Alex Rezzo, CFP®, CFA

About Alex Rezzo, CFP®, CFA, CPA

Like so many of the great XYPN financial advisors you’ll find on this platform, I founded Andante Financial to provide best-in-class, independent financial planning and investment management services. But what makes my firm unique? Here’s three things to start:

-After-tax performance is never an afterthought
We use robust tax-loss harvesting tools and processes to enhance your after-tax returns.

-Investment management: we take it personally
We construct personalized investment portfolios for each client; none of our investment management is outsourced or “copy and paste”.

-Our values go beyond an account statement
10% of Andante Financial fees are donated to charity and we donate to charities that clients care about so we can redefine “shared values”

When I work with a client, I take the responsibility of helping them protect and grow the fruits of their labor seriously; I earned my CFP®, CFA, and CPA marks to expand my knowledge and make the most of any opportunity I get to help a client succeed. But my favorite part of this work is curating a network of clients that I truly enjoy working with and rooting for.

Please reach out for an intro call – I’ll enjoy the opportunity to chat and help you get the right person in your corner, whether its me or not.

Matt Miner, CFP®

Matt Miner, CFP®

I work best with professionals, entrepreneurs, and families contemplating how to make work optional – whether at age 35 or 65!

I help clients bridge the gap between knowing and doing. Miner Wealth Management clients are confident that whatever life throws at them, they have a plan and a caring and competent professional in their corner. I love when clients tell me, “After our meeting, I slept the best I had in a week!”

I help clients tackle life’s money questions – “How do I make the best use of my income?” “We’re growing our family. What should we think about?” “How can I get the taxing authorities out of my wallet – even just a little bit?” “How should I think about this pivotal time in my business?” “When can I retire?” “What’s the best way to plan for stock options and RSUs?” “I’m getting divorced, which is awful. How do I cope with the money part, too?” “How can I eliminate my student debt?”

I earned my MBA in the full-time program at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business in Durham and my undergraduate degree in Finance from Arizona State University in Tempe.

After Fuqua, my wife Charity and I repaid our $225,000 in b-school debt in about three years. Through that journey, I began helping people with personal finance and wealth management. In 2018, I left traditional corporate work to become a financial advisor. I launched Miner Wealth Management in August 2021.

Charity and I live in Raleigh with our three amazing and entrepreneurial children. I serve MBAs, Entrepreneurs, and High-Income clients throughout the US.

Miner Wealth Management is a North-Carolina Registered Investment Advisor in Raleigh, NC. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

Please get in touch with your questions about life, work, and money!

Read Matt’s blog here:

Max Pashman, CFP®

About Max Pashman, CFP®

Would you ever go to a doctor and be OK if their recommendation was incentivized by the size of their check? Or by what’s actually going to solve your health problem? As obvious as this might sound, it’s not so obvious in the financial industry. As an independent fee-only company, Pashman Financial has a fiduciary obligation to always put your best interest first.

The reality is the financial industry has gotten a bad rep after the amount of distrust it has laid on it’s customers. Your priorities should be addressed by what’s best for your needs versus focusing on how large someone can cash from you. Unfortunately, the traditional business model in the financial industry has not been set up as such. Versus jumping right into a traditional advisor role, Max decided to first invest his time learning more about the industry. He did so by working for a number of successful teams that guided him towards the appropriate steps towards understanding the financial planning process over time. During his training, he assisted hundreds of households to get them closer towards their financial goals and also obtained his Series 7, Series 66, and life + health license.

By the time he gained the appropriate knowledge, he started building his own book of business and established a successful online network to push financial education to his followers. While advising clients at One Wealth Management, Max had begun to understand how he truly wanted to create the best financial planning for his clients. He realized in order to better serve his existing and upcoming clients, he had to transform his business into a truly fiduciary model. After obtaining his CFP designation, he founded Pashman Financial as a fee-only company built on that promise.

Today, Max currently assists sales professionals with organizing their paychecks. He focuses on helping sales professionals with financial planning surrounding their commission checks, exploring their individual options, utilizing their company benefits, and understanding their stock options. You worked hard for your hard-earned dollars. Now make them work even harder for you.

Kurt Angstadt, CFP®

About Kurt Angstadt, CFP®

I’m Kurt Angstadt, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, business owner, real estate investor, triathlete, and family man who founded K Wealth Advisors to provide Insightful Planning to Live Your Best Life!
At K Wealth Advisors we focus on giving you back your time so you can focus on your vision, family, and business. KWA provides insightful planning to rising professionals, entrepreneurs, and those who have or strive for substantial real-estate holdings.

