Christopher Diodato, CFP®, CFA

About Christopher Diodato, CFP®, CFA, CMT

We created WELLth to offer truly comprehensive financial planning to tomorrow’s leaders. We employ cutting-edge strategies to solve challenges relating to debt, budgeting, investments, education planning, retirement, and taxes while focusing on helping our clients build healthy relationships with money. We replace the pings of stress you feel when thinking about money with confidence and excitement that you are building a bright and sustainable financial future.

Our investment strategies are both proprietary and award-winning, offered in tandem with our financial planning service or alone. We lean on experience gained from managing $200 million of assets at other firms as well as over a decade of formal education and training. Give us a call today and become your best financial self!

Emmanuel Henson, CFP®

About Emmanuel Henson, CFP®

Starting as a Para-Planner, Manny gained a deep understanding of the power behind proper financial planning and its impact on helping families meet their long-term goals.

As a retirement planner he assisted in helping small to large, for- and non-for-profit businesses, define and implement, appropriate retirement plan designs to incentivize, retain, and grow their workforce.

He has worked with clients between the ages of 18 and 80, those who were traders; those who were happy enough to remember their passwords, and everywhere in-between.

He thrives on educating people on complex areas and making the complexities of Financial Planning easier to understand. He has trading experience in Funds, Equities, fixed income, and derivatives. Now he brings what he has learned to a broader audience.

Along the way, Manny has earned a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING (CFP) designation through the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards, Inc. The Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards confers marks upon those who have obtained the requisite Experience, Ethics, Education, and Examination in the areas of Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Planning, Insurance Planning, Estate and Legacy Planning, and Employee Benefits.

Manny is married and has two beautiful daughters. When possible, contributes to the Greater Baltimore community. He is the Treasurer for the Dumbarton Middle School PTA.

He has volunteered with Junior Achievement and the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland. In his free time, he also enjoys spending time with his family, bass fishing, practicing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts.

Manny holds a Bachelor in Science with a concentration in Finance from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Manny holds a FINRA Series 6, 7, 63, 66, and Maryland Life and Health Insurance license.

Kerry O’Brien, CFP®

About Kerry O’Brien, CFP®

Kerry O’Brien is a CFP® and Founder of BeingFIT Financial (BFF). Her mission is to help people gain and maintain optimal financial fitness — and to support living with overall wellness and intention. Her firm offers programs for all stages of wealth, and allows clients to choose the program that best matches their personality and competencies. Financial Planning is the core service, along with Investment Management and Tax Preparation. BFF also hosts Wealth and Wellness Events.

Prior to creating BeingFIT Financial, Kerry spent over 15 years working for large financial firms, during which time she specialized in insurance, retirement products, investments, and financial planning. Kerry’s most valuable experience came from her work as a Financial Planning Consultant to financial advisors across the country, serving a variety of markets and planning needs.

While she gained valuable professional experience and perspective – personally Kerry grew very overwhelmed and stressed trying to balance all the elements of day-to-day existence. She discovered how HARD it is to work full-time, advance a career, AND be a good mom.

What unfortunately happened is that all the healthy habits (and social life) that she cherished from her 20’s, living beach-side in Southern California — like hitting the gym, good nutrition, yoga, practicing mindfulness — all went out the window.

Now, she is dedicated again to nurturing her whole self, and has created BeingFIT Financial with the intention to help other like-minded and ambitious people on their path to optimal wellness.

BFF’s Financial Planning Philosophies are:
1. Your Why and Values before your Numbers.
2. Guidance on ALL aspects of your Financial Life.
3. Freedom to use (or don’t) our Investment Management options.
4. Compassionate and Judgement Free Zone.

Financial Planning Fitness programs are available as short-term engagements and designed for entry-level planning needs. BeingFIT Personal Advisory Services are for busy professionals, who desire a long-term Financial “Co-Pilot”, and include financial planning, investment management, and tax preparation for a monthly (or quarterly) flat-fee. Additionally, Game-Plans are an option for special financial goals, or occasional professional assessments for DIY individuals.

