Travis Ray, CFP®

About Travis Ray, CFP®

Travis has built a career around helping others and has spent more than a decade consulting other financial advisors how to leverage financial technology to better serve their clients. Wanting to give back to his community, and to develop deeper relationships with the clients he serves, his focus is mid-career professionals, small business owners, and real estate professionals that could benefit from the financial clarity gained with an active engagement in financial planning.

As a Greensboro native, he loves his city and made the decision with his wife, Laura, that it would be the perfect place to raise their family. In addition to Laura, Travis shares his life with his two sons, Andrew and Grayson. He prides himself on being present with his wife and kids and cherishing the sound of little feet while he still can.

When on his own, he enjoys trail running, whitewater kayaking, putting off gardening tasks, foosball, and watching his two sons grow-up faster than he wants.

Mike Metzger, CFP®, CRPS®

About Mike Metzger, CFP®, CRPS®

When I got started in financial planning over a decade ago, I didn’t understand how the industry could ignore real estate as a valuable investment. It was from that early experience that I knew I didn’t want to conform to the industry norm.

In order to offer objective advice, it was going to take rebuilding the financial practice model – to include real estate investments.

Owning real estate investments myself, and having a spouse as a Realtor, I know the benefits that real estate brings to the overall financial picture. Real estate professionals are the hardest working people I know. But with so many pieces, it can be difficult to make the most of your business, properties, investments, and family life.

Having helped hundreds of individuals, I bring a real estate focus to help successful real estate professionals seek to reduce their tax burden, increase their cash flow, and put a plan in place so that they can retire one day pursuing a steady and consistent income stream.

As your financial partner, my goal is to give you the financial confidence to focus on what you enjoy most!

Eric Bruns, CFP®, AAMS®

About Eric Bruns, CFP®, AAMS®

Hi, I’m Eric, financial planner and founder of Vanir Wealth Strategies where I help real estate professionals turn their financial assumptions into facts.

I was born and raised in Palm Beach County, Florida. I graduated from the Virginia Military Institute and commissioned as a field artillery officer in the US Army. I had the opportunity to serve in diverse assignments from platoon to theater level headquarters – including multiple overseas tours to places such as Afghanistan, Korea and Dubai. After 10 years on active duty, I transferred to the Reserves and moved back to Palm Beach County with my family.

Prior to founding Vanir Wealth Strategies, I served as a financial advisor at Raymond James & Associates where I built and refined my process. In addition to serving my clients, I currently serves as a Major in the US Army Reserve and volunteer as a trustee on the Palm Beach Gardens Firefighters Pension Board.

I live with my wonderful wife Jinny, our daughter Evelyn, and our goofy yellow lab Dooly. I enjoy spending time with my family, coaching my daughter’s soccer team, motorsports, reading history, and donating my energy to Veteran causes.

Terrance Hutchins, CFP®, EA

About Terrance Hutchins, CFP®, EA, RICP, CLU

I am the founder and lead advisor at Logos Financial Group. As a fellow business owner(I also run a tax and accounting firm) and real estate investor myself, I am passionate about helping people maximize the use of their money to accomplish their life goals. I am married with 3 kids, love to travel and read and I am active at my church in North Texas.

If you are a retiree we have a planning process to determine the maximum amount of money you can generate from your assets without running out of money, the least amount of taxes you should pay in retirement and how to effectively gift or pass your money on to others.

If you own a business we help you make sense of your financials, determine the best way to distribute money from your business, strategize ways to scale your operation without running you into the ground and of course keep Uncle Sam out of your pocket.

If you own real estate or want to, we help you make sense of your portfolio, determine how your properties are performing and what is a good deal for you, how you can scale the amount of properties you own and pay little to no tax along the way.

Overall we look to help you build financial independence on your terms while keeping you organized in the process.

Bachelors in Business Entrepreneurship, University of North Texas
CFP- Certified Financial Planner
EA – IRS Enrolled Agent
RICP – Retirement Income Certified Professional
CLU – Chartered Life Underwriter

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Gregory Goff, CFP®, CIMA®

About Gregory Goff, CFP®, CIMA®, ChFC®, CLU®

Sound Wealth Management helps millennial real estate professionals grow and protect their wealth while saving in taxes. We work best with top-performing real estate brokers, agents, and investors who want to use their variable income to their advantage. Our clients understand that real estate is a powerful tool to build wealth, but they would like to protect their wealth against fluctuations in the real estate market.

Marcus Blanchard, CFP®, WMCP

About Marcus Blanchard, CFP®, WMCP, ChFC

I like to say, “I’m a nerd in your corner!”

Financial planning has been my study and passion for many years now, ever since I joined the Marine Corps and had to start making my own investment decisions.

After getting my Bachelor’s degree in Personal Financial Planning, I also earned the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Wealth Management Certified Professional (WMCP®), & Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) designations to further my understanding of financial planning and different ways to help reduce people’s tax bills.

After a while of working for both large and small financial firms, I decided I needed to serve clients at a higher level, my way. In my eyes, the complex issues business owners & investors deal with, along with the tax implications of retiring were not being adequately addressed. With the support of my lovely wife Katie, I founded Focal Point Financial Planning, LLC.