K Wealth Advisors is an independent financial advisory firm headquartered in Berwyn, PA. We work with clients locally and throughout the country using our technology forward approach. We focus on uniquely delivering personal financial advice and strive for long-term partnerships with our clients. Our clients commonly have and strive for extensive wealth in real-estate.

Partner with K Wealth Advisors to get back your time, so you can focus on your vision, family, and business.
We provide fee-only financial planning solutions to the “go-getters,” those who have a vision of their future.

Ben Henry-Moreland, CFP®, EA

About Ben Henry-Moreland, CFP®, EA

I specialize in working with freelancers, contractors, and other independent professionals who want to build financial security and spend more time doing what’s meaningful to them.

As a former professional opera singer I have firsthand experience with some of the most important goals and challenges for today’s self-employed workers. That’s why I focus on what matters most for helping freelancers build financial security, including:

-Cash flow/budgeting
-Building an emergency fund
-Managing healthcare costs
-Choosing insurance coverage
-Paying off debt
-Tax planning
-Saving for retirement and other goals

My clients can choose the service plan and fee structure that best fits their needs, whether that’s a subscription-style monthly retainer, a flat project fee, or a pay-as-you-go per-session rate.

To use your time effectively I’ve created a streamlined process that includes virtual meetings, cloud-based document sharing and storage, and a 100% paper-free office. You don’t need a sophisticated understanding of financial concepts or industry jargon: I’m here to talk with you on whatever level you’re comfortable with, in terms you understand, so you can take action.

From my headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, I can work virtually with clients located anywhere in the United States. Along with the Freelance Financial Planning social media pages to the left, you can connect with me personally on Twitter (@bhenrymoreland) or LinkedIn (in/bhenrymoreland).

You don’t have sacrifice financial security in order to do what you love. Contact me if you want to take the next step toward a secure financial future.

David Clarken, CFP®, CFA®, EA

About David Clarken, CFP®, CFA®, EA

Who Do I Serve?

High achieving Professionals, Consultants and Entrepreneurs – people who earn a living on their intellectual capital.

You Work hard, constantly strive to be better and you’re an expert at what you do. You have lofty aspirations and the drive to achieve them. I understand you because I am you. I understand you want a lot out of life, but most of all…you want more Time and fewer things to Worry about.

 Women in Transition – Whether you’re getting married, starting a family, fighting about money, or facing divorce, I’ll help you through it with confidence.

I watched my Mom struggle financially after her divorce and hated that I couldn’t help her. I understand the stress transition can bring and I made it my life’s mission to fix it – To empower people – particularly women facing a life change. I take the time to understand your feelings, learn what you need and discuss how to meet your challenges.

I’ll be in your corner whenever you have a question or wonder if you could be doing things just a little better. I’ll help you face the future with anticipation, rather than apprehension.

Financial planning is a process, not a piece of paper, to get you where you want to go. It changes as your life unfolds and your needs evolve—never losing touch with what’s most important to you. It gives you clarity and peace of mind, so you feel confident.

How am I different?  P-P-E-D

Purpose: This business is very personal to me. I built this firm to honor my Mother and care for clients in a way that would have made her proud. I treat every client like Family.

Passion: Empowering people through financial well-being – to live their best life, is my calling. To be worthy of your trust us critical, which is why I’m committed to lifelong learning – humble to know I’ll never know it all but driven to try. I’ve read books about tax on the beach and finance magazines on a flight to Italy because I love to!

Empathy: Your feelings and experiences matter. I consider the complex emotional issues in your financial life. More than how much I know, it matters how much I care.

 Depth: Any competent advisor will provide comprehensive planning, easy to use technology and reasonable fees. I believe You deserve More, so I go beyond. Financial literacy for your children and grandchildren, making sure your parents and grandparents aren’t exposed to estate planning risks, savvy tax savings strategies and much more.

As your financial advocate, I’m in your corner, available when you need me – even for the little things. When things happen in your life, I hope to be one of your first calls.

 Am I Qualified?

In terms of resume, I’ve earned the highest credentials (CFA, CFP, EA), have over two decades of financial experience, embrace a fiduciary standard of care, have no conflicts of interest and the discipline and tenacity of a former Marine.

What do You Get?

Return on ENERGY –I give you TIME, enabling you to spend your time on what matters most to you—your spouse, your kids, your career, your fun… Or would you rather spend your quality time Googling financial issues? Ask yourself – What’s your time worth?

 Return on INVESTMENT – Pay a little to protect a lot. It takes intelligence, foresight and humility to get help, especially with something so personal.

Simply taking the emotion out of financial decisions carries a high value. Don’t step over a dollar to pick up a dime…

You might hire someone to clean your house, mow your lawn or repair the air conditioner. Why not outsource your financial security to an expert?

If you’ve ever wondered if you could be doing things a little bit better… it’s time you find out