Riley Poppy, CFP®, CSLP®

About Riley Poppy, CFP®,  CSLP®, BFA™

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Student Loan Professional™, Behavioral Financial Advisor™, and Certified Tax Specialist™.

As the founder of Ignite Financial Planning, I provide tailored financial planning strategies for young professionals and growing families. I commonly work with clients in the tech and medical fields. Areas of expertise include student loan repayment strategy, tax-reduction, equity compensation plans, homebuying guidance, and long-term portfolios.

My financial planning mission is to empower you and change your life for the better. Planned or not, your finances will play a major role in your life. With the right guidance, your financial resources can be tools to help you reach your life’s goals.

Ignite operates a little differently than the large brokerage firms. As a fee-only firm, we are required to act in a fiduciary capacity – the highest standard of care. Put simply, our clients’ interests must be ahead of ours at all times. We work with our clients, on the same side of the table, to help simplify and enhance the quality of their lives.

I am very active in the financial planning community. I provide pro-bono financial planning to a few low-income families as a result of Covid-19, serve as a CFP Board Mentor, and participate on the Seattle Children’s Financial Advisory Committee. In my free time, I love following the Washingon Huskies and playing tennis with friends and family.

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William Nunn, CFP®

About William Nunn, CFP®

William Nunn is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with over seven years of financial planning experience, helping Advanced Practice Registered Nurses as well as working professionals in the medical, legal and health care industries. A graduate of Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelors in Business Administration, Will has worked with clients across the country.

Will began his career in 2011 with a boutique wealth management firm in Metairie, La. He then moved to J.P. Morgan Chase in 2014. He has been featured by New Orleans CityBusiness in 2013 as a “One to Watch,” and was given the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Award of Excellence in 2015. Will is also a member of the Financial Planning Association, CFA Society of Louisiana and the Rotary Club of New Orleans.

Galen Herbst de Cortina, CFP®

About Galen Herbst de Cortina, CFP®

It’s my mission to make sure that all streamers learn how to run their businesses and manage their personal finances. I want to help you transition from an accidental business owner to someone who acts with intention and knowledge. Most of us weren’t taught those skills in school. I see so much potential in all of you and I don’t want something as manageable as taxes get in your way. I couldn’t find any traditional planning firms working with streamers so I went out and started my own.

I have always had an obsession with video games. WoW basically consumed my college life. When I moved halfway across the country for a new job I found my friends in the StarCraft club at work. I watch professional DotA 2 and StarCraft whenever I can. My current addiction is Rimworld.

For the credentials: I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and have my MBA in personal financial planning. Additionally, I write for StreamerSquare as well as my own blog.

Luke McCord, CFP®, CSLP®

Luke McCord, CFP®, CSLP®

Hi, I’m Luke.  I was born in, raised in, and still reside in metro Atlanta, Georgia.  Graduate of Georgia Tech.  Husband, father, Christian, and business owner.  I founded Greenway Financial Planning as a means of connecting individually with folks that are looking for some help answering questions to their personal financial matters.  Listening to and learning about other folks’ history, background, and what is important to them is necessary to what I do, and it’s also what I enjoy doing.  So, if you’d like to connect with me, even if you’re just curious, give me a shout.  I’m more than happy to help, if I can.

Kevin Mahoney, CFP®

About Kevin Mahoney, CFP®

When my wife and I were expecting our first child a few years ago, many of our initial conversations revolved around personal finance. Can we make student loans payments and save for college? How should we fit child care into our budget? And at what point might we want to buy a new house?

Fortunately, I had a background in finance, so we had a head start on some of these questions. But even so, we still put a lot of effort into researching different acronyms, tax strategies, and companies. I figured that my life was about to get more hectic, and I was concerned that tasks likes these would cut into the limited time I had for date nights and playgrounds.

I often thought, if I had these feelings – even with an MBA in finance – how much more stressed must other people my age be? I realized that I had the ability to offer our generation an uncommon alternative: a financial planning company that’s actually designed for us.

Illumint offers fee-only financial planning specifically for young couples and families. Kevin Mahoney, CFP®, the company’s founder & CEO, helps his peers navigate the new financial decisions that arise during our late 20s and 30s as we try to repay student loans, buy a house, and invest our savings. Illumint is located in Washington, D.C., but operates virtually (via video chat) in order to work with people across the country.

My credentials and education:

*MBA (Finance), Georgia Tech
*B.S. (Business Administration), Georgetown University

I encourage you to schedule a time to chat with me to start getting help with your student loans, budget, and savings options as soon as this week.

