James Callahan, CFP®, CFA®

About James Callahan, CFP®, CFA®

Jim B. Callahan is a 25-year veteran of the investment and wealth management industry. He previously served as the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of a $500 million wealth management firm in Denver, CO.

Jim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Santa Clara University and an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. He is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA®) charter holder and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional.

Sweta Bhargav, CFP®, CFA

About Sweta Bhargav, CFP®, CFA

Becoming a business leader and executive is a height rarely achieved, and it doesn’t happen by accident. You earned your seat and the financial rewards that come with it.

As your financial situation has matured and become more complex are you still managing things the way you did out of college or graduate school?

As a fiduciary financial advisor, I help business leaders and executives using my R.I.S.E. (Reach Financial Independence, Invest Smarter, Save Taxes, Elevate Your Life) method so you can feel confident you have secured your family’s future.

Business leaders come to me when they:
✔ Have a rapidly increasing income and realize that just saving is not enough
✔Have neither the time nor mental energy to properly manage their increasingly complex finances, career and family
✔ Want to figure out what their number is to become financially independent
✔ Realize that given their marginal tax bracket, tax planning is a priority

The landscape has changed for business leaders and my clients are tired of:

❌ Working long hours, traveling, sacrificing family time, and still not knowing if they’re on track to achieve their family’s goals
❌ Figuring out their complete compensation package and the tax consequences
❌ Not knowing how much of their savings they get to keep with future tax rates
❌ Not knowing if their portfolio is properly allocated according to their risk tolerance and time horizon

Within just a few months of supporting business leaders they’re frequently able to:
🎯 Increase wealth and decrease stress
🎯 Feel at ease with a plan they can rely on
🎯 Relax knowing they have a proactive financial partner on their side
🎯 Feel a sense of relief of outsourcing personal finance and investing to a trusted advisor so they can spend time on their career, family, and hobbies

Do you spend the bulk of your time with work, travel, and family responsibilities and not nearly enough energy addressing any gaps in the management of your finances?

That’s where I come into play.

As a CFP Professional and CFA Charterholder with international financial experience, I understand that financial planning for you is highly dynamic, with many moving pieces that are constantly in flux. We focus on partnering with you so you can continue to RISE.

Read Sweta’s blog here: https://www.advisowealth.com/blog

Harlan Freeman, CFP®, CFA, CPA

About Harlan Freeman, CFP®, CFA, CPA

I was raised in a family that from a young age taught me about financial value and financial priorities. My parents taught me that there are trade-offs in most financial decisions – you often have to forgo something today to achieve a future financial goal. Saving for retirement speaks loudly to that trade-off. We forgo spending today, so that we can save and fund spending when we are no longer working. In graduate school one of my professors taught this concept using Gilligan’s Island characters and their need for coconuts today, or coconuts in the future.

While my parents were comfortable financially, I would describe them as very middle class. But unlike for most of us today, their careers offered them lifetime retirement pensions. I have been able to see how easy and safe these pensions have made retirement for them. They’ve never had any concern for money. They have been fortunate to rarely ever tap into their savings as their pension income and social security covers most of their retirement living expenses.

Most of us will not have that luxury as employers have substantially eliminated defined benefit pension plans. Also, given current funding levels we can’t be confident that the Federal government will pay us Social Security at the level they have in the past. We now have to figure out on our own how to fund retirement (when no one told most of us we would have to do this), and simultaneously balance a bunch of other financial goals like funding kids’ education, taking great vacations, giving to charity, buying second homes, funding family celebrations, etc.

This is where I come in.

I help my clients figure out how to fund their life goals. We work together to figure out their priorities and how much money they will need, and then collaboratively develop a plan. Then through a combination of savings goals, diversified long-term low expense investing, income tax efficiency and risk management we work together over time to execute the plan (and change it when life take an unexpected turn).

Everyone has a unique financial situation and unique priorities, but broadly speaking if you work with BrightPath you can expect:

1) Comprehensive advice across all your financial matters.

2) Investment portfolios constructed and diversified across all your accounts, including your current and former employer 401(k)/other retirement plans.

3) A dynamic financial plan that accounts for all of your life’s goals.

4) Employee benefit optimization to ensure you are leveraging the benefits offered by your employer. This especially includes stock incentive compensation such as employee stock purchase plans, deferred compensation plans, stock options, restricted stock units, employee stock ownership plans, etc.

5) Insurance planning for property and casualty, life, disability, long-term care, etc.

