Michelle Petrowski, CFP®, CDFA

About Michelle Petrowski, CFP, CDFA, Mediator

Michelle Petrowski (formerly Buonincontri) is the Founder and CEO of Being in Abundance and is on a mission to provide access to financial planning for those that seek it. She believes that wealth is more than money and solid financial advice should not begin and be centered on investments as has been the tradition with advisors of the past. Having been a successful woman in tech, tax-preparer, married, divorced, a step-mom, single mom, a sandwich generation care-giver, a mid-life career changer, and an entrepreneur, she knows that life is shades of grey, and all aspects are inter-related.

Michelle focuses on creating a judgement free space for clients to discover and achieve their goals and dreams through the building and using of their financial resources; meeting clients where they are, rather than where they or society has told them they “should be” at this point in their life. Through a planning approach, that aligns values and financial choices and considers choices through a tax lens, Michelle guides clients to becoming exceptional stewards of their own finances, uncovering previously “unseen” possibilities for their life, and creating opportunities to have a fuller life of impact.

Through her other firm, Being Mindful in Divorce, she works with singles, couples and other divorce professionals committed to reducing the emotional and financial impact of divorce for themselves and their family. Many times, these clients are thriving professionals, sandwich generation wealth-protectors, or those of Grey divorce with a common goal of re-building a financial foundation and to support generational wealth.

In both her professional, personal and philanthropic work, Michelle is committed to financial wellbeing and expanding the perspective that wealth is more than money. She continues increasing accessibility to financial planning through ongoing outreach, education, and comprehensive service offerings thought her firm and her work with Savvy Ladies in NY and Fresh Start Women’s foundation in Phoenix.

Michelle, is a nationally-recognized financial expert, and has been featured in CNBC, MarketWatch, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and digital outlets, has spoken at FPA Knowledge Circles and is a contributor on Wealth Management to Retirement Daily; TheStreet. She is a former Board Member of the Financial Planning Association in New York & Greater Phoenix, and she currently serves on the Board for the Maricopa Association of Family Mediators and the Alisa’s Angel Foundation, both in Arizona.

Schedule a free intro call to explore how we can work together to empower your financial future: https://www.beinginabundance.com/contact

Read Michelle’s blog here: https://www.beinginabundance.com/blog

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Drew Schlotter, CFP®

About Drew Schlotter, CFP®

I am Drew Schlotter, CFP®, Founder of On Point Financial Planning. My mission is to facilitate clients living life by design, instead of by default, through clarity of vision, the necessary knowledge and modern tools for implementation. Whether you’re a young doctor early in your practice or military/veteran transitioning to civilian life, I want to help you along your journey to achieving your great life.

Prior to founding On Point FP, I worked at several financial planning firms ranging from a small fee-only firm where I focused on a handful of clients to a large fee-based multi-office firm where I supported 10 advisors serving almost one thousand households.

I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Financial Planning. Between my sophomore and junior years, I took a 10-year sabbatical, serving in the US Navy as an Intelligence Specialist, with a focus on Counter Terrorism. I spent five years stationed overseas in the United Kingdom supporting NATO operations, and then four years in San Diego as part of NSW Special Reconnaissance Team One with two deployments with SEAL Team Three.

I spend most of my free time with my wife, Samantha, my new baby girl, Tabitha and our giant dog Comanche. I love spending time playing basketball, in the woods camping, mountain biking or driving over an off-road 4×4 trail.

Jose Armenta, CFP®, ChFC®

About Jose Armenta, CFP®, ChFC®, EA

I believe the focus of financial planning should be on your “why.” What are your goals and values? Once we’ve identified your path, I will guide you in designing a comprehensive financial life plan that’ll allow you to walk that path. Only after we have found the “why” can we create the “how” –and only after understanding your unique desires do we start discussing numbers.

When I first entered the financial services industry, I was discouraged by the type of financial services I saw offered to Federal employees, from inappropriate insurance products to patchwork advice focused on trying to “beat the market.” Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from Columbia College, a master’s degree in financial and tax planning from San Diego State University, and a lifelong awareness of the link between money management and life satisfaction, I became determined to provide real comprehensive financial planning for Federal employees that focused on helping them accomplish their goals.

The decision to specialize in helping Federal employees stems from my experience serving in the Marine Corps as a bomb dog handler. In 2013, I was injured by an IED in Afghanistan and medically retired, along with my bomb dog Zenit. Despite this unexpected curve in my path, I still had the same “why”: I wanted to be involved in a mission greater than myself and help those I cared about. I knew this meant continuing to work with those who serve our great nation.