Plus, through events and communication, BFF supports financial wellness as well as additional dimensions – by showcasing experts and tips in areas such as physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, and environmental wellness.

When she is not working, Kerry is spending time with her 9 year old daughter, at the hockey rink, lifting weights or practicing yoga.

Charlie Horonzy, CFP®, CPA

About Charlie Horonzy, CFP®, CPA

I founded Focused Up Financial because finances are important, yes, but finances are a means to an end, not the end. I founded this firm to help people ultimately focus on their lives. I want to help people who are passionate about striving for more. Those who want to better themselves not only financially, but in every aspect of their lives.

I traveled a unique path to find my way to the financial planning industry. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Accounting Sciences, I entered the public accounting world. After a few years, I took my shot in the corporate accounting world.

Something was missing, though.

I figured out that my passion for helping people was not being fulfilled. So, with bright and starry eyes I made a bold decision to dedicate a year to service work. Was I nervous? You bet. Did I know what was going to happen? Not in the least. Am I glad I did it? No doubt in my mind. It changed the whole direction of my life!

When I returned to Chicago I knew I wanted to integrate my CPA background with helping people, which led me to financial planning. I think about that decision a lot. I feel blessed that I can meet and help so many dynamic and diverse families and individuals.

One of the greatest freedoms in the financial planning industry is being a fee-only planner. As a fee-only firm, we are only compensated by our clients. We do not accept fees for recommending products. Because of this, I take pride in offering recommendations that benefit each client’s individual goals.

​In my free time, I enjoy checking out the different neighborhoods of Chicago; biking on the wonderful lakefront trail (which I hardly do enough!); and volunteering at a variety of organizations including, the Financial Planning Association, my church, and LadderUp, a not-for-profit tax assistance program.

I look forward to learning about what drives you, so together we can build on your finances and help you live your best life.

Eric Roberge, CFP®

About Eric Roberge, CFP®

At BYH, we help people use money as a tool to enjoy life today while planning responsibly for tomorrow. My name is Eric Roberge, and I’m a CFP® and founder of Beyond Your Hammock. We help high-achieving professionals in their 30s and 40s by providing fee-only, fiduciary advice, investment management, and financial planning in Boston. While we’re based in Massachusetts, we also meet and work with clients virtually across the United States.

My goal, and what drives us at BYH, is to help our clients realize their aspirations for a successful life and career, while loving every minute of the ride along the way. Money shouldn’t drive the decisions you make about life. The life you want to create should drive the choices around your finances.

In over 20 years in the financial industry, I’ve seen many stock market highs. I’ve learned how to navigate the lows. I worked through four major economic and market disruptions between 2000 and 2020, as well as the longest bull market in history. But true wealth management is about more than just numbers and industry experience.

Any decent financial expert can tell you how to make better financial choices or invest strategically to grow wealth. Very few people can show you how to leverage your financial resources as tools for accomplishing what you actually want to do throughout life.

Understanding how to choose between equally good options is difficult. So is evaluating potential outcomes and thinking rationally through cost-benefit analyses. Accurately and objectively assessing risk, precisely weighting opportunity costs and the probability for success not just in a year but in 40 years from now — yes, you guessed it, very difficult to do.

The numbers might be objective, but your life isn’t. Your life isn’t linear and things change. You change. Your life, your experiences, your values, and your goals (and how those may shift over time) are entirely up to you. Your financial planning experience should reflect that.

Our purpose at BYH is to support our clients in making optimal financial decisions with their cash flow and investment portfolios. Seeing the people I serve enjoy greater confidence, success, and peace of mind is what keeps me and our team going with our mission: to design systems that allow fellow high-achieving professionals to get more from their money and enjoy what they love… right now, and well into the future.

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