fan, and a Peacemaker on the Enneagram. I am married to my wife, Sarah, who works in special education. We have two kids, Anna and Sam.

I graduated from Truman State University in 2001 with a degree in Computer Science. I started my career as a Java developer at Boeing in St. Louis and moved to Kansas City in 2006. Since then, I have been a software developer, manager, and architect in the employee benefits industry.

After 19+ years in information technology, I decided to walk away from the corporate life to follow my passion. I established Java Wealth Planning to be THE source for helping tech professionals in Kansas City navigate their financial lives.

I have first-hand experience navigating job changes, contract positions, hiring, promotions & bonuses, stock compensation, ESPPs, benefits packages, and trying to balance your job with family and outside interests. Kansas City’s tech scene is booming, opportunities are out there, and you need more than a generalist advisor who wants to either sell you a product or roll over your old 401(k).

I was blessed with a fantastic career in tech, and see the tremendous potential that this career carries for others. I have since reached a point in my financial journey and experience where I would like to pay it forward. I am a firm believer in living a life that aligns with your core values and creating a company that is focused on financial literacy, empowerment, and service is what that looks like for me.

The question now is what does a life aligned with your values look like for you and your family, and how can we make it a reality?

Michael Hakimi, CFP®

About Michael Hakimi, CFP®

After graduating from the University of Dayton, Michael was like many other millennials (easy targets!); unsure of his career path and a lack of confidence in managing his own finances. Early in his career while working for one of the largest investment management firms in the country he attended the National Personal Financial Planner(NAPFA) conference. After hearing a few of the speakers(s/o Michael Kitces!), and meeting some of the attendees he knew financial planning was the field he wanted to pursue. He always had a passion for educating himself and others, and helping people along their financial journey quickly became his goal.

Michael earned the CFP® (Certified Financial Planner™) designation in 2018 to learn fundamentals of comprehensive financial planning. The education covers Investments, Estate Planning, Insurance, Education Planning, Retirement Planning, and Cash Flow Management.

In early 2020, Michael created Black Dog Financial Planning to help professionals and families in their 30s and 40s with their finances. After working at a few firms, he realized the majority of investment advisors primarily focus on pre-retirees and retirees. Meanwhile his peer group was significantly under-served. He launched the firm to make high quality financial advice more affordable and accessible for his peer group, and to help individuals and families live great lives by making smarter financial decisions.

When Michael isn’t helping his clients, he’s spending time with his own family. He and his wife, Katie, were married in May of 2018 after relocating to Charleston from Chicago, IL. They welcomed their first child, daughter Annie Rose, on February 6, 2020. Annie joins big “fur-brother”, Barkley, to which the firm, Black Dog Financial Planning, gets its name. Barkley is a rescue from PAWS Chicago, a no kill animal shelter. Barkley was 3 months old and 25 pounds when Mike and Katie adopted him. He’s now 3 years old and 80 pounds and his favorite pastime is watching squirrels from the window and chasing them out of the backyard.

Mike and Katie enjoy low-country living, especially golf, the beach, and oyster roasts, but also love to travel. They got engaged in Paris in 2017 and have traveled around Europe and Asia together. Next up, they hope to visit South America, Australia and Africa. They look forward to raising their family in the low-country and traveling together whenever they can.

Read Michael’s blog here: https://blackdogfp.com/blog

Matthias Giezendanner, CFP®, EA

About Matthias Giezendanner, CFP®, EA

My purpose is to find what makes my clients feel happy, successful, and fulfilled and help them coordinate their life to maximize those things. In my spare time, I enjoy fly fishing, reading biographies, baseball games, collecting mechanical watches and wine, and exploring the parks, food, and museums of San Francisco with my family.

Jim Garvin, CFP®

About Jim Garvin, CFP®

Hi, my name is Jim! 🙂

I am a financial planner, traveler, rock climber, and photographer who loves to work with like-minded, down to earth people.

