Mark Albers, CFP®, CPA

About Mark Albers, CFP®, CPA, AEP

Mark Albers is a seasoned financial professional with nearly 15 years of experience as a trusted advisor to high-net-worth individuals and families. Mark founded Verus Wealth Management (VWM) after watching consolidation in the financial advisory space where firms seemed to prioritize bottom lines over serving clients. He wanted a firm that could maintain its independence and ability to provide families with the service they deserve.

Mark’s expertise lies in providing comprehensive financial planning in a way that is easy to understand. VWM takes a disciplined, research-driven approach to investment management, and focuses on planning strategies and tax management as true value-adds.

Genuine relationships are important at VWM, and Mark takes pride in developing authentic, long-term relationships with the families he works with. In some cases, that includes three generations of a family. He intentionally maintains a low client-to-advisor ratio so that he can continue to provide a high level of service.

When not working, Mark enjoys spending most of his time with his wife and three daughters, along with an occasional bike ride or round of golf.

Michael Davidoff, CFP®, CFA

About Michael Davidoff, CFP®, CFA

My name is Mike Davidoff. I am a patient, thoughtful and empathetic human being who deeply values relationships, lifelong learning, and personal growth. I am a father, a husband, a dog owner, a Jets fan, a writer, a cancer survivor and many other identities depending on who you are in my life.

At age 48, I decided it was time to stop ignoring my lifelong dream of opening my own wealth advisory practice.

I wrote about this vision in my mid-20’s for my business school applications, and the desire to take this personal leap has grown in intensity over time. I strongly believe that all of us collective consumers (including me) are yearning for honest, compassionate and useful financial education and advice from the financial services industry. That is our mission at MND Wealth Management, LLC.

We work primarily with mid- to late-career professionals, also known as the “sandwich generation.” This is a season of life where your time, focus, money and energy are compromised by multiple competing factors, and it is extremely valuable to match up your financial resources with your life goals and needs.

Jason Branning, CFP®, RICP®

About Jason Branning, CFP®, RICP®

Jason is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and Retirement Income Certified Professional® specializing in retirement planning at BWM, LLC.

Jason frequently writes about modern retirement theory, the comprehensive retirement planning process that offers customized solutions for each individual retiree.

Jason’s articles Modern Retirement Theory, Using a Hierarchy of Funds to Reach Client Goals, and Contingency Fund: Individual Retiree Risk Management (with M. Ray Grubbs, Ph.D.) have been published in the Journal of Financial Planning. As well, content from these works appear in the Retirement Management Analyst textbook and the Retirement Income Certified Professional® curriculum.

Jason has been quoted in outlets including Forbes, MarketWatch, CNBC, Morningstar,,, and Advisor Perspectives. He served as a contributing author for the Financial Planning Association’s (FPA) general public website.

He currently serves as a Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Financial Planning. He formerly served on the Journal of Financial Planning’s Advisory Board (2010-2014) and as a peer reviewer for the Retirement Management Journal.

Jason has served as an expert witness for FINRA arbitration. In 2014, Jason was appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state Senate to serve on the College Savings Mississippi Board.

Branning is married with 4 children and is active in his local church. He is an honors graduate of Mississippi College with a B.A. in English and holds a certificate in Financial Planning from Florida State University. His hobbies are reading and running.

Eric Ross, CFP®

About Eric Ross, CFP®

I’m Eric Ross, CFP®, Founder and Principal of F2 Wealth. I’ve served as a senior leader during my career as a management consultant and wealth advisor at global firms and boutique firms. Over the course of my career I’ve had the opportunity to serve hundreds of individuals and families seeking to be stewards of their financial lives. I’ve been a speaker at financial industry conferences and my expertise has appeared in national media outlets.

I’ve learned during my career that most of the financial advice industry is focused on sales not service, on the company’s wealth not your personal wealth, and getting bigger – not better. I founded F2 Wealth to change this. F2 Wealth is purpose built to serve you and help you live your best life.

I volunteer as a Certified Business Coach at Flywheel Social Enterprise hub where I help entrepreneurs successfully launch their businesses. I’m also highly engaged in the financial planning community having served in leadership roles at national organizations and participating in the financial planning student program at The Ohio State University where I also serve as a mentor in The Fisher College of Business.

I’m excited to meet you and to help you lead a confident financial life.

Anthony Syracuse, CFP®

About Anthony Syracuse, CFP®

Dynamic FP delivers better advice and service for the Next Generation. We guide you on the path to building and preserving wealth and you enjoy the freedom that follows.

Whether you are a Millennial with an inheritance and want to learn, a HENRY (high earner not rich yet) and want the roadmap, or an individual or young family that wants to preserve wealth, we partner with you.

I was born and raised in Arizona and graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Eller College of Management business school and the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program.

I earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation and spent almost a decade working for the wealthiest families at Northern Trust in Chicago and Los Angeles and at a premiere family office in Beverly Hills.

I deeply valued the relationships with my clients, but I was missing important moments with my family. I finally decided to take a break to spend more time with my wife and care for my newborn daughter at home.

This time away helped me bring clarity to my vision. Create balance in my life by building a better fee-only firm for me and my NextGen clients. Deliver advice that allows them to enjoy life and give them back their time to do more of what matters most.

I currently reside in Scottsdale, Arizona with my wife and two young children, but Dynamic FP will reach you wherever you are.

The difference at Dynamic FP is that we not only build your financial plan with you and manage your investments smarter, but we actually care about your vision. Most importantly, our process can help you make it a reality.

Let’s make a plan and start to build your legacy together today.

