Mark Young, CFP®, CPA

About Mark Young, CFP®, CPA

Mark is in the business of helping clients find financial peace of mind. This is done through careful planning, implementation, and ongoing review.

​Mark is a CFP® and CPA. This dual certification allows him to provide tax-efficient investment management and financial planning strategies.

​He is an alumnus of San Diego State University (’83) and Torrey Pines High School (’78). Mark and his wife have three adult children. When Mark is not in the office, he enjoys spending his time hiking, camping, playing golf, and traveling.

​Mark understands his responsibility to manage something as important as a client’s personal wealth. Clearview Financial always puts the interest of the client above all else. Mark assists his clients with short-term and long-term goals and helps them achieve financial freedom. Mark helps his clients worry less about their finances and sleep better at night.

Brendan Dooley, CFP®, CRPC®

About Brendan Dooley, CFP®, CRPC®

You have worked your tail off to establish yourself and are looking for some help with the growing complexity of your financial situation. You’ve probably had a few jobs by now, a few different retirement plans, and maybe you’re staring at a growing checking or savings account that you know you should do “something” with, but just aren’t sure where to start. Or, you’re still looking at student loan balances and wondering when they will ever be gone.

Traditional financial advice has exclusively catered to older people with large nest eggs to manage (read: bill), leaving younger people with water cooler advice and whatever Google suggests. Or, worse yet, they’ve had to get a financial plan from an insurance agent that just wants to sell them life insurance. Eek.

All of this is crazy to think about. Younger people make a tremendous amount of financial decisions that ultimately lay the foundation for the rest of their financial lives, and yet they won’t see the impact of most of their decisions for decades. Marriage, family, moving, buying cars, new jobs, retirement plan selections, and on and on. All of these decisions have financial impacts

I worked for large national firms that encouraged us to work with clients that had the most money. Over time, I found I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I enjoyed working with younger clients. I wanted to hear about new jobs, new houses, babies, etc. I found that I just really preferred to help younger clients make great financial decisions in alignment with what’s important to them and that’s why I started Meaningful Wealth Management LLC. My clients don’t think of their money as a balance, but rather what it can do for them. Maybe it’s a certain trip every year, or a certain trip every year when they stop working. Or, maybe it’s retiring earlier than their parents did. Perhaps it’s an addition to their home so Mom doesn’t ever have to be far away. Whatever it is, let’s build a financial plan to help you accomplish the goals that are meaningful to you.

It’s no accident most of my bio was spent talking about you! That’s what’s important, after all. But, since you’re here to check me out…I’m a CFP® practitioner, a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™, and a fee-only, fiduciary financial planner that specializes in Gen X and Gen Y. I also specialize in the employees of Merck and helping them make the most of their benefits. I leverage technology to meet clients wherever they are (at home in PJ’s is fine!) and use it to make their financial planning experience enjoyable. I’m a “dog person,” and I genuinely love financial planning. I look forward to meeting you!


AnnaMarie Mock, CFP®

AnnaMarie Mock, CFP®

Many pharmaceutical professionals don’t understand their complex employer stock and benefit plans, which makes them feel like they are missing out on opportunities. AnnaMarie helps clients capitalize on their stock compensation and benefits so they aren’t leaving anything on the table.

AnnaMarie’s goal is to help pharmaceutical professionals:
– Take the guesswork out of their benefits.
– Avoid tax surprises and optimize timing.
– See the big picture of their financial life.

During AnnaMarie’s junior year at Montclair State University, she reluctantly attended a career fair held on campus, not expecting to find the company she would call home, HIGHLAND Financial Advisors. As a Finance and Management undergrad, AnnaMarie was never really introduced to the financial planning field until her internship with HIGHLAND, which was a revelatory experience. From that internship, she knew financial planning was her calling.

After graduation, she began working full-time for HIGHLAND as a Paraplanner and immediately enrolled in the CFP® program at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She passed her CFP® exam in the summer of 2016. Fast-forward to now, and she is a Wealth Advisor for HIGHLAND and leading the team at Upswing Advisor.

AnnaMarie is passionate about educating other young professionals, families, and people in life transitions so they are armed with knowledge across the investment and financial planning world. She enjoys navigating employer benefits, exploring tangible and aspirational goals, and creating actionable recommendations to help achieve what matters most to each client.

Michael Henzes, CFP®, MBA, EA

Michael Henzes, CFP®, MBA, EA

Hi, my name is Mike. If you’re looking for someone to help you objectively answer a couple questions or guide you through the variety of financial/life events you’ll be experiencing over the next 20-40 years; you’ve come to the right place!!!

My mission is to help you use your human and financial resources to live your best life NOW and in the FUTURE.

Some ways we’re different from other advisors:
Advice Only – Never worry about being sold something you don’t want.
Flat dollar fee – You won’t pay more because your accounts are growing.
No upfront fees – You get billed after the work is done – not before.
CFP® Professional – Rigorously trained and dedicated to your best interest.
Choice – You choose the level of service that fits your needs.
Low annual fee – Planning and investment management for one low fee.
No minimum asset requirement – We base our relationship on the value we bring NOT the value of the accounts you bring.

I’m originally from Northeast Pennsylvania (Blakely, PA) and currently live in Southeast Pennsylvania, Western Montgomery county (Pottstown, PA).

