Trishul Patel, CFP®, MBA

About Trishul Patel, CFP®, MBA

My name is Trishul Patel, CFP®. I achieved financial independence before 40, and with my 100% virtual advisory business, I get up every day to help others do the same. To get where I am, I prioritized aggressive savings and identified the things that are truly important in my life.

Beyond finance and investing, I am an entrepreneur and problem solver at heart. Creativity and curiosity have always been a part of me. At an early age, I began soldering analog circuits, building computers, and programming simple games. Academically, I also have a few degrees from Cornell University.

I have been investing for almost two decades. Over my professional career, I’ve designed large-scale financial applications for tier-one banks. I likewise managed an exotic options book for a private firm based out of South-East Asia, generating over $750 million in revenue in three years. And I was a Portfolio Manager for a Hedge Fund, managing over $100 million in assets.

Nothing inspires me more than discovering others who are following their dreams. I often feed off the energy of those around me and I enjoy healthy debate and intellectual discourse, especially when it comes to topics that I love and enjoy, such as investing. From my perspective, I simply possess an insatiable desire to learn, understand, and help others.

These days, in addition to helping my clients accomplish their financial and investment goals, I also enjoy blogging, podcasting, biking, and hiking with my wife and daughter.

Kasey McManis, CFP®

About Kasey McManis, CFP®

My buddies from the ranch rode through the pasture to find me splayed out on the ground with all my gear scattered around me. As they passed by laughing and the stars cleared from my eyes, I tried to remember what had just happened. I looked over to see my horse tearing through the pasture, my rig still flapping underneath him. Oh right… I had just hit the dirt at a full gallop. I tried to gather myself and started limping after my horse, asking myself if it was worth it.

After I graduated college, I stopped working at the dude ranch and started to look at getting my first “real” job where I could use my degree in personal financial planning. It was slim pickings in my hometown of Bozeman, Montana but I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to move to the East Coast after my wife landed a great job in Philly. I applied for dozens of jobs, each one turning me away because of lack of experience. I was at the end of my rope when I stumbled on a job posting by Abacus Wealth Partners. I advanced through their intense interview process, and was in the final stages. The last meeting had gone well and I spent the majority of the weekend pacing around my apartment, anxious to receive that good-news call. I got a call all right, but I would have rather been tossed off that horse a few more times. Rejected again.

Two years after that call I saw that Abacus had posted another opening. I wanted to re-apply but was certain they wouldn’t entertain somebody they had already passed over. I did find a job at a local firm in town shortly after Abacus rejected me, and I was decently happy, but something about Abacus was drawing me in again. I asked my wife if I should consider reaching out, to which she replied, “You have to get back on that horse!” Nervously, I reapplied and found myself once again going through their multi-stage interview process, eventually making it to the final round. For a second time, I found myself pacing around our apartment, bracing myself for the same mule-kick rejection that I had received last time. The weekend was slipping by and I still hadn’t heard anything. I began to psyche myself up for a severe case of the Monday’s when my phone buzzed. I’m pretty sure my voice cracked as I answered, but as I listened I began to smile. I’m glad that I listened to my wife, and I bring her wisdom to all of my clients who have financial setbacks. You just have to get back on that horse.

PJ Gibbs, CFP®

About PJ Gibbs, CFP®

PJ Gibbs, CFP is a virtual financial planner located in Bowling Green, KY. He founded Trella Wealth to help busy professionals take control of their money so they can focus on their families and careers.

Trella Wealth provides comprehensive financial planning to help ensure you’re growing wealth in the way that best supports your family. We provide investment management, equity compensation planning, employee benefits planning, tax planning, and estate planning.

We understand that planning is a process. So, our goal is to build long term relationships so we can be there to adjust your plans as life changes.

Allen Gibson, CFP®, CHFC

About Allen Gibson, CFP®, CHFC, CRPC, CLTC, CDFA, CEP, BFA, NSSA

When I graduated from college Ameriprise (then IDS Financial) refused to hire me because I had no experience and my personality profile suggested troubled loner. They hired me as an assistant at $5.50 per hour and about 9 months later they allowed me to enter the advisor training program. I spent 25 years there before starting my own RIA in 2016.

