Eric Figueroa, CFP®

About Eric Figueroa, CFP®

Hi! I founded Hesperian Wealth to democratize access to great financial advice. No matter what stage of life you’re in or how much you have to invest, I can empower you to take control of your financial destiny. And through SRI/ESG investing, you can save toward your financial goals while supporting the issues important to you—in ways that can bring about real change.

My commitment to making an impact goes beyond the portfolio. I offer free financial planning each year to members of my community who can’t afford it. And I extend my clients’ reach by donating 10% of my investment management fees to organizations working tirelessly toward a better world.

A little about me: In my spare time, I enjoy life with my beautiful wife and young daughter, playing guitar, and in normal times, traveling the world. We especially love to visit the Pacific Northwest given my wife’s fascination with killer whales. My firm is based in Folsom, CA, but I call California’s Gold Country my home and love being close to the wine country and beautiful vistas of the Sierra Foothills.


I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, or CFP®, a designation that certifies I have met rigorous education, experience, and examination requirements and have made a commitment to CFP Board’s code of ethics.


Before starting Hesperian, I was a vice president at a worldwide asset management network and large wealth management firm. I helped manage their professionals-only research service, guiding other financial advisors as a research consultant. Advisors both inside the firm and across the country relied on me as a trusted resource on sustainable investing, investment selection, portfolio management, and client communication. Now I apply my expertise in the service of my own clients.


Executive Certificate in Financial Planning—Santa Clara University (2018)

Masters in International Business—Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (2013)

Masters in Business Administration—San Francisco State University (2012)

Graduate Degree in Business Administration—Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (2011)

Bachelor of Arts in Cinema—San Francisco State University (2008)


I am a member of the XY Planning Network, an association of independent investment advisors, and the Northern California Chapter of the Financial Planning Association, a nationwide professional organization for financial planners. I am also a member of NAPFA, the leading association of fee-only financial advisors. NAPFA-affiliated advisors take an oath to maintain the highest level of competency and place their clients’ interests first.

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David E. Barfield, CFP®

About David E. Barfield, CFP®

I’m a fee-only, fiduciary financial planner and former career technology professional. I specialize in working with tech professionals, engineers, do-it-yourself investors, and data-driven researchers like myself.

After twenty years in the tech industry and achieving the financial freedom my wife and I had been working and planning for, I found myself looking for two things: a financial advisor to look over my shoulder and give me a second opinion, and a passion to pursue for the next twenty years in “retirement.” But here’s the problem…every advisor I called wanted to know how much money we had to invest, and they all wanted to charge us a percentage of those assets for “financial planning.” (NOTE: Obviously, I did not know about the XY Planning Network and this up-and-coming movement of retainer-based planners at that time). That didn’t really sound like financial planning to me. It sounded like investment management, which was the one thing I didn’t need help with. I needed all the other stuff, like a comprehensive view of our financial life to make sure we didn’t have any gaps that could derail our plans. And I certainly did not want to pay for that type of financial advice by having the price of a new car withdrawn from our investment accounts every year to pay the 1% fee. That just seemed out of line with what I was looking for. So, I spent the next five years researching (as tech professionals tend to do) all things financial planning. In the process, I became a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional and discovered the passion I would pursue over the second half of my professional life.

So, what I do today is provide simple, straightforward, data-driven financial advice to analytical, detail-oriented folks like myself, and I use a transparent upfront planning fee and monthly retainer pricing model that doesn’t fluctuate based on investable assets.

I love what I do, which is helping early and mid-career tech professionals and engineers plan for and achieve financial freedom…it’s more like a hobby than a job.

Ryan Townsley, CFP®

About Ryan Townsley, CFP®

I got into this business to help people, and I started my own firm so I could do a better job helping them. I love what I do, and put my heart and soul into serving my clients as if they were my own family. My firm specializes specialize in helping Engineering, Science, and Energy professionals who are analytical, love details, and have higher standards and expectations for their financial advisor. I am a fee-only, fiduciary, and comprehensive financial planner who is truly looking forward to the opportunity to help you and your family. I am a Navy Veteran, husband of 18 years, and father to a wonderful daughter.

Igor Smolyanskiy, CFP®, CFA

About Igor Smolyanskiy, CFP®, CFA

I am a spreadsheet junkie, a lifelong learner and an educator.

After a 20+ year career on Wall Street, I decided to pursue my passion to help people maximize their potential and meet key life goals by providing them with practical financial advice.

Many people I know shy away from seeking professional advice as they feel it is too investment-centric and expensive. Investment management is important, but there is so much more to optimizing financial life that is usually neglected. We are here to address that.