6) Estate planning – ensuring that you are making the decisions for your financial legacy prior to a tragedy, rather than having the state you live in make the decisions after a tragedy.

7) Income Tax Planning and Preparation – we view all financial decisions with a tax efficiency lens to minimize legally taxes you will pay, and also prepare income tax returns for many clients. Income tax projections can help clients understand whether they are properly withholding to avoid substantially underpaying or overpaying their withholding/estimated tax payments.

8) Availability – BrightPath is available to answer any questions that arise along the way.

9) Concierge Service – you will receive a high level, white glove type of service. It’s hard to remember, but once upon a time all businesses provided human customer service that solved customers’ problems. BrightPath believes in its small firm approach that ensures clients are not being rerouted to half a dozen people before finding someone that can answer their question or solve their problem.

For the other stuff that I suppose belongs in an advisor’s bio:

My professional background includes broad financial experiences in both corporate and personal finance with large and small firms. Immediately before founding BrightPath Financial, I worked with Trinity Financial Advisors, LLC, a boutique wealth management firm focused on serving business executives, retirees and their families. My clients invested assets through Trinity ranging from under $1 million to more than $30 million. I assisted clients with financial planning as well as tax planning, and managed their investment portfolios. Among others, my clients included medical professionals, legal professionals, entrepreneurs and current and retired firm/division level presidents, C-level and other senior/mid-level executives at companies including Sears, Okta, Splunk, Twilio, Oracle, Docusign, Salesforce, Microsoft, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Truist, Home Depot, Radio Shack, Motorola, McDonalds, Boston Consulting Group, and AbbVie.

Previously, I held various executive management positions such as CFO of Lifebook Company, LLC and Vice President of Acquisitions for Road One, Inc., a former subsidiary of publicly traded Miller Industries, Inc. I also founded Vision Business Advisors, a small business mergers and acquisition advisory firm that I operated for a decade. Earlier in my career I worked in public accounting for Arthur Andersen & Co.

Outside of work, I am passionate about animals and all that we can learn from their behavior. For 14 years I was human to a great Lab hound mix, Charlie, who recently passed. I strive to become a more competent golfer. I enjoy traveling to learn about the world and meet people from different cultures.

Kyle Cain, CFP®, CIMA®

About Kyle Cain, CFP®, CIMA®

Kyle Cain is the President of Foresight Financial Advisory, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, a Certified Investment Management Analyst® advisor, published author, as well as adjunct professor teaching financial planning courses. He has assisted hundreds of clients working for two of the largest wealth management firms in the world. However, he wanted better for his clients, so he created Foresight Financial Advisory. Foresight Financial Advisory is an independent wealth management firm where the client always comes first. We deliver a distinctive level of service and attention that uniquely brings together: The intimacy and personal attention of a small firm, with the resources of an industry leader. Foresight was created to be able to offer completely objective and actionable advice without any of the usual conflicts of interests that exists within the larger financial institutions.

Read Kyle’s blog here: https://www.foresightfinancialadvisory.com/news-blog

Tammy Goodman, CFP®, MBA

About Tammy Goodman, CFP®, MBA, CECP®

Over 20 years of my career has involved working with financial programs for executives and high net worth individuals in different capacities and environments. I have been labeled an ace in the executive compensation arena, having spent many years at public companies in different capacities in the development, execution and administration of executive compensation and benefit programs. My days have been filled with uncountable consultations about how equity awards work, and translating the ins and outs of nonqualified benefits (like deferred compensation and supplemental retirement programs), and helping departing executives navigate the complexities of their company benefits following employment terminations. I understand how the abstract concepts of an employer’s executive compensation programs actually translate into “in your wallet” outcomes.

My background also includes extensive experience with life insurance, serving clients in the analysis and service of custom-designed life insurance policies.

I have also dedicated time volunteering as a financial mentor, assisting young women set priorities, identify spending patterns and tackle consumer debt.

Because of my passion to for helping others with personal finance, I established Tammy Goodman Financial, LLC, to offer financial planning services complimented by the uncommon knowledge of unique benefit programs.

Dominic Corabi, CFP®

About Dominic Corabi, CFP®

Dominic is the co-founder of Wedmont Private Capital. After graduation from the United States Naval Academy, Dominic joined the Marine Corps and was designated a Ground Intelligence Officer. As a lieutenant, Dominic commanded a Scout Sniper platoon and deployed his unit twice, including a combat deployment to Al Anbar Province, Iraq, in 2007. After his promotion to captain, Dominic led an officer recruiting station and was responsible for developing Marine officer candidates in eastern Pennsylvania.