In 2016 the entire broker/dealer world was fighting the Department of Labor’s attempt to hold advisors to a fiduciary standard. I thought that was the wrong position to take. I wanted our clients to know that I wanted to be fiduciaries.

I had my Jerry Maguire moment and began exploring how to become a Registered Investment Advisor. I left Ameriprise, and started to build my new firm from scratch with no clients and no income.

We work directly for our clients, not a brokerage firm or insurance company. We only get paid for financial advice. No commissions, referral fees, bonuses, trips or t-shirts for selling investments or insurance.

We provide comprehensive financial planning services for our clients to help them reach their various goals. That process may include, but is not limited to, investment management, insurance recommendations, retirement planning, Social Security and Medicare consulting and tax and estate planning.

We rely heavily on technology to provide our clients with a modern experience and we believe in extensive continuing education to stay sharp and proficient.

The best part of me and my story is my family. My wife, Dede, our son, Kylar, and our dogs, Molly and Maggie. We love spending time together, preferably on the water or in the mountains.

Brian Terry, CFP®

About Brian Terry, CFP®

Brian obtained his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in December 4, 1992. He owned and operated a Fee-only practice in Charlotte, NC for 7 years before moving back to Winter Park, Florida.

During his career, he worked and supported the Fee-Only model and was able to assist his clients in the areas of investments, retirement, insurance, and estate planning. By adopting a Fiduciary relationship with his clients, he was able to ensure that all recommendations were in the clients best interest.

He has a BS in Business Administration from The University of Central Florida and a MBA from Keller University. Brian is active in the stock market and primarily trades ETFs, stocks, and options. He enjoys reading, traveling, and staying physically active.

Chris Ward, CFP®

About Chris Ward, CFP®

Chris has been helping clients as a Financial Advisor since 2005 and established EntryPoint Wealth Management as an opportunity to offer clients access to his best partnership for financial advice. As a fully integrated partner with you and your financial life, I help solve complex financial questions in the following areas:

Establishing and Implementing solutions to achieve Goals
Asset Management
Tax & Estate Planning
Insurance Analysis & Liability Assessments
Debt Management/Cash Flow Analysis
College Funding methods

As a Husband and Father of 3, I recognize that the counsel I provide deals with the most important aspects of your life and your life savings. It’s my goal to make sure that through our partnership you understand that I care about you as a person, and that I make a positive influence to help you better your financial situation and achieve your goals. As a Certified Financial Planner, I am committed to acting as a Fiduciary for you and my firm is Fee-Only. This means, I will put your interests at the forefront of my advice and I will not accept any commissions or kickbacks based on my recommendations.

I look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and learn how I might be able to help you achieve more in your financial life.

Derek Delaney, CFP®, ChFC

About Derek Delaney, CFP®, ChFC, EA, CSLP

Hi! I’m Derek.

I help pharmacists and their families take advantage of the many opportunities that the PharmD profession offers.

Choosing a financial planner is a big decision. Personalities, philosophies, and values should all be aligned. I’ve built my firm to work with pharmacists, so if you’re a PharmD, I think we’re a good place to start.

Why me? Good question!

First, I am married to and currently navigating life with a pharmacist. Together, we’ve taken on and experienced many of the challenges you to might be dealing with yourself. I get it.

Next, I’ve spent my career tailoring my education and credentials to meet the financial planning needs pharmacists face. They are;
* Bachelor’s degree in finance and minor in accounting; cum laude – NDSU 2011
* Certified Financial Planner (R) professional
* Chartered Financial Consultant
* Enrolled Agent tax practitioner
* Certified Student Loan Professional

Finally, I DON”T do it all and I’m proud of that. No true professional can be an expert in everything. So, over my 6+ year career in this industry, I have cultivated relationships with other trusted professionals to create a network that is equipped to help my clients in many other ways beyond just financial planning.

When you’re ready to learn more, please feel free to schedule a free consultation or check-out the website at I look forward to meeting you!

