Treavor Dodsworth, CFP®, CPA

About Treavor Dodsworth CFP®, CPA, CKA®

I became set on doing financial planning while studying at Olivet Nazarene University. Financial planning gives me an opportunity to take the many moving pieces of someone’s financial life and put it together in a way that is useful to them. Many people do not realize the possibilities that are open to them. They become stuck in the mundane and do not realize until many years later that they never pursued what they are truly passionate about. Financial planning allows me to help individuals articulate their dreams and then start on a path to fulfill them.

On a personal side, I hope you will find that I am professional but relaxed and open enough to let others be themselves. In my free time, I enjoy playing games with family and friends or going on the classic dinner and movie date with my wife. I feel very blessed to have the family that I do. A girl in the youth group where we volunteered once told me- “You are like Spiderman… the nerdy guy that got the popular girl.” That pretty much sums it up.

Primarily, I work with clients on a virtual basis. This means you can meet with me from the comfort of your own home. No more taking time out of your day to drive to an office.

I would love an opportunity to connect with you. Talk to you soon!

David Barson, CFP®, MBA

About David Barson, CFP®, MBA

Since my college years, I’ve been passionate about personal finances and financial planning. I started my career in financial services, with one of the largest Registered Investment Advisory firms in the country. There I learned a tremendous amount about markets, the importance of deeply understanding clients’ needs, and running a firm. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING PROFESSIONAL™, therefore trained to tackle complex financial situations. With this designation, I have a fiduciary responsibility for my clients. My philosophy is based on a fee-only model vs. commission based, with a focus on recommending strategies that truly benefit your needs.

Finances are not static, they are dynamic as our lives changes. For example, we move from college, to work, to marriage, to having kids, and into retirement. These changes can make the process of managing our finances very complex. While most people realize planning for their future is important, they often do not have the time to invest. Having a financial advocate that sits on the same side of the table as you, invested in your interests, can take the burden off of you to fulfill this important need.

People always ask me why I love what I do as a financial planner. It’s simple…I am energized by learning ever-changing financial markets, and connecting them to clients, to help them realize their dreams. I started Barson Financial Planning with a mission – to help busy professionals, families and those approaching retirement navigate the complex financial situations of daily life to reach their goals. My aim is to be that financial advocate, to help you make better investment and financial decisions. I look forward to seeing how I can help.

I live in San Mateo, California with my wife and two children. Originally from Napa California, I began my career working in the cellar at a well established champagne house, while I was attending college. I earned my Bachelor of Science from University of California at Davis, where not only did I find a love for biology, but also a passion in learning about personal finances. I then spent over ten years in the biotechnology industry doing business development and helping companies bring life saving drugs to patients, after which I spent almost another ten years in the financial services industry. During this time, I earned my Masters of Business Administration at Santa Clara University where I was exposed to one of the great minds on behavioral finance, Meir Statman. I continued to follow my passion for financial planning and attended University of California at Berkeley Extension where I receive my certificate in financial planning. In my free time, I like to vacation with my family, go to the beach, or travel.

Andrew Damcevski, CFP®

About Andrew Damcevski, CFP®

Commas is a financial advisory that provides fee-only service to the EveryInvestor: those who might not fit the standards set by traditional high-net-worth advisories but still deserve personalized financial guidance to meet their goals. We offer services with no account minimums, working with our clients at every step of the process and empowering them to create, plan, and achieve their desired money goals.


Quentara Costa, CFP®, MSFP

About Quentara Costa, CFP®

For years Quentara was the unexpected primary caregiver for her father who was diagnosed with Alzheimers. During his transition she continued to work, buy a house, get married, and start a family. She founded Powwow with the intent of helping other families prioritize their goals that are often neglected due to the in-the-moment demands of kids and aging parents. Powwow is fee-for-service, meaning a family’s net worth, relationships, goals, and concerns are discussed and illustrated without the need to invest assets or purchase product. If you have questions related to every day goals, elder care transition, and kids you’ve come to the right place.

Quentara has been featured in numerous publications, including NerdWallet, CBS MoneyWatch, and Financial Planning Magazine. She has also been invited to present on financial planning and elder care topics throughout Massachusetts. Follow her on social media and reach out to schedule a free consultation.

Arthur Flores, CFP®

About Arthur Flores, CFP®

After 19 years working with large NY wealth management firms, I launched Flores Wealth Planning to provide comprehensive financial planning services to those who wanted advice without the sales pressure. Financial planning and personal finance do not have to be complicated. I will simplify this process and help organize your financial life so you can have a plan in place designed to help you achieve your goals and financial independence. A financial plan used to be a 100-page bound report with recommendations. At FWP, we strive to minimize the pages (or eliminate them altogether). Planning will be more interactive to include an action plan and accountability, with online access to most of or all your finances on an ongoing basis. Affordability is important. I will design a plan that fits your financial situation and minimizes the cost by adding a monthly fee structure. I am here to help you plan, grow your savings, and achieve your financial goals and dreams. I look forward to working with you.

Michelle Smalenberger, CFP®

About Michelle Smalenberger, CFP®

I have a passion for helping others develop a path to financial success!

Through different lenses on your financial picture, I want to help create solutions with you that are thoughtful of today and the future.

