Chloé A. Moore, CFP®

About Chloé A. Moore, CFP®

I’ve had the privilege of helping people realize their potential and live the life of their dreams for almost two decades. I’ve also been fortunate to work with a wide range of clients from multi-generational high net worth families to recent college graduates. With each relationship, I gain more insight into how much our emotions and our history with money has an impact on our financial decisions. When my clients experience life transitions, their investment portfolios are the last thing on their minds. They are more concerned about navigating through big life decisions or having a plan in place in anticipation of a major event. In being there for my clients, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of going beyond investment management and developing a deeper relationship.

As a woman of color in the financial services industry, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being the only one in the room. Approximately 23% of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals in the United States are women, and approximately 1.7% are black. The statistics are similar for underrepresented and underserved populations in tech (women, people of color, the LGBTQ community). I’ve built my firm to address the needs of these populations. In addition to helping you grow financially, I can help you gain clarity around your ideal life, build a network of professionals who can work together to help you achieve your goals, and point you to resources that can help further your career.

Why Financial Staples? In addition to being the financial expert among my friends, I’m the go-to person for all things culinary. I love to entertain and, with my well-stocked kitchen, I’m always prepared to whip up a seated dinner for 8 at a moment’s notice. I also believe in the power of a recipe, but I know how to improvise if needed. This easily translates to a person’s financial world. With staples (good financial habits) and a recipe (financial plan), anything is possible!

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Sara Stanich, CFP®, CDFA

About Sara Stanich, CFP®, CDFA, CEPA

I’m Sara Stanich, New York City-based CFP® and owner of The Stanich Group, a Fee-only Registered Investment Adviser.

We help our clients set financial goals, build and optimize their investment portfolios, develop strategies to help reduce taxes, and save for the future. A financial plan can help you make the right financial choices to support growing families, plan for retirement, grow a small business or regroup after a divorce or other life changing event.

I began my career in the financial industry after receiving my MBA from NYU and working in corporate marketing for 12 years. Drawn to do something more entrepreneurial, I became a financial planner to combine my interest and knowledge of personal finance, aptitude for numbers and desire to help people live their best life.

As a mom of three young children (including toddler twins!), I have first-hand knowledge of the costs and challenges of raising children in New York City. I also understand that the responsibilities of parenthood can motivate you to deal with issues such as insurance, college savings and estate planning that were previously put on the back burner.

We also specialize in helping people going through the divorce process evaluate their financial options and plan for the future.

The Stanich Group, LLC is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor based in New York. We offer Financial Planning, Investment Management, and Divorce Financial Analysis Services. Please visit our websites at and

David Zaegel, CFP®, CPA

About David Zaegel, CFP®, CPA

Hi, I’m Dave Zaegel. I started CWOs for Hire to help remove financial stress from clients’ lives. Having been in a high-stress corporate job while also starting a family, I understand the challenges that my clients face on a daily basis because I experienced them first hand. With my accounting background, I also work with many small business owners to help them understand how their business and personal finances connect, and how they can get the most out of both.

I’ve been told many times that how I help clients “just doesn’t exist anywhere else”. While that’s not entirely true (just look at this XY Planning Network!!), I do have a unique skill set between my accounting, tax and financial planning experience, with the added gifts of listening and counseling that I’ve learned from numerous mentors throughout my life.

When I’m not working, I have fun with my wife and three children, and all my friends and other family. As a family we enjoy sports, music and playing card / board games, among many other activities.

Andrew Mohrmann, CFP®, MBA

About Andrew Mohrmann, CFP®, MBA

I founded Modern Dollar in 2015 after spending many years with two of St. Louis’ largest independent investment advisory firms. Though the time there was valuable, I knew I’d eventually have to try my hand as a business owner. I’m a third-generation entrepreneur and grew up in and around my family’s businesses. My passion for entrepreneurship, experience in financial planning and the void I still see in our profession for providing truly objective, holistic planning intersected, leading to the genesis of Modern Dollar.

Modern Dollar is now a growing team helping executives, medical professionals and retirees make sense of their financial lives. Our structured process includes a full financial plan at the outset and regular reviews thereafter to monitor and adapt the plan as they work toward or continue in financial independence.

Our clients tell us the work we do and the structure we create gives them peace around their finances. This result makes our work immensely gratifying.

We also believe in transparency and fairness in the way we charge. Our clients pay a simple, transparent fee that includes all the planning and investment management work that we provide.

Michael G. Rivas, CFP®, EA

 About Michael G. Rivas, CFP®, EA

Bienvenue Wealth is a fee­-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) located in the heart of New Orleans, LA. I founded the firm to provide trusted, conflict­-free financial guidance to my clients, serving as a consumer advocate to younger professionals—GenX investors in their 40s and 50s—who are committed to making better financial choices.

As a wealth advisor and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), I specialize in one thing: helping Gen X investors leverage their assets today to support a secure lifestyle tomorrow. A dedicated member of NAPFA, all of my services are offered on a fee-­only basis. I receive no compensation from any third party—a fact that gives me the freedom to recommend solutions that are right for each client…not someone else’s commission check.

Unlike many advisors who’ve learned financial planning from books alone, I’ve been living and breathing the world of finance my entire career. During my years working on the exchange floors in Chicago, I watched the investment process in action, saw how portfolios really work, and learned how to hedge by the minute—and the second. And I get that there’s more to financial planning than investments alone.

My services are comprehensive. My approach is straightforward. My fees are transparent.

If you like what you see, let’s set up a time to chat and see how we can work together to help you gain clarity for life.