I believe financial advisory should not be fundamentally different from an accounting or law practice where professionals are compensated directly for their services based on quality and complexity of work. At Vilga, we embrace that model. Dramatic improvement in quality and cost of professional software, virtualization of number crunching and communication make it possible for us to offer high quality service in this space.

John Krehbiel, CFP®

About John Krehbiel, CFP®

Your finances are a highly personal puzzle that can be sorted out, solved and optimized for your life. My goal is to help you get comfortable with your financial decisions by giving you smart, honest advice that aligns with your goals and values.

After getting my engineering degree from CalTech and a Masters in Management from M.I.T., I was a financial do-it-yourselfer for over 25 years.
One day on the radio, I heard Dave Ramsey say, “You want a financial advisor who has the heart of a teacher”, and I thought, “That’s me! I have a passion for understanding and explaining finances to people.”

I founded Krehbiel Financial after 15 years in marketing, engineering and executive management at Harris and Intersil, and 11 years teaching physics at West Shore Jr./Sr. High School in Melbourne, FL. Throughout my careers, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and teaching have been keys to my success in working with people.

I specialize in working with tech professionals and busy couples who realize that their time is better spent focusing on their careers and their families, not the intricacies of financial planning.

When I am not helping people accomplish their goals with their money, I enjoy road biking, bike tourism, traveling, meals with friends, and being a member of Church in the Wild, in Melbourne, FL.

Ryan Moore, CFP®

About Ryan Moore, CFP®

Jato Wealth Advisory, LLC is a Georgia-based Investment Advisory focused on helping our clients achieve their lifetime goals. We offer Investment Management and Comprehensive Financial Planning on a fee-only basis. This means we are a fiduciary to you. We believe that by asking the right questions and taking the time to listen you will be set on the right track to achieve your goals.

Our financial planning and investment management process is an ongoing relationship. As you navigate through life and grow in your career, your financial plan grows with you. Retirement, benefits packages, college planning, home purchases, personal budgeting, wealth building, and investment allocations only represent a few of the decisions that you may face in your lifetime, and we are here to help guide you. At Jato Wealth we are a coach in your corner of the ring, allowing you to focus on what is important in life.

Corey Wiederholt, CFP®, CPA

About Corey Wiederholt, CFP®, CPA

I’m Corey Wiederholt, founder of Trailpoint Financial Planning.

I believe that the steps you take today make the biggest difference in improving your life down the road, where I can guide you and help hold you accountable throughout your journey.

After graduating from business school, where I majored in finance and accounting, I began my career in Denver at a regional public accounting firm, earning my CPA license. I made the switch away from public accounting when my wife and I found out we were expecting our first bundle of joy, but I came to a stark realization. I may have excelled on the books, but I didn’t know nearly enough outside of the tax world.

I hit the books, pored over website after website, and listened to too many podcasts to count, but one thing was certain; personal finance and its many strategies is my calling. No more empty nights as a corporate accountant, stuck in the rat-race. I needed to show my now-trio of children the way, by sharing my knowledge with those in need.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to call this my job, introducing me to so many stellar individuals of all walks of life. Born out of my love for making an impact on people’s lives, combined with what I do best – organizing financial lives, I take pride in being able to serve my clients in a distinct way; free of sales quotas and account minimums, with eyes fixated on what’s best for you and your individual goals. I opted for a fee-only financial planning firm, meaning the only compensation I receive is from my clients. No commissions. No product-pushing. Just genuine partnerships.

To put it simply, selling you meaningless solutions is not my gig. I focus on a concentrated mission to help you achieve your financial dreams. My investment in my client base stems from many aspects, but mostly, I work to build a genuine rapport with a strong focus on younger professionals and families. A pivotal time, which will be instrumental in your financial success. I want to be the link between you and financial success, teaching you the ropes without a cloud of anxiety surrounding the topic of finances.

And when I’m not navigating my clients towards financial success? You can usually find me enthralled in a book, captivated by a personal finance podcast, enjoying some time away from the world with my wife and kids, or exploring the mountains here in Colorado.

Donita Baze, CFP®

About Donita Baze, CFP®

DeeDee Baze, CFP® loves helping highly successful, very passionate people use their money in a way to express their deepest held ideals and values to honor their soul. She is an expert in Financial Planning who has worked with thousands of households since entering the business in 2007. She offers a unique approach by combining Soul-Based Financial Planning and Sustainable Investing to help people honor who they truly are.

When asked the best way to describe herself, she said, “I have the heart of a kindergarten teacher, the sense of humor of a middle school teacher, but the credentials of a stock broker.”