Ryan Frailich, CFP®

About Ryan Frailich, CFP®

Before becoming a fee-only financial planner, I worked as a teacher and then as a school administrator overseeing HR, including recruiting and hiring teachers. Working in HR revealed a lot about the financial lives of employees, and that’s where the lightbulb went off:

Too many people feel overwhelmed with their finances, always wondering if they’re making mistakes. And too many people who want help are taken advantage of or shut out by our financial institutions.

I changed careers, earned a certificate in financial planning from L.S.U., became a CFP® professional, and started Deliberate Finances. I work primarily with couples in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s to help make sure your money is going to supporting your ideal life, and NOT going to things that you ultimately don’t value highly.

When not working, I’m exploring a New Orleans festival with my wife & young son, running or biking around the city, or watching way too many hours of tragic Minnesota sports teams.

Steven Fox, CFP®, EA

About Steven Fox, CFP®, EA

 Hi! I’m Steven Fox, and I started Next Gen Financial Planning to provide young professionals with a better way to get financial advice tailored to their needs. Most financial advisors focus on serving either retirees or the ultra-wealthy, and aren’t familiar with the issues that younger clients need help with.

I will partner with you to define your own version of your ideal life, and help you use money as a tool to get you there. Together, we’ll create a plan that will help you answer the financial questions you’ve been wondering about such as:

– What do I want my future to look like, and what role do my financial decisions play as I design my ideal life?

– I just had a baby, should I start saving for their college education? What’s the best way to do it?

– What’s the best way to balance paying down my debt while trying to save for the future?

– Should I refinance or consolidate my student loans? How do special student loan programs like PSLF, PAYE, and ICR work?

– I’m thinking about a major life change like getting married or starting a business. How does that affect my finances?

– It’s open enrollment time at my company and the options are overwhelming. How do I know which selections to make to maximize my employee benefits?

– I want to save for retirement, but how do I know how much I need to contribute or which funds to invest in?

– I haven’t looked at my life, auto, or home insurance policies since buying them several years ago. Do I have the right coverage for me, and am I paying too much?

– Do I need a will, trust, or other estate planning documents?

– I just received a big bonus at work! Should I invest it, pay down my mortgage, or finally take that Caribbean diving trip I’ve been itching for?

Once you realize that every decision is a financial decision, it changes the way that you approach planning for your future. I can help you orient your financial picture to align with your goals and values, and provide insight on how all of the puzzle pieces fit together.

As a young United States Marine, I was taught to live my life in accordance with the core values of honor, courage, and commitment. These lessons have carried over into my current life as a financial planner, and contributed to the development of the principles that I follow when serving clients. Here are a few of the most important ones:

– Everyone can benefit from working with a well-trained and competent financial advisor, not just those who are already wealthy.

– Real financial planning starts with your personal values and life goals. You deserve to be treated like the living, breathing, thinking, and feeling individual that you are, not as a spreadsheet with a series of financial formulas for your advisor to solve.

– Providing financial planning services on a fee-only basis (meaning that no commissions are collected for any financial products recommended) removes conflicts of interest and results in more objective advice.

– Every client deserves qualified, proficient advice and guidance. I have a duty to learn as much as I can about every area of financial planning in order to give the best possible advice. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I’ll find it. When subject matter experts are required to solve a unique problem, I’ll refer out to them.

– If I do everything in my power to provide clients with excellent service, then they’ll stick around for a long time and we both win.

Personal finance doesn’t have to feel stressful or overwhelming. It’s time to make a plan, build confidence in your financial future, and create your own version of your ideal life.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help, please go ahead and schedule a free introductory meeting (online or at my office in San Diego) so we can get started!

Justin Harvey, CFP®, ChFC

About Justin Harvey, CFP®, ChFC, RICP®

My wife Sarah and I live in Philadelphia, PA, where she is a resident in the anesthesiology department at University of Pennsylvania. We have walked the path of establishing a financial foundation as a couple (it’s an ongoing process!), and this experience has shown me how valuable good planning can be for physicians. I’m dedicating my practice to serving individuals and families just like us.

I spent my first few years in the industry witnessing firsthand how the power of specialization can be leveraged into significant earnings potential in my work with corporate executives and entrepreneurs. The experience I gained there allowed me to see this principle in action: the methods used to earn a significant income, and the methods used to keep and grow that income and transform it over time into meaningful wealth, are two distinct strategies. Specialization can turbocharge expected earnings, but income stream and asset base diversification is a more effective way to retain and grow those earnings. At APM Wealth, I take these principles and turn them into strategies that I enact on behalf of my anesthesiologist and pain management physician clients to help them achieve their financial goals.

I’ve spent many hours learning, writing, and reading about the practice of anesthesia and pain in its various subspecialties, settings, compensation models and business formats, and I work hard to understand the implications of these practices in the lives of my clients so that I can provide unparalleled financial planning advice that is savvy to the unique dynamics of the vocation which my clients pursue.