I have seen in my life the power of having a financial plan while making slight changes of direction from time to time. I believe you can experience freedom from anxiety and even excitement when you know your finances are on track.

Those who are a great fit for our services are families working hard to provide for and support each other so they can be financially successful. Individuals who want to ensure they are making the right decisions to secure a strong financial foundation to build upon for the rest of their life are also a great fit.

Laurie Dubchansky, CFP®

About Laurie Dubchansky, CFP®

I founded Havaplan Financial to serve people regardless of their level of wealth. My practice focuses on dual income young couples and pre-retirees. As a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, I am a fee-only fiduciary. I provide services on an hourly, project or flat fee, depending on the needs of the client.

As a comprehensive financial planner, I work with clients on:

• Cash flow analysis
• Debt reduction
• Setting goals
• Student loan payoff strategies
• Education savings
• Retirement planning
• Investment management
• Insurance planning
• Tax planning
• Estate planning review

Additional Info:
I received my undergraduate degree at UCLA, and after earning a Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration, I worked in various health care settings. I managed a non-profit for several years, and then decided to pursue an education in Personal Financial Planning. I worked for three years at a financial planning firm, and I passed the CFP exam in March 2015.  I founded Havaplan Financial in 2016.

I am an active member of the Financial Planning Association of Orange County (FPA-OC), and I enjoy volunteering to provide pro-bono financial education. I am the Chair of the UCI Merage School of Business LifeVest steering committee. I offer pro-bono financial planning at the annual FPA-OC Financial Planning Day, on campus for UCI students, and for the military and community based organizations.

Dana Menard, CFP®, RLP®

About Dana Menard, CFP®, RLP®, CEPA®

Hello! My name is Dana Menard and I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), a fee-only fiduciary, and the Founder and CEO of Twin Cities Wealth Strategies, Inc. With over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, I pride myself in providing trusted financial advice and guidance to busy professionals, business owners, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and families so they can concentrate on the things that matter most to them.

I truly believe that everyone’s financial situation is unique and that they have a right to a trusted advisor who puts their interests first, not secondary to a large bank, brokerage firm, or insurance company.

Comprehensive Financial Planning is a process that can help you reach your goals by evaluating your whole financial picture, then outlining strategies that are tailored to your individual needs and available resources. A comprehensive Financial Plan serves as a framework for organizing the pieces of your financial picture by evaluating the many facets of your financial situation, including:

-Cash Flow Analysis
-Savings & Emergency Funds
-Retirement Accumulation
-Retirement Income Planning
-Education Planning
-Tax Planning
-Protection Planning
-Estate & Legacy Planning
-Charitable Giving/Gift Planning

With a Financial Plan in place, you will be better able to focus on your goals and understand what it will take to reach them as well as help you balance competing financial priorities. It will clearly show you how your financial goals are related – for example, how saving for your children’s college education might impact your ability to save for retirement. Then you can use the information you have gleaned to decide how to prioritize your goals, implement specific strategies, and choose suitable products or services. Best of all, you will have the increased confidence that comes from knowing that your financial life is on track!


Pierre-Emmanuel Jouve, CFP®

About Pierre-Emmanuel Jouve, CFP®

Pierre-E. Jouve is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and the Founder of InsuraWealth, a Financial Planning and Investment Services company, focused on supporting Generation X & Y, Young Families, New Parents and Business Owners. As a husband, father and business owner himself, Pierre understands the ever changing financial environment/climate in which we live, and the ever changing priorities and concerns of young families. When working with Pierre-E. Jouve, you will always receive an honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable partner to help you and your family prepare for what life throws your way.


Leighann Miko, CFP®, RLP

About Leighann Miko, CFP®, RLP

I believe financial guidance should be equally accessible to all, but this is rarely the case in the traditional world of financial planning. I’m here to change that. Like my company name suggests, I founded Equalis Financial to serve underserved communities like LGBTQ+ creatives and other thoughtfully ambitious professionals. My “why” is to help others create the financially secure life I never thought I’d have after growing up in a financial volatile environment.

Financial stability isn’t something you hope for; it’s something you plan for. As a creative working in a volatile industry, having the right financial plan is essential. It can act as a strong anchor in financially uncertain times, but only if the plan is uniquely built for you. At Equalis Financial, we’re here to help.


-Financial Planning-
To get where you want to go, you’ll need a custom roadmap that’s built strategically around your goals. We take a human-centered approach to financial planning, focusing more on you than your money. In this process, we will help you realign your financial mindsets and habits with your long-term vision, resulting in a more financially secure future.

-Business Management-
If you are looking to outsource the day-to-day operations of your business, we are here to help. These related services—including tax preparation and planning, payroll processing, and monthly bookkeeping⁠—are available exclusively to our financial planning clients.

-Investment Management-
As an investor, you have the ability to effectively “put your money where your mouth is” by investing in social causes you believe in. From environment conservation to improving the gender pay gap to reducing racial inequality, we will customize and manage your portfolio with a carefully planned investment strategy while maintaining the direction and discipline you need to reach your goals.

If any of this resonates with you, let’s chat. The first meeting is on us. There’s no cost and no pressure, just a conversation to see if we’re a good match.