Matthew Hodges, CFP®, CFA

About Matthew Hodges, CFP®, CFA

I began my career in the financial services industry nearly ten years ago. Prior to founding Dreamfield Planning Group, I served as an associate wealth management advisor at Sconset Wealth Management—an advisory practice nested in the downtown Boston office of Northwestern Mutual—where I developed financial plans and managed investment assets. In a preceding role in the same office, I led an internal business unit providing investment consulting services to multiple financial advisors representing more than $200 million of assets under management (AUM).

Previous to that, I served as an associate financial advisor at a Foxborough, Massachusetts financial planning practice and as a research analyst at a Cambridge, Massachusetts public policy research firm. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in History from Hendrix College and a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University. I am both a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a CFA Charterholder, and also hold the Retirement Income Certified Professional and Wealth Management Certified Professional designations from the American College of Financial Services.

I have lived for many years in Milton, Massachusetts with my wife Allie and our son Ben. In my spare time, I enjoy travel, reading, playing guitar, and taking long walks with the family dogs, Pedey and Louie.

Justin Bolmgren, CFP®

About Justin Bolmgren, CFP®

Justin founded Bolmgren Retireplan in 2013 after a decade of financial planning and executive management experience. He specializes in retirement planning for individuals that work for large & small corporations, business owners and financial planning for families early to middle in their working careers. He is a graduate of the University of Akron with a degree in Finance and makes it riority to further his industry education. Those activities include achieving the renowned Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certification. Justin has also been awarded on the worlds most respected insurance expertise designations; the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU).

Ryan Townsley, CFP®

About Ryan Townsley, CFP®

I got into this business to help people, and I started my own firm so I could do a better job helping them. I love what I do, and put my heart and soul into serving my clients as if they were my own family. My firm specializes specialize in helping Engineering, Science, and Energy professionals who are analytical, love details, and have higher standards and expectations for their financial advisor. I am a fee-only, fiduciary, and comprehensive financial planner who is truly looking forward to the opportunity to help you and your family. I am a Navy Veteran, husband of 18 years, and father to a wonderful daughter.

Erik Barnes, CFP®

About Erik Barnes, CFP®

Smarter Planning. Smarter Portfolios. Smarter Fees.

With almost more than decade of experience in financial planning, I bring my experience and perspective to the table as an extra set of eyes for your finances. With my education, experience, and attentive nature on your side, you can become more confident in your own financial path.

I’m a native Chicagoan and I’ve spent over half of my career working for large wealth management firms. They spent more time talking about how to make the firm more money than how to make clients more money. I wanted to change that.

In 2012, I launched Retirement Portfolio Partners. Now I can devote more time to fewer clients to deliver a superior client experience as a CFP® professional working with my clients on the same side of the table. I help my clients answer questions like:

Can I afford to retire?
Is my portfolio suitable for retirement?
Can I eliminate or at least reduce threats to my retirement?

I’m have a B.A. in Economics from North Central College (Cardinals Rule!) and a graduate of the Executive Financial Planner program at Bryant University. In addition, I hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation – exemplifying my commitment to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in the industry.

When I’m not perfecting financial plans, you can find me fishing with my family in Hayward, WI, relaxing on the beach in Indian Rocks Beach, FL, searching for the next best steak burrito, or reading the next great Jack Reacher book

Jason Stein, CFP®

About Jason Stein, CFP®

For over 8 years, Jason has been helping clients achieve their financial goals through transparent advice and client education.

Jason earned his degree in Economics and Accounting from UC Santa Barbara and began his career with The Vanguard Group in Scottsdale, AZ. Originally inspired by his grandmother’s adolescent hardships, he’s always been encouraged to help others find financial clarity.

“My grandmother, who was a huge influence on my life, was a teenage girl during the Great Depression. Because she witnessed such financial hardship, she learned at a young age the importance of financial stability, and remained relatively frugal through most of her life. She instilled these values on my father, a financial advisor himself, who began educating me at a young age through our many road trips. In fact, the earliest lesson I recall was about mutual funds, and how I could buy a fund that contains Toys-R-Us, rather than buying the toy itself. What was initially a desire to learn more about my father’s job, quickly became valuable knowledge I knew could be used to help others. In 2013, I moved away from my friends and family, not knowing anyone in Arizona, to pursue a career with Vanguard. Given the indisputable morals behind Vanguard’s reputation, I could not think of a better company to begin my career, and to further enforce how success is achieved by putting client’s priorities ahead of one’s own.”

Jason now looks forward to bringing that industry leading experience, and scaling it down to provide a more personalized relationship with each of his clients.

