Ethan Miller, CFP®

About Ethan Miller, CFP®

Hi, I’m Ethan. I became a financial planner and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional because I saw how too many of my peers were simply unprepared for the complex financial decisions that come with living under capitalism. These decisions can have deep, lasting impacts, and I am passionate about working with clients to help set and reach financial goals without falling in one of many potential pitfalls that we all face every year.

My background as a union organizer shapes a lot of my work as a financial planner. I have a deep understanding of the fundamentally unfair structures that govern our financial lives, and in addition to working with clients to plan for and implement long-term financial plans, I continue to be involved in local and national efforts to create a more just economic system.

My clients typically share my concerns about the systemic problems in our economy, and many spend their working lives to change our economic and political systems for the better. I understand the values and priorities of public service and social justice professionals, and as your guide, I want to help you make the most of your finances and tackle topics such as saving, investing, paying off student loans, retirement planning, saving for your children’s education, buying a home, and much more.

By working together, you can be confident in your financial decisions and trust that you are building a sustainable financial future.

Mark Kinsella, CFP®, MBA

About Mark Kinsella, CFP®, MBA

Community Service

I spent close to three years in Chicago serving in a number of communities – assisting individuals, groups and organizations address their needs.

On Staten Island, N.Y. I worked with teens through recreation and education programs.

From the end of 1977 to the beginning of 1981 I was employed in India, endeavoring to improve a health program. A second part of my work was focused on economic development.

Financial Industry Service

This began with an old Chicago Savings & Loan Association. Through employees like me, this organization offered a full range of financial services to its members. As time proceeded, I specialized in the area of investments. I worked in this field for 31 years. And during those years, the S&L was taken over by three different banks.

In 2018 I left the last of the banks, US Bank and ventured out to my own consulting business.

My niche is serving people in the religious, education, and social service professions. I have worked with them over the years and have found that we have a lot in common.

Leo Nunez, CFP®

About Leo Nunez, CFP®

As someone dedicated to a life of public service for over 20 years in the Fire Department, Leo has also been passionate about clearly presenting and simplifying the world of personal finance for over 10 years. After his involvement with his employer’s pension plan as a trustee, he felt that his fellow co-workers were not being provided with the tools to be successful financially.

This lack of available guidance led him to co-found Everest Financial Advisors, LLC in 2010. Leo is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. As a member of the XY Planning Network and the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro program, he has been able to help clients navigate through some of their biggest financial life decisions free of any conflicts and on a fee-only basis.

On a more personal level, Leo grew up and currently lives in South Florida with his wife Lazara and his beautiful daughter Ashley. When he is not working, you can find him enjoying the company of friends and family or traveling.

Chris Reddick, CFP®, MBA

About Chris Reddick, CFP®, MBA, Ph.D.

Hello, my name is Chris Reddick. I am a Financial Planner and Owner of Chris Reddick Financial Planning, LLC. My firm specializes in investment management, retirement planning, and financial planning for professionals in corporate, education, and public service careers. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional which is the highest standard for personal financial planning in the industry.

I am a goal-based financial planner. We establish goals together, track progress in accomplishing your goals, and celebrate your wins. If you are looking for a financial planner that holds you accountable for getting results, I am the one for you!

I was born and raised in Canada and earned an MBA in Business Studies at the University of Guelph. I earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Sheffield, in the United Kingdom.

In the year 2000, I moved to the U.S. to begin my university teaching career at Murray State University in Kentucky. Currently, I am a full professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio and have taught, among other subjects, a graduate-level course in economics since 2001. I have 11 years of management experience as a department chair, and author of numerous books and articles on technology, finance, and other management subjects.

I currently work as a personal financial counselor with Zeiders Enterprises, which serves the active-duty military. Also, I am on the Board of Directors for the San Antonio Financial Planning Association and serve on the pro bono committee.

My wife Cathy and I have two children, Rachel and Abigail. I love to spend time with my children, watch movies, and travel.

Mark Humphries, CFP®

About Mark Humphries, CFP®

Mark is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional located in Maryland. Through his personal and professional experiences he has learned how to help government employees and members of the military with their financial planning needs. Mark holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and has worked in the financial industry since 2011. While building a foundation in the industry Mark realized there was more he could do to serve clients. He earned a graduate degree in Personal Financial Planning. The coursework expanded the knowledge he needed to help clients and their families with tax, insurance, retirement, and estate planning and investment management.

Prior to entering the financial industry, Mark worked in the automotive field. It was at this stage in his life that he became interested in financial planning. Upon starting his first full-time job after the military, he was presented with the option to enroll into his employer’s 401(k) plan. Mark turned everywhere for help with understanding what he should do. However, no one was able to guide him. So, he began reading and researching everything he could find related to saving for retirement.

Prior to working in the financial and automotive industries, Mark was enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. During his enlistment, he became familiar with the challenges military service members and their families face. He also became aware of the resources and tools available to them in difficult times. While enlisted Mark was deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom and witnessed firsthand the strains being separated from family can cause.

