Nick Foy, CFP®

About Nick Foy, CFP®

Nick Foy is the founder of Greenway Wealth Advisors, an independent financial advisory firm located in Charlotte, NC.

Greenway helps generous people improve their margin so they have more time and more money to pursue what’s most important to them.

He started his career in finance at Vanguard in 2007, where he learned the most important foundational money management and time-tested investing principles. In 2011, Nick left Vanguard to open the Charlotte office of CAVU Wealth Advisors, an independent advisory firm based in California.

In 2018, he formed Greenway to create a firm that served the needs of Generation X & Y clients who tend to have views on money, finances, and retirement that are very different from those of prior generations.

Nick grew up in California and has called Charlotte home since 2005. He attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and completed his Certificate in Financial Planning from the University of Georgia. In 2010, Nick was awarded the prestigious CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.

He married Natalie in 2006, and together they have two children: Theo and Nora.

Nick serves as a trustee at Mosaic Church in Charlotte, and is on the advisory board for the Dreamcatchers Society at Levine Children’s Hospital where he also formerly served on the Family Advisory Council. Additionally, he spends time volunteering as a lunch buddy at Brookstone School.

In the wee hours of the morning, you can find Nick working out with the men of F3 Nation, and you might see him at the pool where he swims and plays water polo.

Ben Henry-Moreland, CFP®, EA

About Ben Henry-Moreland, CFP®, EA

I specialize in working with freelancers, contractors, and other independent professionals who want to build financial security and spend more time doing what’s meaningful to them.

As a former professional opera singer I have firsthand experience with some of the most important goals and challenges for today’s self-employed workers. That’s why I focus on what matters most for helping freelancers build financial security, including:

-Cash flow/budgeting
-Building an emergency fund
-Managing healthcare costs
-Choosing insurance coverage
-Paying off debt
-Tax planning
-Saving for retirement and other goals

My clients can choose the service plan and fee structure that best fits their needs, whether that’s a subscription-style monthly retainer, a flat project fee, or a pay-as-you-go per-session rate.

To use your time effectively I’ve created a streamlined process that includes virtual meetings, cloud-based document sharing and storage, and a 100% paper-free office. You don’t need a sophisticated understanding of financial concepts or industry jargon: I’m here to talk with you on whatever level you’re comfortable with, in terms you understand, so you can take action.

From my headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, I can work virtually with clients located anywhere in the United States. Along with the Freelance Financial Planning social media pages to the left, you can connect with me personally on Twitter (@bhenrymoreland) or LinkedIn (in/bhenrymoreland).

You don’t have sacrifice financial security in order to do what you love. Contact me if you want to take the next step toward a secure financial future.

Arnie K. Cabiles, CFP®

About Arnie K. Cabiles, CFP®

Achievable Wealth based out of Vallejo, CA, at the doorstep of the Napa Valley. We serve people aiming for financial independence who are:

*Retired or close to it (within 8 years).

*Still enjoy sports like skateboarding and mountain biking, and music, either
creating it or listening to Earth, Wind, and Fire now and then.

*Currently asking themselves: “How can I better use my hard earned money
to take care of my family, enjoy the company of friends, and support
charities that impact my community?”

*Excited to partner long-term with a financial planner to help plan and guide
the money part of their life and lifestyle.

David Wattenbarger, CFP®, CAP®

About David Wattenbarger, CFP®, CAP®

I started DRW Financial as a fee-only financial advising and planning firm after working for twelve years “behind the scenes” in financial services, where I learned a great deal about how best to serve the needs of my clients.

I have found it valuable to continue learning, and earned my CFP® designation, as well as the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation, which aligns well with my desire to help clients align their financial lives with their own unique values.

My personal values revolve around carving out quality time with my family and making the work I do worthwhile and valuable to my clients.

Leslie Ransom, CFP®

About Leslie Ransom, CFP®

You are motivated to create your own path – thinking outside the usual boxes. As you build your life, budgeting, saving, investing and planning are critical to living well and following your dreams. We are a fee-only planning firm with a background in arts and entertainment looking to help you carve out your future.

I am Leslie Ransom, CFP®. With over 20 years in sales and marketing in the independent music industry, I have an awareness of the challenges facing artists, musicians, or anyone looking to build a business or career not tied to a 9-5 job and a regular paycheck. We cater to self-employed entrepreneurs who are looking to plan for a future on their terms.

I founded Indie Financial Planning as an alternative to an industry widely viewed as only serving the very wealthy. There are no investment minimums to work with us. We’re an independent resource ready to partner with you when you’re ready to take control of your financial life.

We know that financial planning involves much more than just investments. We consider the many moving parts that might affect your financial situation – from budgeting to taxes – and work with you to build a plan based on trust and with an understanding that your situation is specific to you. We focus on education and planning to help you achieve your goals.

We treat planning as a partnership. We provide you with the tools and knowledge to take control of your finances and offer advice and expertise to answer your questions and establish your goals. Ongoing planning allows us to create a road map with clients and travel that path alongside them, adjusting for changes along the way.

After graduating from Pomona College with degrees in Economics and French, I moved from California to Boston for a change of scenery. There, I began working in a record store and eventually moved into sales and distribution for a small independent record label (TAANG!). After several years, I moved to Chicago where I continued working in the independent music industry including a 16 year stretch as Head of Sales and Marketing for Touch and Go Records.
After leaving the music industry in 2009, I saw an opportunity to offer budgeting, investment and general planning advice to the many talented and creative types in need of financial planning. I went to Northwestern University and received my Certified Financial Planner™ designation in 2013.

Philip Olson, CFP®

About Philip Olson, CFP®

Philip and Julia Olson created The Art of Finance in 2015 to provide something special: clear, empathetic financial coaching and planning that’s actually effective.

There are a few things that make us unique that are probably important for you to know upfront:

  1. We’re a fee-only fiduciary firm. We don’t make commissions or peddle any financial products. We want to offer objective guidance, not make more money off the way you choose to enact our advice.
  2. While our team can nerd out on numbers with the best of them, we’re all artists at heart. So, while there are foundational truths when it comes to financial wisdom, we don’t come at this with super hard rules that you need to adhere to. Each person is unique and there is space to honor that within our program structures.
  3. We’re redefining what “success” means. It’s not just about more, it’s also about better. We want to help you be better with money so that you can get out in the world and do more of what you’re truly called to do. Too many people allow fear and stress about this stuff keeps them from being the best versions of themselves. It doesn’t have to be that way.
  4. We don’t wear suits. Or heels. Unless we’re feelin’ fancy.

Cristina Guglielmetti, CFP®

About Cristina Guglielmetti, CFP®

I’m committed to showing young professionals how a partnership with an advisor can work for them, and how they have the tools and capability to take control of their finances. My aim is to educate, not just give advice or recommendations. Today’s new graduates and young professionals are facing a very different financial landscape from their parents – much higher student loan debt, a nonstop stream of financial news, the memory of a crisis many families haven’t quite bounced back from – and so need a different kind of advisor.

Financial planning is sometimes thought of as something you have to do yourself – because advisors are “only for the rich” – or conversely, something you give up control over because it’s so complicated you can’t possibly understand it. But I think there’s a better way – developing a relationship with someone committed to being your steward and coach as your financial life unfolds.

I’ve worked in the financial services industry since earning my bachelor’s degree in 1997, and in the investment management and financial planning industries since earning my MBA in 2005. I’ve seen the difference that applying sound financial principles can make in someone’s life, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer it to a broader range of clients.

When not helping clients, I enjoy exploring my hometown of Brooklyn, NY with my husband and son, training for half marathons, watching baseball, cooking, and trying to find time to read for fun.