My “how” turned out to be launching Create Your Path, a fee-only, independent financial planning firm specializing in advising Federal employees. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, Chartered Financial Consultant, an Enrolled Agent, and a former Federal employee who has been in your shoes, I am ready to guide you towards the life you envision.

Read Jose’s blog here: https://yourfederalemployeebenefits.com/

John Mason, CFP®

About John Mason, CFP®

John is a graduate of Virginia Tech’s Pamplin School of Business, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Business as a Finance major and completed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) education requirement. He passed the comprehensive CFP® exam in November 2010 and earned his designation as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ in September 2012. John also holds the Series 66 and Virginia Life & Health Consultant licenses.

John joined Mason & Associates in 2010 and began his career assisting Michael and Kenneth. John earned a partnership position at Mason & Associates in 2017 and is now a Senior Financial Planner. His primary duties consist of working directly with Mason & Associates clients in all aspects of their financial plan. Although John enjoys all areas of financial planning, his favorite subjects are tax, retirement, and estate planning. In addition to working with Federal and State employees, John is the team’s specialist with clients who are employees of locally based Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII). John works closely with Tommy Blackburn in developing and implementing technology initiatives at the firm, social media marketing, and is now a co-host of the Mason & Associates Ask the Expert radio show with Michael.

John and his wife, Sara, reside in Yorktown, Virginia. Sara is also a graduate of Virginia Tech and earned a Master’s Degree in Education from William and Mary. Although Sara doesn’t work at the company full time, she is instrumental in helping develop new ideas and frequently assists with editing the website, blog posts, e-mail, and client communication pieces. Together, John and Sara enjoy skiing and snowboarding vacations, visiting friends, and going on walks. They welcomed their first child, Carter, in November of 2019 who is now becoming best friends with their golden retriever, Penny.

Read John’s blog here: https://www.masonllc.net/blog.htm

Brian O’Neill, CFP®

About Brian O’Neill, CFP®

Brian “ALF” O’Neill is a native of Overland Park, KS. After graduating from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. with a BSE in computer engineering, he attended pilot training at Vance AFB then served F-16 assignments at Shaw AFB, Eglin AFB, Kunsan AB and Nellis AFB as an F-16 Weapons School instructor. He then transitioned to the F-35 in 2012, commanding an operational test squadron at Edwards AFB, CA. He earned three masters degrees through his military career and served as the military assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy before finishing his career as an F-35 group commander at Eglin AFB, Florida.

Brian spent 23 years in the Air Force, much of it helping military families navigate personal finance challenges. He found his passion for personal finance as he facilitated Financial Peace University. He went on to complete his CFP requirements and started his own financial planning firm.

Brian is married with two beautiful, talented daughters. He is an avid reader and triathlete and dreams of soon finding time to home brew again.

Read Brian’s blog here: https://www.wingedwealth.com/insights/

Daniel Kopp, CFP®

About Daniel Kopp, CFP®

Hello, I’m Daniel – husband to Anna, widower to Sarah, Air Force veteran, business owner, writer, speaker, CFP® Professional, financial planner, and Christ-follower. I’m the founder of Wise Stewardship Financial Planning where we offer fee-only, fiduciary financial planning and investment advice with a special focus on young widows and widowers as well as servicemembers and their families.

Grief changes everything. I know that all too well from personal experience as I became a widower at 31 and before that, father to 3 children in heaven. My passion and purpose now is to take what I’ve learned from those experiences combined with financial planning and advice to be a help to you in your own unique grief journey. Wise Stewardship works together with you to help gain stability in your current financial situation, prioritize next steps, and walk with you into a new and different future.

Here’s the rest of my story and why I became a financial planner. I’ve always been interested in money since I was a little kid, including out-bidding my siblings for chores-for-hire, to providing loans to my siblings and friends when they had spent all their money and diligently saving my allowance for future goals. Over time this evolved into reading the stock pages in the newspaper as a young teenager and then choosing to major in economics in college. After completing Air Force ROTC at Purdue University, I commissioned as an officer into the Air Force in 2009 but continued my personal interest into personal finances, investing, and all things money-related.