Dominic received his MBA (with a concentration in finance) from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked at Credit Suisse as an ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) financial advisor and also spent time at Vanguard, where he served as the Chief of Staff of the Financial Advisor Services division.

Outside of work, Dominic enjoys trail running, functional fitness, and playing golf, often quite badly. He is passionate about helping veterans transition successfully to civilian life and understands how daunting it can be for vets to find the right career outside the military.

Dominic lives with his wife and three sons outside Philadelphia.

Brett Fry, CFP®, CFA

About Brett Fry, CFP®, CFA

When Brett’s grandfather passed away 15 years ago, there were hundreds of people in attendance at his funeral; he was a very loved and respected man. Many people approached Brett and shared stories illustrating what a good man his grandfather was and how he had positively impacted them and the community. This experience taught him that what you do on a daily basis leaves a lasting impression on people. As a result of this, and other lessons, Brett made the commitment to be an influence for good in the lives of others, to put relationships first, to always be honest and transparent in all his dealings, and to give 150% to everything he does. It’s these principles that inspire and drive Brett in his career as a financial planner.

For over a decade Brett has found great satisfaction in helping his clients create financial plans and strategies to eliminate the stress they feel concerning their financial futures. As the Managing Director in the Dallas Office of Forteris Wealth Management, Brett has a genuine desire to always do what’s best for his clients and help them achieve their goals, passions, and dreams.

Brett received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Stephen F. Austin State University and a dual Master’s Degree in Finance and Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University. He earned his CFP and CFA designations in 2014 and 2017. Before becoming the Managing Director for Forteris Wealth, he worked for Altfest Personal Wealth Management and BNY Mellon in New York City.

In his free time, Brett enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing golf, and watching his beloved Cowboys and Texas Tech play football. He currently resides in Plano, Texas with his wife Janelle, who is his greatest support and inspiration.

JP Geisbauer, CFP®, CPA

About JP Geisbauer, CFP®, CPA

JP Geisbauer is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. JP began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), but ultimately transitioned to local CPA firms focused on serving the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and their owners. Prior to founding Centerpoint, JP served as Chief Financial Officer for an ultra-high-net-worth single-family office in Newport Beach, California. There, he provided a broad range of services, including personal financial statement reporting, cashflow management, investment portfolio oversight, real estate asset management, income tax projection, planning and preparation assistance, and complex estate planning assistance. JP launched Centerpoint with the singular focus of using his knowledge and experience to collaborate with individuals and families to help them reach their financial goals.

JP is a Certified Public Account and a Certified Financial Planner Professional and is a proud member of the Orange County chapter of the Financial Planning Association of Orange County, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, XY Planning Network, and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

JP holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics, with a minor in history, from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Master’s Degree in Taxation from California State University, Fullerton.

Daniel Yerger, CFP®, MBA

About Daniel Yerger, CFP®, MBA, ChFC®, AIF®, CDFA®

MY Wealth Planners is the First & Only Fee-Only Financial Planning firm in Longmont, CO. MY Wealth Planners brings specific expertise to entity, partnership, operating agreement, business sale, and business succession planning, in addition to supporting existing businesses attract and retain top talent through executive compensation planning.

An Army Veteran, Daniel brings his passion for financial planning and the power it has to improve the lives of his clients to the table in the form of significant financial planning experience, the highest number of financial professional designations of any financial planner in Longmont, and a deep love of the Longmont community.

Andrew Silver, CFP®

About Andrew Silver, CFP®

Andy joined the financial services and planning industry in 1999 shortly after graduating from Villanova University. In his early career, he joined a team of like-minded professionals who traveled throughout the USA consulting and teaching financial planners about the benefits of running fee-only, fiduciary practices, and shared comprehensive planning techniques to help them become better financial planners. After years of seeing clients’ experiences enhanced through consulting to planning firms, Andy felt compelled to start helping clients directly. Starting 2009 as an independent, fee-only financial planner, he has helped hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses throughout the United States and Puerto Rico achieve their financial goals.

Andy maintains the professional credentials of the Certified Financial Planner(™) and a Masters in Business Administration. He enjoys traveling, visiting other cultures and is not scared of trying new and interesting cuisine. Andy is an avid guitar enthusiast and volunteers in his church’s worship band weekly. When he isn’t developing financial planning strategies for clients, traveling, or worshiping The Lord, he loves to spend quality time with his wonderful wife, Silvia, and baby boy, Luke.