Steven Drost, CFP®, CFA

About Steven Drost, CFP®, CFA

I’m a financial planner with a very simple goal: help my clients align their financial resources (i.e. what they have or will have) with their goals, dreams, and values. I am convinced that one will have a more fulfilled life when they spend as much of their time and money on the things, people, and causes that mean the most to them.

I’ve always been a huge numbers nerd. I studied finance and commercial real estate at the University of Northern Iowa and graduated Magna Cum Laude in five semesters and received the Purple and Old Gold Award for academic excellence that is given to one graduating student per major. I moved to Minneapolis after college and immediately began the CFA program and then, shortly after, the CFP® program. After a stint with the US Treasury Department I entered the financial planning world and haven’t looked back.

My free time is filled spending time with my wife, Marissa, and our son, Calvin. We enjoy our trips up north to the lake and cheering on all Minnesota sports teams (especially the Twins). I also proudly serve my community as a firefighter and volunteer on the finance counsel at my church.

Derek Finley, CFP®

About Derek Finley, CFP®

As a second generation financial advisor with over a decade of wealth management experience, I’ve helped clients retire, build businesses, survive financial panics and make countless decisions that impacted not just my clients, but their families for generations.

My career began with the housing and financial collapse in 2008. I’ve seen the market drop over 50%, then rebound, then seesaw back and forth. I have been there for the survivors when a client passes away, and have seen the joy from clients who hear that their retirement dream is now a reality.

My clients have been people at different stages of life and in different careers: young families, widows, CEOs, physicians, engineers, small business owners, retirees, and more. I’ve had difficult conversations with those that needed to hear the unvarnished truth, and have encouraged others to pursue their dreams, no matter how extreme.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Personal Financial Planning.

What am I not?

I am not perfect. I have made financial mistakes, and understand the weight that comes from having to own up to them. I also understand they can be overcome with courage and the relentless pursuit of a better life.

I am not an investment soothsayer. I cannot tell you what will happen in the market tomorrow, or next week, or this year. What I can do is help you clarify your vision of the future, and provide paths and processes to making that future a reality. There will be days where you have doubts, and I will be there to provide balance and insight.

More than anything, I understand God’s purpose in giving us families and the church, and that each of us have a role to play in building up the saints. My goal, and the goal of this firm, is to help you make financial and life decisions that align with your mission, and support you in growing and strengthening your family, church and community.

Read Derek’s blog here:

Jason Co, CFP®

About Jason Co, CFP®

Jason is Founder and Owner of Co Planning Group LLC, an independent, Fee-Only™ advisory firm. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Engineering Management from Missouri University of Science and Technology. He completed the education program at the University of Georgia – Terry College of Business and currently holds the Certified Financial Planner™ designation.

Prior to Co Planning Group, Jason served as a Portfolio Consultant for TD Ameritrade Investment Management (TDAIM) where he advised on over $110M for over 200 households nationwide, many of whom were Cantonese and Mandarin speaking clients from coastal states who were more comfortable speaking their native language.

Immediately after graduation, he began accumulating a portfolio of single family home rental properties and currently manages a portfolio of 9 properties in the St. Louis area.

Jason immigrated from Hong Kong to Kansas City, MO with his family when he was a teenager. Before moving to the USA, he spent each summer of his childhood in the Philippines to visit his mother’s side of the family.

He is active in the Asian American community in St. Louis, MO and is a member of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce. In his free time, he loves to be with his wife, Lan, and son, Logan, and travels regularly to Fujian, China to visit his in-laws.

Michael Schell, CFP®

About Michael Schell, CFP®

Sensible Financial Management, LLC is a fee-only and independent financial planning practice based in Vermont designed to help those who are approaching or in retirement. Mike’s focus on retirement allows him to attend to the questions that matter to you such as:

–       How much can I reasonably spend in retirement

–       Am I saving enough to meet my retirement goals?

–       Is my financial situation set up to accomplish my goals beyond retirement?

–       Which accounts should I spend from?

–       How should my portfolio be allocated to meet my goals?

–       Am I adequately safeguarding against threats to my retirement?

–       When should I take Social Security?

–       How do I get started with Medicare and how do I avoid making costly mistakes?

–       Am I taking advantage of tax planning opportunities available to me?

Mike’s mission is to provide you with financial planning guidance and options in plain English so you can make the best decisions to have a successful and meaningful retirement.

Bryan Curry, CFP®

About Bryan Curry, CFP®

At Bridge The Gap we purposefully choose to work with a small number of clients per advisor, so each client’s situation can be served as a priority. This provides clients with a partnership that goes deeper into your financial planning needs. Our goals is to be the go to for all things financial, and to be your accountability partner in implementation. Many advisors draft clients a plan, but we work to together to live it. We have ongoing planning conversations with our clients around investments, risk management, liquidity analysis, estate planning, tax planning, tax efficiency, and goal fulfillment.