My focus is on people in tech. I work with folks from start-up companies (series B to tender offer to IPO) as well as large tech employees (ex. Google, Microsoft & Amazon).

My goal with clients is to find out what is important to them and how they can best ‘optimize’ their life. The most common things we help people with are stock options decisions, stock compensation analysis, buying homes / real estate investments, optimizing taxes & investment strategies, early retirement & making sure you are on the right track financially.

A little bit about my background:
I grew up in the Youngstown, Ohio area, which was once a prospering steel town located in the heart of the Rust Belt. While growing up, I was taught at an early age to appreciate the value of the dollar and a hard day’s work. As I grew older, I became fascinated with entrepreneurship, tech, and my own personal finances. This fascination lead me to obtain my Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP®)

Before joining SeedSafe Financial, I worked as a small business consultant with the Small Business Administration. There, I worked alongside small business owners to improve their cash flows, profitability, and to help them understand their customer base. I spent several years working with Edward Jones Investments and eventually opened my own outsourced financial planning firm, Garvin Planning Co.

Nowadays, I work with folks from all over the United States virtually and help them gain clarity around their finances.

On a personal note:
I grew up in the Boy Scouts of America and obtained my Eagle Scout. I am a big outdoorsman and traveler and recently have been getting into rock climbing. Some of my favorite hobbies include skiing, running, and scuba diving. Every free chance I get to be outside and enjoy nature, I take it! As a virtual advisor, I cherish my location independence and I am in the process of traveling through my personal bucket list.

Life Motto:
“Life is either an incredible adventure, or it is nothing at all.”

Sheila McGinn, CFP®

About Sheila McGinn, CFP®

I am a fee-only financial planner focused on helping high-tech professionals navigate complex financial decisions.

I know the challenges you face. I spent 20+ years working for high-tech companies. Figuring out how to deal with the complexities of my own financial life inspired me to embark on a career as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

A little bit more about my journey: I had always been fascinated by personal finance, so while thriving in my high-tech career, I learned as much as I could on the side about how to manage my benefits, stock compensation, and other financial opportunities. Along the way, I shared what I learned with friends and colleagues, encouraging them to make smart financial decisions. Over the years, I discovered my passion for helping people figure out how to handle these important financial questions. Eventually, I followed my new passion and transitioned to a career as a Financial Planner and Wealth Advisor.

My firm, Brightview Financial Solutions, is based in Redwood City, CA and serves clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Comprehensive Financial Planning is the core of what I do. This involves working one-on-one to develop and implement a financial plan, based on your unique circumstances and designed to help you achieve financial goals. Investment Management is optional and provides hands-on management of investments in conjunction with comprehensive financial planning.
I can help you:

• Define your financial and life goals and then implement a plan for reaching them.
• Stay focused on current spending goals so you can reach your long-term saving goals.
• Optimize the myriad types of employer equity compensation such as ISOs, NQSOs, RSUs, and ESPPs.
• Develop a long-term investment strategy that is appropriate for your timeframe and risk tolerance.
• Prepare for the risks you don’t anticipate.
• My passion is to help you manage your financial life, so you can focus on your life’s passion.

Austin Hon, CFP®

About Austin Hon, CFP®

I am the CEO and Founder of Momentum Private Wealth Management. Founded in 2019, Momentum Private Wealth is an Austin Texas based, independent fee-only wealth management firm. I have over 15 years experience working in the financial investment and planning industry.

I first began my career in finance by joining one of the biggest mutual fund companies in the world in a customer service role, and as they say, it was all downhill from there. I quickly moved into more seasoned roles, and with a location change to the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved into the Private Wealth Management side of the business. It was there I found my true love for helping individuals with their wealth management and financial planning needs.

Over the next 10 years I had the opportunity to work for two smaller RIA firms where I eventually decided to start my own firm here in the heart of Austin, Texas. The core focus of Momentum Private Wealth Management is to provide transparent and focused investment and financial planning services to individuals and families who are looking to demystify the world of finance.

I graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2004 and I obtained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in August of 2011.