When I’m not helping my clients, you might find me enjoying some of Philly’s finest pizza with Sarah (I recommend Santucci’s), going for a walk with our son Calvin, playing the guitar, or taking some out-of-town friends/family on a tour to see the Liberty Bell and pose on top of the “Rocky Steps”. Although I’m from Pittsburgh originally, over the last thirteen-plus years I’ve grown to love the city of Philadelphia, and all of its character(s). A graduate from Villanova’s school of business, I have continued my commitment to ongoing education and development in my field. My credentials include the following:

– B.S. Finance and Business Honors, Villanova University
– Cum Laude Graduate / Presidential Scholar, Villanova University (2010)
– Adjunct Professor of Finance, Villanova University (2018-2019)

Listen to Justin’s podcast Anesthesia Success here:

Justin Chidester, CFP®, AFC®

About Justin Chidester, CFP®, AFC®

NOTE: Wealth Mode Financial Planning is not taking any new clients until April 2023.

– –

Hi, I’m Justin. I am the founder of Wealth Mode Financial Planning.

My team and I have a primary focus in helping those with over $100,000 in federal student loans create a plan to minimize loan payments and save taxes – without sacrificing meaningful goals like buying a home, starting a family, or saving for retirement.

Our clients with high student loan debt:
– Average 30 years old
– Graduated in the last 5 years
– $250,000 in average household student loans
– $150,000 to $200,000 in average annual household income
– Want to buy a home in the next 5 years

We’ll help you examine all your options – 10-year standard plan, refinancing, the Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) plans like IBR/PAYE/REPAYE, and Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). For married couples both working, you need to look at whether you should file your taxes Married Filing Separately.

From there, we can identify how you can save the most money in paying off your loans while still saving enough money toward other goals. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about setting up the right investment portfolio for you, and which accounts you should be using. Then, we’ll set you up with an easy-to-follow budget and cash flow system that will make it all happen.

Last of all, let’s make sure you’re protected with the proper life insurance, disability insurance, and estate planning documents you need.

Many of our student loan clients have a spouse/partner with equity compensation (ISO’s, non-qualified stock options, RSU’s, ESPP’s, etc.), and we’ve become quite adept at strategic planning for that as well.

We take a heavy emphasis on tax planning and prepare our clients’ tax returns as well if they would like.

Our clients include physicians, dentists, chiropractors, lawyers, and veterinarians – really, any high-student loan debt trade or profession. Our clients live across 25+ U.S. states in all four time zones, and some countries internationally.

I love what I do, and how it helps my clients focus on enjoying their lives and careers instead of worrying about debt or money.

We’re on a temporary pause from taking new clients until April 2023, but if you think we might be a good long-term fit to work together, schedule a free intro call here (

_ _

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and best friend AnnAlyse, and our 1-year old daughter. We love traveling, attending concerts and musicals, jigsaw puzzling, and going to Disneyland (her influence) or live sporting events (my influence).

Ben Martinek, CFP®, EA

About Ben Martinek, CFP®, EA, CSLP®, RICP®

Ben Martinek is the founder of Bona Fide Finance, Latin for “in good faith”. He and his team make the promise to prepare each client for their future according to the standards of good finance and good sense.

Ben spent years studying personal finance, possessing extensive knowledge in matters of individual tax, debt management (student loans, anyone?), retirement strategy, and global investment opportunities offered through the capital markets. Through Bona Fide Finance, he work on a fee-for-service basis, providing comprehensive advice for young professionals who are seeking to secure their financial position, accumulate wealth, and optimize lifestyle design.

On the personal side, Ben the fourth of nine children and grew up in rural Indiana. Early in life, he felt strongly moved to serve others and thus attended seminary, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and classical languages. Having once considered an academic career, Ben continued my philosophy studies and obtained a master’s degree. Upon realizing the challenges with the job market in academia, he sought other career paths, some of which included construction and truck driving – in fact, he and his wife Deb spent the first few years of their marriage as team over-the-road truck drivers, logging over 600,000 miles in the “lower 48,” visiting every metropolitan area and traveling over 90% of the Interstates in the US! — before deciding that financial planning should be the focus of his talents and career efforts.

Ben works hard, but also relish in the fruit of his labor. In addition to his studies pertaining to finance and philosophy, Ben also likes to garden, hike, make home improvements, and woodwork. He relax by grilling, smoking a pipe, canoeing the Missouri River and sailing Lake Sakakawea. From time to time, Ben also teaches Business Ethics and other financial planning courses at his local university.

Ben’s wife and two beautiful daughters live in Bismarck, North Dakota, where they happily endure the cold winters!