James Estep, CFP®, NAPFA

About James Estep, CFP®

James started his first career at a young age in the public sector as a firefighter in 1996. Years later as a result of his interest and involvement with his pension plan, a second career quickly emerged as a trusted financial advisor. “As someone that devotes his life to helping others, it only made sense that I continue this mission but just in a different way”, James explains. James enjoys helping individuals with their finances by providing comprehensive financial advice. James further explains that most of his clients are brothers and sisters in the fire and police service as well as teachers, in the Tri-County area. His in-depth experience and knowledge of Defined Benefit plans provide an advantage to his clients above other advisors across the country. “By focusing on clients that have a defined benefit plan we are able to provide our clients the value and quality they expect”, states James.

James currently resides in Cooper City, FL with his beautiful wife and his two energetic sons. He is still an active firefighter, currently occupying the position of Battalion Chief with the Miramar Fire Department. James is also the Chairman of the pension fund for the Miramar Firefighters. Early on as a trustee of the pension board, James knew that his love for financial services was something that could be shared with others. This led to James’ decision to get the formal education required to become a financial advisor.

In 2010 James had already received some experience as an advisor, but decided it was time to provide advice specifically to firefighters, police officers, and teachers by opening an independent firm with one other partner. Establishing this new firm would allow them to provide conflict free advice to their clients without having to “sell” products such as mutual funds or life insurance policies. In order to hold him and his firm to a higher standard, Mr. Estep embarked on becoming a Certified Financial Planning™ professional and successfully met the rigorous qualifications of the CFP® Board of Standards in 2012.

James continues to grow the firm mostly by word of mouth referrals. Mr. Estep explains that “financial planning involves a lot of trust in the advisor”. Mr. Estep feels that this is where he is different than every other advisor that he knows. The fact that he is a firefighter and he has chosen to be a CFP® professional provides a unique experience to the client.

Greta Myerchin-Tape, CFP®

About Greta Myerchin-Tape, CFP®

Hi, I’m Greta, the founder of Frontier Financial Planning, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor. I help State of Alaska employees live and retire on their terms. I firmly believe that people shouldn’t struggle in retirement after working and saving their whole lives.
My fiduciary financial advisory practice offers the financial planning and investment management services that make it possible for public employees to thrive. I know that public employees have unique retirement benefits that deserve careful consideration so they can make the best financial decisions for their future. I love helping my clients make the most of the financial opportunities available to them through PERS, TRS, private investing, and Social Security.

My process is simple. First, we meet to get to know each other. Next, I’ll analyze your financial reality and identify opportunities that you may have not even realized existed. Third, you’ll receive a complete 1-page financial plan that shows you exactly what you can do to improve your financial outlook. Lastly, you decide if you want to hire me.

I know you want to be secure in your financial future. The only thing standing in your way is finding a professional who understands your public employee benefits and can help you make the most of them.

Donald O. Dority, CFP®, MSPFP

Acerca de Donald O. Dority, CFP®, MSPFP, APMA®, CPA / PFS, CRPS®, CRPC®, MPAS®

Don se graduó con honores Cum Laude, con una licenciatura en Finanzas y Contabilidad y una especialización en español de la Universidad del Norte de Colorado en Greeley en 1997 y paso la Certificacion de Contador Publico (CPA). Actualmente, Don está estudiando para obtener una Maestria en Planificación Financiera Personal en el Colegio de Planificacion de Finanzas en Centennial CO. Después de trabajar en finanzas y contabilidad corporativas por varios años, Don fundó Dority and Associates, LLC en 2004, y Narrow Path Financial Inc en 2014. Como CPA y con las credenciales adicionales de PFS (Personal Financial Specialist) y CFP (Certified Financial Planner), Don aporta una gran variedad de conocimientos y experiencia adicionales para ayudar a sus clientes a realizar sus objetivos.

El trabajo de Don como bombero y paramédico para agencias como los Servicios de Emergencia del Condado de Larimer, Loveland Fire Rescue y el Distrito de Protección contra Incendios de West Metro le han proporcionado una visión única en los problemas de planificación, impuestos y finanzas que afectan a los miembros de la comunidad de seguridad pública. En su tiempo libre, Don disfruta pasar tiempo con su querida esposa Sue y sus cuatro hijos. También le gusta compartir tiempo en su iglesia, andar en bicicleta, cazar, pescar, bucear y trabajar en el terreno que rodea su casa a las afueras de Fort Collins y Wellington.


Donald O. Dority, CFP®, MSPFP

About Donald O. Dority, CFP®, MSPFP, APMA®, CPA / PFS, CRPS®, CRPC®, MPAS®

Don graduated cum laude with a BS in Finance and Accounting and a minor in Spanish from UNC in Greeley in 1997 and became a CPA. In 2021 he completed a Master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning at the College for Financial Planning in Centennial CO. After working in corporate finance and accounting for several years, Don founded Dority & Associates, LLC in 2004 and Narrow Path Financial Inc in 2014. As a CPA with the additional credentials of PFS (Personal Financial Specialist) and CFP® (Certified Financial Planner), Don brings a wealth of additional knowledge and experience to help his clients reach their goals.

Don’s work as a firefighter and paramedic for agencies like Larimer County Emergency Services, Loveland Fire Rescue, the West Metro Fire Protection District, and Wellington Fire Protection District has given him unique insight into planning, tax and financial issues that affect the members of the public safety community. In his free time, Don enjoys spending time with his cherished bride Sue and his four children. He also enjoys spending time with his church family, cycling, hunting, fishing, SCUBA diving, and working around the rural acreage surrounding his home just outside of Fort Collins and Wellington.

Don is fluent in Spanish.