I attended the University of Pittsburgh and finished my last two years at West Chester University of Pennsylvania where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. I went on to earn my MBA, with a concentration in Finance, from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and hold a certificate of completion from the College for Financial Planning’s Elite-CFP education program. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and an enrolled agent admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

I started my career in accounting but found my calling in financial planning when I was introduced to the profession by my parent’s advisor. I’ve now accrued more than 20 years of experience in the accounting and financial services industry in a number of different capacities. I most recently served as Vice President of a large registered investment advisory firm in the Philadelphia suburbs and previously served as principal for one of Pennsylvania’s largest regional accounting firms. Most notably, I served as a Regional Director for a leading global provider of outsourced asset management where I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of advisors and see, first hand, how great firms operate and serve their clients.

You can learn more about my professional background here:

In my limited free time, it’s all about family. I’ve been married for 16 years to my wife, Maria, and we have four young children so college planning is a big focus personally and professionally!! We enjoy being outdoors so you can typically find us spending time at the soccer field, hiking a mountain with the scouts, four-wheeling, catching waves at the Jersey shore or carving turns at our local ski resorts.

If you’d like to further explore how we might be able to help, I would encourage you to send us an email or use the scheduling app on our website. I sincerely appreciate your interest and look forward to connecting with you soon.
– Michael Henzes

Robert J Falcon, CFP®, CPA

About Robert J Falcon, CFP®, CPA, CCFC®, PFS, MBA

Hi, I’m Bob Falcon. I started Falcon Wealth Managers because I know that pharmaceutical and biotech professionals have limited time available to worry about where to invest their 401(k) contributions or whether or not they are saving enough for retirement. I should know…I worked with these extremely bright people for 15 years. Professionals in other industries also have executive compensation challenges that I can help resolve with my 9 years of public accounting tax experience. By relieving these professionals of their concerns, I enable them to spend more time on themselves, their careers, and their families.

In addition to being a licensed CPA in Pennsylvania and a CFP® Professional, I am one of less than 50 professionals to hold the Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC®) designation from the AICCFC. With this unique combination of skills, I provide financial, investment, retirement, and tax planning and compliance to all of my clients. As a CCFC®, I help clients with high school students to save ON the cost of college by implementing needs-based and merit aid strategies so they can minimize their net cost and total loans incurred for college.

I paid for 100% of my education myself, including my BS in Accounting from Villanova University and an MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School (UNC-Chapel Hill). My career includes 9 years of Big 4 Manager-level tax experience and 15 years of pharmaceutical forecasting experience.

On a personal note, I live in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, but I am originally from Pittsburgh and still bleed black and gold. My father was Italian, and I carry on his love of vegetable gardening (including tomatoes, lettuce, basil & herbs) and my Croatian mom’s cooking ability to cook for my wife and 2 teen boys. As the last of 7 children, I developed a self-deprecating sense of humor early on that I have maintained to this date, so I am constantly looking for ways to laugh at life and all the curve balls it throws at us.

David Barson, CFP®, MBA

About David Barson, CFP®, MBA

Since my college years, I’ve been passionate about personal finances and financial planning. I started my career in financial services, with one of the largest Registered Investment Advisory firms in the country. There I learned a tremendous amount about markets, the importance of deeply understanding clients’ needs, and running a firm. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING PROFESSIONAL™, therefore trained to tackle complex financial situations. With this designation, I have a fiduciary responsibility for my clients. My philosophy is based on a fee-only model vs. commission based, with a focus on recommending strategies that truly benefit your needs.

Finances are not static, they are dynamic as our lives changes. For example, we move from college, to work, to marriage, to having kids, and into retirement. These changes can make the process of managing our finances very complex. While most people realize planning for their future is important, they often do not have the time to invest. Having a financial advocate that sits on the same side of the table as you, invested in your interests, can take the burden off of you to fulfill this important need.

People always ask me why I love what I do as a financial planner. It’s simple…I am energized by learning ever-changing financial markets, and connecting them to clients, to help them realize their dreams. I started Barson Financial Planning with a mission – to help busy professionals, families and those approaching retirement navigate the complex financial situations of daily life to reach their goals. My aim is to be that financial advocate, to help you make better investment and financial decisions. I look forward to seeing how I can help.

I live in San Mateo, California with my wife and two children. Originally from Napa California, I began my career working in the cellar at a well established champagne house, while I was attending college. I earned my Bachelor of Science from University of California at Davis, where not only did I find a love for biology, but also a passion in learning about personal finances. I then spent over ten years in the biotechnology industry doing business development and helping companies bring life saving drugs to patients, after which I spent almost another ten years in the financial services industry. During this time, I earned my Masters of Business Administration at Santa Clara University where I was exposed to one of the great minds on behavioral finance, Meir Statman. I continued to follow my passion for financial planning and attended University of California at Berkeley Extension where I receive my certificate in financial planning. In my free time, I like to vacation with my family, go to the beach, or travel.

Kelly Luethje, CFP®, MBA

About Kelly Luethje, CFP®, MBA

I can’t wait to connect with you and I’m so glad you’ve found me. I’m Kelly – your personal tailor for your personal finances and the founder of Willow Planning Group. I’m a fiduciary, fee-only CERTIFIED FINANICAL PLANNER™ profressional. I’m independent, unaffiliated from any broker or dealer, and I don’t take commission on any referrals or on products I recommend.

I’m here to help you feel empowered about your money – especially if looking at all the numbers causes you stress. I like getting down to what you REALLY want to do in your life and then helping you make it happen.

About Willow Planning Group

We are a virtual financial planning practice providing financial education and guidance to those who live life on their terms. We help you set financial goals and make smart decisions with your money so that you can experience life’s adventures. We will be with you as you build your career, grow your family, and travel the world. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, and we are committed to being your partner from the early stages and helping you create the life you want. For more information about working together, visit us at

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