DeeDee received her undergraduate degree in Education from Oklahoma State University as well as completed post graduate work in the area of Psychology. She spent a decade and a half teaching in the public school system. First as Elementary Science Teacher then moved to Middle School Mathematics for the majority of her career. After leaving the classroom she obtained multiple insurance licenses such as life, health, disability and property/casualty. Working in the insurance industry for several years she learned a lot but found her true passion in securities and financial planning after meeting woman, Trish Prawl, who would become her mentor and role model. She completed post graduate courses at the College for Financial Planning in preparation to pass her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Exam which she passed on the first attempt. She is a life long learner who loves to read. She usually is reading three different books at a time, one for professional growth, one for personal growth, and one for health. She will often write reviews for the authors she reads. She will occasionally throw in a fantasy novel to mix things up.

The pandemic in 2020 was the catalyst for her to reexamine her life and what truly made her happy. She was working at a credit union at the time with over 650 clients in her book of business. She felt her life was out of balance. She commuted an hour, worked 8 hours, commuted an hour home then would work into the evening on financial plans. Went to bed, to do it again the next day. She was becoming exhausted and felt she had way too many clients to give them the care they truly needed. So she took a leap of faith and started her own firm with the intent of not having more than 100 clients total.

By starting her own firm she was also able to align her own deepest values and work on doing what she could to lower her carbon footprint and honor who she truly was. She struggled working in a predominantly man’s world feeling like a bit of an outsider so when she left she realized it was the best decision she could have made in her career. She brings a softer more compassionate touch to financial planning and investing. She believes in aligning your inner self with your money. She believes in contributing to the greater good. All these things she was able to weave into her practice and now only works with clients who want the same thing for themselves.

After studying under the amazing Bill and Anne Bachrach for Values Based Financial Planning(tm), she decided to take their philosophy deeper and look at honoring one’s soul while planning for one’s financial future. She is the author of the forthcoming book, Soul-Based Financial Planning which will include a workbook and DIY course as well.

Justin Brownlee, CFP®

About Justin Brownlee, CFP®

Hi! I’m Justin Brownlee. Brownlee Wealth Management is a fee-only financial planning firm that exists to bring clarity to your financial life. We want to help you simplify your investments, lower your taxes, and grow your family’s wealth.

My background is in helping high net worth families navigate the tax code to build an estate plan, portfolio, and retirement plan that works for them.

When not working, I enjoy coffee, brisket, and college football. I’m a cancer survivor. My wife and I love exploring 30A with our three kids-J.D., Blair, and Peter. Being a family of five, I find that a surprising amount of my free time is consumed by breaking down Amazon boxes that miraculously appear at our house constantly.

You can schedule an intro call at

Shehara Wooten, CFP®

About Shehara Wooten, CFP®

Shehara Wooten, a fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, is a career changer. She graduated with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer
Engineering and her first job out of college was with an industrial manufacturing
firm. She served various roles from engineering to sales. After some deep soul
searching, praying and reading Purpose Driven Life and What Color is Your
Parachute, she took a leap of faith and decided to leave that company and pursue
her purpose which is helping women and STEM professionals craft their amazing
financial success stories. As a STEM professional, she started saving and maxing
out her 401k. However, she had a suspicion that there was more to be done.
Fortunately, her church, at the time, offered financial literacy workshops and her
dad, also, sent her financial literacy materials from authors such as Robert
Kiyosaki. As she learned more, she wondered why these concepts weren’t taught
in school. From that point forward, she was motivated by knowing that financial
literacy was much needed for teenagers and adults alike.
In 2004, she joined a global financial services company and never looked
back. In 2009, she pursued a role as a financial advisor so that she could
continue to pursue her goals of helping individuals and families pursue strong
financial goals.
From there, she developed an even greater passion to help people craft
their amazing financial success story regardless of their age or amount of assets.
With some time in the profession, she realized that there was a limit to who she
could help. If you didn’t already have assets, then you, mostly, were on your
own until you accumulated assets. If you were younger and didn’t have an
inheritance or something like that, you, most likely, would get passed over by a
well-meaning financial advisor. This didn’t sit well with her and once she
realized, there was another way, she explored the fee-only fiduciary side of
becoming a financial planner. In this business model, she discovered she could
assist gainfully employed women and STEM professionals, who hadn’t quite
accumulated the assets required to work with a traditional financial professional,
access solid financial planning. Thus, in 2016, Your Story Financial, LLC was
born. It is a virtual fiduciary boutique firm committed to helping women and
#STEM professionals. Your Story Financial was established as a Registered
Investment Adviser in the states of Texas, Florida and Arizona, and we service
clients throughout the United States. We believe everyone has a story, especially
when it relates to one’s finances and Shehara helps clients craft their amazing
financial success story.
In addition to helping clients achieve financial success, she enjoys
spending time with family and friends, reading a good non-fiction book,
dancing, watching documentaries and travelling with her husband.