Scott Monk, CFP®, CFA

About Scott Monk, CFP®, CFA, MBA

Many years ago, I felt a clear calling to devote my life to building wealth for the purpose of funneling as much of it as possible into the ministries and charities I feel passionately about. When I first caught this vision, I was fresh out of college, and since I came from a family of limited means, I worked and took out student loans to pay for college. All that to say, this vision came to me as I was drowning in student loan debt with no idea what this was going to look like or where it would take me. However, I decided to just step out in faith and let the vision guide me.

I carried this dream in my heart throughout business school and then through countless hours studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certifications. All the while, I would find myself daydreaming about the charitable legacy I could leave and spending my free time researching strategies to maximize the impact of that legacy. I started Charis Legacy Partners to take all that I have learned on this journey and share it with others who care deeply about their financial legacy. This firm is my way of connecting with and giving back to my tribe of legacy-minded wealth stewards.

I started my investing journey in the early 2000’s during the dotcom bubble, so I have been through multiple market cycles. I began my professional career in financial services as an equity analyst for a boutique hedge fund, and after business school, I spent eight years with Vanguard, which is where my career as a wealth planner began. I have been married to my lovely wife, Erin, since 2009, and we have three children who keep me busy outside of work; I am passionate about raising them to be well-rounded, curious and thoughtful individuals who prize character and integrity above all else. I love the outdoors and exploring new places, learning new things and experiencing new cultures.

Daniel Johnson, CFP®, CEPA

About Daniel Johnson, CFP®, CEPA, MBA

Before starting RE|Focus Financial Planning, Daniel spent 7 years with Parsec Financial, a fee-only financial planning firm based in Asheville, NC. In 2017, he relocated from Asheville to Winston-Salem, NC with his family to lead the opening of a new office. During his time with Parsec, he worked with over 140 different households, some of which were just starting their financial journey and others in which he was helping transition $20+ million of family assets.

With an overwhelming desire for more independence and the pull towards entrepreneurship, RE|Focus Financial Planning was born in 2021. The opportunity to help individuals that have grown wealth through wise saving and investing as well as through Real Estate and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). Our flat-fee, non-AUM based approach allows for full independence when making investment recommendations.

Daniel holds a BS in Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Asheville as well as an MBA from East Carolina University. He is a CFP® professional and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA). Daniel has also been actively involved in NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) for the past 5 years, serving as the chair of NAPFA Genesis, and currently a member of the South Region Board.

Daniel, his wife Sarah and their 3 boys love living in Winston Salem. They are members of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Daniel is a member of the Rotary Club of Winston Salem, and is also on the board of advisors at the William G. White YMCA.

Read Daniel’s blog here:

Sam Erdman, CFP®, CWS®

About Sam Erdman, CFP®, CWS®, CKA®

Sam Erdman is the Founder and CEO of Anchor Wealth Advisors, LLC. He is a Private Wealth Advisor located in Baltimore, Maryland.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant and an experienced wealth advisor to individuals, families, and businesses, Sam uses his objective perspective to help clients make wise financial decisions, live generously, and leave a lasting legacy. His goal is to help those he serves have the clarity and confidence to focus on the things that matter most to them. Sam offers financial planning and investment management services tailored to his clients’ needs.

Prior to founding Anchor Wealth Advisors, LLC in 2019, Sam worked for 13 years as a Private Wealth Advisor for a national wealth management firm. He began his career as an accountant for an international audit, tax, and consulting firm. Sam graduated from James Madison University with a BBA in Accounting. He also holds the Certified Kingdom Advisor® and Certified Wealth Strategist® designations.

Sam is committed to serving his community well and holds leadership roles with numerous charitable organizations including Sparrow Ministries, Coracle Baltimore, and the Young Life Chesapeake Regional Board. He also served the Young Life Baltimore City Urban Board and as Co-Chair of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Horse Show and Gala.

In addition to helping individuals, churches, and businesses implement biblical stewardship principles, Sam is a popular speaker. He has preached at several churches; led finance workshops for businesses and churches; been a consultant to non-profits, churches, and businesses; and taught in local Christian schools.

Sam and his wife, Leigh, live in Cockeysville, Maryland. They have been actively involved in foster care through which they adopted two of their four children.