In my college years and early 20s, I read hundreds of books and spent thousands of hours studying financial planning topics. I also had the opportunity to be a volunteer financial counselor during many of the years when I was on active duty in addition to helping and educating family and friends over the years. Thanks to countless help along the way, I learned more about the financial services industry and found my way to fee-only, fiduciary financial planning. It was through these experiences that sparked my passion and helped me realize what I wanted to do whenever I decided to leave the military!

As an officer on active duty for almost 9 years, along with a brother, sister, and brother-in-law in the military, I experienced firsthand the benefits and challenges that military life can have on all aspects of life especially finances. Frequent changes like TDY’s, deployments, and PCS’s add unique potential opportunities and obstacles to meeting goals and dreams. Add in the often disparate and sometimes confusing military pay, benefits, scattered military benefits and discounts, and countless people offering advice or services, and there is often a lack of clarity on how best to optimize all of these to best meet goals.

I’ve seen almost everything military life can throw at you and been through much of what you probably have questions about. I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t; what’s important and what isn’t. I’m now able to use these vast experiences to help my clients navigate the challenges of the busy military life, get the most out of your hard-earned benefits, and help you achieve your goals.

My journey to become a financial planner was also profoundly impacted by what happened in my personal life. I met and married my wife Sarah back in 2012 and we embarked on military life together, at the time thinking I would be on active duty for a full career. As time went by, God brought countless joys as well as numerous trials. Sarah was a cancer survivor when she survived thyroid cancer at the age of 21, and had experienced other health trials and surgeries in the years before we met. Then in the first three years of our marriage, we experienced the agonizing sorrow of grief from the loss of three children through first term miscarriages. Sarah’s health continued to decline over the course of our marriage and medical answers mostly eluded us as we saw dozens of doctors and specialists.

Sarah became mostly homebound as her energy failed so I became her primary caregiver as family was thousands of miles away while continuing to work fulltime as an officer in the Air Force. However, it rapidly became evident that I could no longer continue down the active duty career path so I began planning to transition out of the military. Given the flexibility I would need as a primary caregiver, I explored entrepreneurship by launching my own financial planning firm to marry my passion for helping people with their finances with my need to take care of my wife.

Before that plan could come to fruition, a medical crisis landed Sarah in the hospital from which followed a cascading sequence of events in which we lived in hospitals across two states for the next six months. Finally, the doctors said there wasn’t much more they could do and Sarah and I made the difficult decision to enter hospice. We were able to spend a precious 6 weeks together as well as flying out family and dear friends to be able to say goodbye. Sarah passed away in the late summer of 2017 as I held her hand and bid her an earthly farewell. She was only 32, and we had been married just under five truly amazing years.

Suddenly, my entire life had been turned upside down. I was 31 and it felt like every plan I had made was shattered yet again.

My abiding faith in God and His endless grace helped bear me up in the agony of grief in the months that followed. Thanks to the boundless support of my family, fellow young widowed spouses I connected with, my church, Air Force family, network of friends, and an invaluable grief counselor, I found a way to keep moving forward.

I also received further confirmation of the incredible value of financial planning when I hired my own financial planner in the middle of my grief journey to help me sort through all the variables of my financial life, have a compassionate and rational (as sometimes my grief was not very logical) outside perspective, and figure out what my new financial future might look like. I also gained an inside perspective to the other side of the estate planning experience as I acted as the executor of my wife’s estate. I dealt with everything from dealing with creditors, bequeathing personal items, transferring titles of houses, vehicles, settling life insurance policies, closing accounts, and much more. While I would never have wished to learn in this way ,these unique personal experiences prepared me to understand not just the “science” of estate planning, but also the intimate and personal art if helping clients work through the full range of emotional nuances in this process.

I ended up separating from the Air Force in early 2018 and embarked on an 8 month sabbatical. Sarah and I long considered taking a few months off after active duty so we could travel some more, visit friends and family across the US, and take advantage of a mid-career transition to do something that otherwise isn’t possible with normal vacation time off. We had been saving up for this opportunity for several years and I ultimately ended up buying a truck and RV trailer so I could maximize my travel flexibility. Over the course my sabbatical, I visited 38 states, drove more than 27K miles, saw 14 National Parks, visited dozens of friends and family, and made incredible memories!

The time off gave me opportunities to heal, rest, think deeply, journal and write, and lay the groundwork for launching Wise Stewardship. However, there was something even more amazing and unexpected that happened in the midst of my sabbatical. I ended up meeting someone and falling in love!