Jacki Farrar, CFP®, CDFA

About Jacki Farrar, CFP®, CDFA

Integrity Financial Strategies is a boutique, fee-only financial planning firm that specializes in helping those in transition gain clarity and confidence in their financial future.

We offer investment management, financial planning and transition planning including career changes, divorce, retirement, death of a loved one, starting a family, blending families, inheriting wealth or selling a business.

With 15 years in financial services, Jacki has extensive experience working with women who mange their finances on their own – single, divorced, widowed, women who experience sudden wealth and women lead households. She is passionate about partnering with her clients to help them navigate their financial lives and gain a sense of control over their financial future.

In her free time Jacki enjoys the gym, paddleboarding, walking with her pup Cadence and time with friends and family.

David Edmisten, CFP®

About David Edmisten, CFP®

Hi, I’m David Edmisten, CFP®. Next Phase Financial Planning works with corporate professionals who are planning to retire early, typically within the next 3 years. I can help you answer these important questions:
-Have I saved enough to retire early and not run out of money?
-Am I paying too much in taxes?
-Are my investments set up correctly for retirement?
-​​Have I made the correct plans for Social Security, my employer benefits and healthcare?

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with 16 years of experience advising clients to retire and enjoy the next phase of their life confidently. I’ve had a successful career at my previous firms, consistently recognized as a high achiever, leader and chosen to coach and develop my peers.

I’ve successfully helped corporate employees from several industries and was selected as an exclusive partner with a local energy pipeline company to help their executive team with retirement planning. I decided to start Next Phase Financial Planning so that I can use my expertise exclusively with the people that I provide the most value to – those considering an early retirement.

I am a Christian, very happily married to my amazing wife Kristy and father of 8 wonderful children. We enjoy traveling, the beach, hiking, sports, games, and serving others. I also love music, playing guitar and sharing laughter with family and friends.

Chris Lloyd, CFP®

About Chris Lloyd, CFP®

Christopher Lloyd, CFP®, is Vice President, Senior Wealth Planner, Portfolio Manager and Co-Founder of Lloyds Intrepid Wealth Management.

Over the last six years, Christopher has held positions as an analyst, trader, wealth planner and business developer, while working at Chilton Capital Management, Merrill Lynch and Lloyds Intrepid Wealth Management. For a complete resumé, visit his profile at LinkedIn.

Christopher holds a B.S. in Economics with a minor in Business from Texas A&M University.

Christopher is a Certified Financial Planner certificant.

Jarrod Sandra, CFP®

About Jarrod Sandra, CFP®

Jarrod Sandra, MS, CFP®, CPFA®, QKA®

Jarrod grew up on the Chisholm Trail in southwest Oklahoma and currently resides on it today in the Fort Worth area. The firm’s namesake serves as a reminder of the journey he has experienced along the way to owning his own firm. It also serves as an analogy and constant reminder to his work with clients. In the days of the Trail, the cattle owners built up their herd in Texas and planned extensively for up to an 800 mile journey to sell. It wasn’t done overnight, they were disciplined in meeting their objective, and they had a plan. Jarrod’s goal is the same regarding a company retirement plan and individual’s financial plan: it takes time and thoughtful planning from start to finish.

Jarrod is married to his wife, Christina, and they have a daughter (who, for some reason, enjoys listening to 401k and financial planning podcasts on the way to school) and an English Lab. While a variety of hobbies exist in his life, he particularly enjoys cycling, being outdoors, and serving at Christ Chapel Bible Church.

In 2006, Jarrod began working in the financial services industry and in 2008 he moved into the wealth management side of the business. In 2013, he joined Fidelity Investments to help companies administer their retirement plans where he left as a Vice President of Relationship Management overseeing roughly $8 billion of retirement plan assets. And in 2022, he started Chisholm Wealth Management. This allows him to offer truly independent advice and the highest level of service to his clients. He specializes in two specific areas: helping companies with their 401(k) plans and helping business owners and families with their personal financial plan.

Jarrod has a Masters of Science in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University and a Bachelors in Business Administration, majoring in Finance, from the University of Central Oklahoma. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and has obtained the Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor and Qualified 401(k) Administrator designations.

Naveen Neerukonda, CFP®, MBA

About Naveen Neerukonda, CFP®, MBA

My goal is to provide working professionals with sound financial advice to help them best position themselves and their financial lives for success. While the majority of our clients have medical backgrounds or are business owners, our services are best targeted to those with investable assets and are in the asset accumulation phase of their life. I provide comprehensive financial planning services as well as investment advisory services. PVA Financial LLC is a state-registered RIA firm. We focus our business on providing PRACTICAL, VALUABLE and ALIGNED advice. I found that to be missing when I was looking for an advisor more than two decades ago and have vowed to keep focused on those three tenets.

Before founding PVA Financial, I worked as a private equity executive. With over 15 years of financial services experience, I’ve spent the majority of my career evaluating businesses, investing in them, finding ways to accelerate their growth and improve their operational efficiency. This background has given me unique insight into the importance of building strong foundations and the necessity for clear and effective communication…both of which are incorporated into our relationships with clients.

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I also received my MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, with a focus on Finance & Accounting. I also hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, which requires comprehensive knowledge in all areas of financial planning, including insurance planning, risk management, employee benefits planning, investment planning, income tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

On the personal side, I enjoy spending time with my wife, three kids and our goldendoodle Leo. I’m the Cubmaster for my kids Scout group and am heavily involved in a few charitable organizations. I’m an avid Chicago Bears & Bulls fan and enjoy playing tennis, basketball and golf.

Additional information can be found at and I can be reached at anirra@cinsvanapvny.pbz