Now I can better serve clients by looking where other advisors won’t, helping you breathe easier about taxes and where your dollars are going.

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Mike Turi, CFP®, APMA®

About Mike Turi, CFP®, APMA®

After spending the better part of the last 10 years serving clients on a small wealth management team responsible for over $100 million in assets, I started Upbeat Wealth because true financial planning goes beyond just overseeing a client’s investment portfolio. Through a transparent fee-only structure and client service model, I help clients navigate important topics such as small business retirement planning and tax optimization, real estate investment analysis, and young family financial planning.

Upbeat Wealth is a firm providing insightful financial planning aimed toward maximizing the financial potential of our entrepreneurs, small business owners, real estate professionals, and young families. As an independent, planning-oriented firm acting in a fiduciary capacity, I guarantee that the clients’ best interests come first. And as someone who is passionate about my local community, it is my honor to serve those that are the bedrock of what makes our neighborhoods so special – our innovators, creators, and go-getters that bring us together and push us forward. My goal is to provide them with financial guidance, confidence, and resources so that they can focus on the things that excite and drive them.

Here to answer the questions that really keep you up at night, let Upbeat Wealth bring clarity to your entire financial picture.

Timothy Sample, CFP®, MBA

About Timothy Sample, CFP®, MBA

“I walk this life with integrity and humility. With a focus on all-encompassing gratitude, I seek to leave a legacy of generosity and truth to all that enter my life”

I have a deep passion for entrepreneurship, real estate, and personal wealth management. Through my own financial endeavors, I have been an active equity investor for over 25 years and a real estate investor for over 20 years. My interest in personal finance led me to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional.

In 2019, I founded Sample Financial Solutions. SFS was established to assist families with their financial goals, build wealth specializing in small business owners and real estate investors. As an independent, fee-only fiduciary financial planner your interests are always put first.

Prior to founding SFS, I had a corporate career working for a fortune 500 company as a Credit Risk Manager. Working as Credit Risk Manager, I had the opportunity to work extensively with small business owners building relationships, reviewing businesses, and extending credit. During this time, I also obtained an MBA with a focus in finance and accounting.

Born in Oregon but spending most of my childhood in California, I moved to Colorado while in high school. Colorado is my home today. I attended the University of Denver for my undergraduate degree in biology, University of Colorado for my master’s degree biomedical sciences, and Regis University for my MBA.

Happily married for the last eight years, I have the privilege of raising two wonderful little girls. In my free time, I serve as a Team Lead for The Dad’s Edge Alliance, play golf, hike, and am actively continuing my weight-loss journey. Currently, I am down 126 pounds from my peak weight, with another forty pounds to go.

Douglas Richardson, CFP®, BFA™

About Douglas Richardson, CFP®, BFA™

Fair Oaks Financial LLC was founded in 2020 and began operations in 2021 amid the COVID-19 Virus era. Many changes were taking place and people were reevaluating their lives in the face of the pandemic. Suddenly life took on different priorities and meaning and one did not know if they would be affected and to what extent. This brought to attention many overlooked items, that people were waiting to get around to, and brought them to the forefront. Questions like “if something were to happen to me, am I prepared?” My goal is to help you prepare for an uncertain future. There are many things that can be done to reduce anxiety in these stressful times. As a Fiduciary Advisor, I will be working with you to develop a plan that is customized to address your needs and desires. Being a Fiduciary means acting in your best interest. I enjoy helping people make sense of a complex set of choices, objectively weighing the pros and cons, and making informed decisions consistent with their long-term goals.

I have been working in the investment business for more than 25 years. I have seen complexity keep people from making the decisions needed to accomplish their goals. I enjoy helping explain things in a way that makes sense. Warren Buffet says “investing is simple, it’s just not easy.” Having a guide on your journey to help make decisions that will impact your future is not only important but essential. We all need objective advice, void of conflicts, to help us make wise decisions.

Daniel Johnson, CFP®, MBA

About Daniel Johnson, CFP®, MBA

Before starting RE|Focus Financial Planning, Daniel Johnson spent 7 years with Parsec Financial, a fee-only wealth management firm based in Asheville, NC. In 2017, he relocated from Asheville to Winston-Salem, NC with his family to lead the opening of a new office. During his time with Parsec, he worked with over 140 different households, some of which were just starting their financial journey and others in which he was helping transition $20+ million of family assets.

With an overwhelming desire for more independence and the pull towards entrepreneurship, RE|Focus Financial Planning was born in 2021. The opportunity to help retirees, pre-retirees and real estate investors without conflict. Our fixed-fee, non-AUM based approach allows for full independence when making investment recommendations.

Daniel holds a BS in Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Asheville as well as an MBA from East Carolina University. Daniel is a CFP® professional and has also been actively involved in NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) for the past 5 years, serving as the chair of NAPFA Genesis, and as a past member of the South Region Board.

Daniel, his wife Sarah and their 3 boys love living in Winston Salem. They are members of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Daniel is a member of the Rotary Club of Winston Salem, and is also on the board of advisors at the William G. White YMCA.

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