In a beautiful story that I could never have imagined on my own, God brought Anna into my life. Over the course of my sabbatical travels, we began a relationship that quickly became apparent to us and everyone that knew and loved us, that this was something very special.

I ended up moving to the Boston area to join Anna after we got married capping off a whirlwind of a year! It’s been an amazing journey to this place and I’m so excited about this next chapter! Anna is the gift that I thought I would never have. She has demonstrated to me that love and a different future was possible.

Wise Stewardship Financial Planning launched in November 2018 to offer fee-only, fiduciary financial planning to help fellow young widowed spouses as well as servicemembers and their families. I count it a privilege to now help others by taking what I’ve learned about the journey of grief combined with the math of financial advice. Finances are just a tool to accomplish our goals in life so I help people figure out what is most important to them, and then build their lives and finances to be able to accomplish them. I am here to be a companion to you as you navigate many financial issues and life circumstances.

Professional Biography

Daniel Kopp is a fee-only, fiduciary financial planner and founder of Wise Stewardship Financial Planning where he helps young widows and widowers as well as servicemembers get their financial lives in order by aligning their money with their values. He is also an Air Force veteran after almost 9 years as an officer on active duty during which he served as an Air Battle Manager participating in combat deployments and training opportunities all across the world. Outside of his official military commitments, Daniel has always had a passion to help servicemembers and their families master their finances where he served as a volunteer financial counselor during most of his time on active duty.

Daniel is a widower after his wife Sarah passed away in late 2017. In the few years prior to her death, Daniel had become her full-time caregiver due to a variety of health conditions including the loss of three miscarriages. During that time, he learned how to persevere by ordering his life around his faith in God and aligning family, work, and finances with his personal goals. Daniel now combines his financial training and experience helping people with a deep, personal understanding of how grief affects every single area of life.

Daniel is now married to his wife Anna, and lives in the Boston area where they love to explore new places, try interesting cuisines, serve in their local church, and take advantage of the rich history of New England. You’ll find a fast way to become their friend if you play board games with them!

Daniel is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (TM) having met the rigorous professional standards and agreed to adhere to the principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence when dealing with clients. Daniel received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Purdue University as a third-generation Boilermaker, where he graduated with Highest Distinction (top 3%) and was named one of the Top 10 Krannert School of Business Seniors in a graduating class of over 850. He has also received his Master of Arts in Military Studies and Strategic Leadership from American Military University, and is also pursuing a second Masters of Science in Advanced Financial Planning and Financial Therapy from Kansas State University to even further deepen his competencies. Daniel is also a frequent personal-finance freelance writer and speaker, especially on military-related topics.

Daniel is a distinguished Air Force veteran as a three-time Air Force Distinguished Graduate (#1) for each of his three formal training courses as well as the Air Force’s David C. Schilling Award for the most outstanding contributions to the field of flight along with numerous other awards and accolades in his military career.

Barry Federici, CFP®, CPA/PFS, JD

About Barry Federici, CFP®, CPA/PFS, JD, MBA, MST, CGMA

Family First Wealth Management, LLC, a financial planning and investment management firm founded by Colonel Barry Federici (USMC, Retired), The firm’s mission is on providing multi-generational comprehensive financial solutions to high-net worth families and the families of military veterans.

“Family First, Family Always,” says Colonel Federici. “Since your family is your greatest investment, the comprehensive family planning and evidenced-based investment strategies designed specifically for your investment portfolios can have a significant and profound impact on you and your family for generations to come!” Family First Wealth Management is dedicated to developing a family mission statement and a unique financial plan for each client family, which subsequently includes professional financial counseling for all family members.

Colonel Federici is a fiduciary and is deeply committed to providing the highest level of service for his clients and their families.

Derek Merkler, CFP®

About Derek Merkler, CFP®

Hi, I’m Derek. I spent 8 years as an Army aviator at stations like FT Rucker, FT Riley, and FT Hood along with a deployment to Afghanistan and culminating in 18 months as an Apache helicopter troop commander at FT Hood. Like other Veterans, I packed up and moved many times and spent too much time away from my family, especially as my wife was stationed separately from me for the first 5 years of our marriage. I left the Army after achieving my career goal of commanding a line company, one of the most fulfilling and challenging times in my life so far.

I launched my Trophy Point Financial Planning based on my own financial successes and failures and those of my peers, recognizing that most companies out there are selling financial products to earn commissions and hit sales targets while primarily working with people who are already wealthy.

My mission is to help Veterans and young professionals create financial structure in their lives and BUILD wealth. I figure out all the small yet important details…so you don’t have to.

I primarily work with Veterans in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who are looking to plan for their transition from the military to the corporate world. That age range is the most complex in life… family, kids, home ownership, careers, and the resulting financial obligations all while trying to figure out that long-term goal of financial independence and/or retirement. Adding in everything tied to leaving the military and starting a corporate career means that these Veterans can make big mistakes… and seize great opportunities.

Outside of financial planning, I have a bit of a need for speed. I like stuff that goes fast… cars, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, and horses. I follow Formula 1 and endurance car racing… and may have typed this bio while watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans at 3 AM. I’ll watch MotoGP, World Superbike, and the Tour de France when they are on TV.

I also help my family raise thoroughbred racehorses near Lexington, KY. So, when I’m not working on financial plans, I’m trying to not get kicked by a mare or her foal! Every year in April and October, I host friends and clients for a behind the scenes tour of Kentucky horse racing during Keeneland’s opening weekend. Our goal is to someday breed a horse that runs in the Kentucky Derby or Breeder’s Cup. We’ve come close already but missed out when that horse was injured.

I always want to leave someone with useful takeaways after they meet with me regardless of their decision to become a client. Below this bio is a link to my calendar. When you schedule the 45-minute intro call, we will see if it makes sense to work together and I will leave you with my thoughts on your top 1-3 financial priorities given your stated goals.

Read Derek’s blog here: https://www.trophypointfp.com/blog

William Jensen, CFP®, EA, CKA®

About William Jensen, CFP®, EA, CKA®

Welcome to Acadia Financial Services. It’s different here.
From its genesis, we have consciously built a firm that is designed to meet the financial service needs of most individuals and families, while simultaneously addressing many of the hesitations that people face when hiring an advisor.

The motivation to form Acadia stemmed from my first experience with a financial advisor. As a Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force back in 1990, I was referred by a friend to his advisor. In short order, it became clear that he did not have my best interests in mind; he did a fairly good job of separating me from my money. I was so dismayed by the incident that I became my own financial advisor, determined to protect others from the same experience.

Nearly thirty years later, when it was time to retire from the military, I was called to continue serving others as a Christian financial advisor. I now focus on helping clients pursue financial freedom and contentment.

Again, welcome to Acadia Financial Services. I think you will like what you see.

John Cooney, CFP®, EA

About John Cooney, CFP®, EA, MBA

Hello, my name is John Cooney and I am the founder and owner of Green and Gold Financial Planning, a fee-only financial planning firm located in Middleboro, Massachusetts. Since I was young, I have always been fascinated with money, saving, and investing. As I got older, I was excited to learn that there is a whole career field centered around helping people define their financial goals and working together on a plan to help them live the financial lives they want and deserve. This realization led me in 2017 to switch careers and start my own firm so I could turn my passion into a career of helping others.

After graduating from the United States Military Academy in 1998, I served as an Active Duty Armor Officer for 5 and ½ years, including overseas tours to Korea, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Iraq. Since 2006, I have served in the Army Reserves as a Civil Affairs Officer and enjoyed deployments to Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa, and Kuwait and I continue to serve in the Army Reserves today.

It is my military background that has led me to focus my services on those clients who are currently serving or have served in the past. My experience with programs such as the Thrift Savings Plan, the Blended Retirement System, the Savings Deposit Program is not only professional but personal as well. Having served on Active Duty and as a Reservist, I understand the financial issues and benefits that are involved with military service. I bring a unique perspective to those service members in the National Guard and Reserve and understand the financial decisions that have to be made when juggling a civilian and military career. Most importantly, I’ve lived the life of a service member and wish that when I was a new Second Lieutenant, I knew then what I know now and that is at the heart of what I am trying to do as a financial planner. I am trying to pass on not only what I know as a financial professional, but how I can translate that expertise into the world of a service member, veteran, and their families.

In addition to being a Certified Financial Planner ®, I am also an Enrolled Agent, an IRS designation that allows me to represent tax-payers in front of the IRS. I am a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts, the Military Financial Advisors Association, and XY Planning Network. I am an active volunteer with both NAPFA and the FPA in offering Pro Bono services to service members and disabled veterans. When not working or on Drill Weekend, I enjoy traveling and spending quality time with my wife, Erin.

Read John’s blog here: https://www.greenandgoldfinancial.com/blog