Sue Peck, CFP®, RLP®

About Sue Peck, CFP®, RLP®

I am Sue Peck, CFP®, RLP®. I founded Evolution Financial to provide fee-only comprehensive financial planning and investment management for people of all backgrounds who aspire to live their best lives now and into the future.

I am also a fiduciary. A fiduciary is, as defined on Investopedia: a person or organization that owes to another the duties of good faith and trust. The highest legal duty of one party to another, it also involves being bound ethically to act in the other’s best interests.

Our lives can be filled with transitions, some of them involving the added complication of wealth movement. Life experiences, such as a divorce or the loss of a loved one, are filled with emotions and feelings of loss, grief, and overwhelm, and can leave one feeling unable to move forward. I’m here to listen and help sort out what next steps are needed to help you move through and forward into the life you want to live.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in psychology, and was also a proud member of the University of Wisconsin Marching Band (Trombone).

Community is important to me. I am a board member for the Northside Business Association, and also a member of OPEN (Out Professional Engagement Network).

My husband Nathan and I live on the north side of Madison with our two Border Collie mix dogs, Dracena (Puppers) and Harley Quinn, as well as our chickens. As a landscaper, Nathan has transformed our yard to be welcoming to pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Ben Martinek, CFP®, EA

About Ben Martinek, CFP®, EA, CSLP®, RICP®

Ben Martinek is the founder of Bona Fide Finance, Latin for “in good faith”. He and his team make the promise to prepare each client for their future according to the standards of good finance and good sense.

Ben spent years studying personal finance, possessing extensive knowledge in matters of individual tax, debt management (student loans, anyone?), retirement strategy, and global investment opportunities offered through the capital markets. Through Bona Fide Finance, he work on a fee-for-service basis, providing comprehensive advice for young professionals who are seeking to secure their financial position, accumulate wealth, and optimize lifestyle design.

On the personal side, Ben the fourth of nine children and grew up in rural Indiana. Early in life, he felt strongly moved to serve others and thus attended seminary, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and classical languages. Having once considered an academic career, Ben continued my philosophy studies and obtained a master’s degree. Upon realizing the challenges with the job market in academia, he sought other career paths, some of which included construction and truck driving – in fact, he and his wife Deb spent the first few years of their marriage as team over-the-road truck drivers, logging over 600,000 miles in the “lower 48,” visiting every metropolitan area and traveling over 90% of the Interstates in the US! — before deciding that financial planning should be the focus of his talents and career efforts.

Ben works hard, but also relish in the fruit of his labor. In addition to his studies pertaining to finance and philosophy, Ben also likes to garden, hike, make home improvements, and woodwork. He relax by grilling, smoking a pipe, canoeing the Missouri River and sailing Lake Sakakawea. From time to time, Ben also teaches Business Ethics and other financial planning courses at his local university.

Ben’s wife and two beautiful daughters live in Bismarck, North Dakota, where they happily endure the cold winters!

Jeff Brainard, CFP®, CFS

About Jeff Brainard, CFP®, CFS

A native of the Denver area, Jeff has been married to his wife, Christa, for 17 years. They have three beautiful children, two boys and a girl, who spend the majority of their days keeping themselves (and their parents) quite busy and constantly on the move with sports and dance.

He has volunteered as a coach in the South Jeffco Sports Association since 2009 as both a head coach and an assistant coach for baseball, basketball, and football. When not coaching sports, there is a good chance that he’s attending a ballet recital or performance for the Littleton Youth Ballet to watch his daughter.

Jeff is a staunch believer in using ETFs and low-cost index funds for client investments. He also believes in the fiduciary standard and that everyone needs a professionally written financial plan to help achieve their goals. He subscribes to the notion that the majority of financial problems can be solved by saving more money and spending less of it…most of the other things will require some help from a professional.

Ashley Murphy, CFP®, AIF®

About Ashley Murphy, CFP®, AIF®

Hi, I’m Ashley Murphy, Founder and Principal of Areté Wealth Strategists, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) providing financial planning and investment management services to Aussie expatriates and business owners since 2013 .

I bring a unique perspective for my clients as a tri-citizen of Australia, the UK and the US. I moved to the US in 2005 after my undergraduate studies in Australia so I have first hand experience in figuring out a new financial system. Before making the transition to financial planning, I worked in corporate finance at several Fortune 500 companies. It was at a Certified Financial Planner® information session in 2008 however, where I got hooked . The panelists conveyed their enthusiasm for financial planning and once I learned that there were advisors working with clients in a fiduciary, fee-only professional capacity, I knew this was for me.

Financial planning and investment management aren’t just my career, they’re my calling. They represent the alignment of my skills, passions and business savvy as Jim Collins so well defined in his Three Circles exercise from ‘Good to Great.’ I love helping Aussies on similar paths as mine succeed in the US. With business owners, I identify with their energy and empathize with their desire for independence.

There’s so much opportunity out there. I look forward to speaking with you.

Read Ashley’s blog here:

Jiyao Xu, CFP®, CFA

About Jiyao Xu, CFP®, CFA

I am a fee-only financial planner and co-founder of X and Y Advisors, Inc. To make high-quality financial planning services available and affordable to young Chinese professionals living in the United States, I established X and Y Advisors, Inc.

After one year of experience with KPMG China, I realized that corporate finance is not my interest. In 2012, I came to Los Angeles, California to join my beloved wife, Vivianna, and study Personal Financial Planning. While taking different courses at UCLA, I managed to pass the CFP® exam and all three levels of CFA programs, go through the real estate broker education program and then work for a local wealth management firm for several years. With what I have gone through, I understand the needs and concern of the young professionals living here.

From my professional experience serving high-net-worth individuals, I realize that there are so many financial planning strategies that could be applied and may even create relatively more value to young professionals. Therefore, I decided to establish X and Y Advisors, Inc. and share my knowledge to help more people and families.

David Shotwell, CFP®

About David Shotwell, CFP®

David joined the firm early in 2013. A 1995 graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, David has worked in the financial services industry since March, 2000. He is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), and Treasurer of the Michigan Financial Planning Association.

Our mission at Shotwell Rutter Baer is to cut through the complexity in our clients’ financial lives, delivering financial planning and investment advice that is both personal and practical. We are devoted to a strict fiduciary duty, honing our craft, and providing the highest degree of professionalism while maintaining the intimate, “kitchen table” approach to client relationships upon which our practice was founded.

Bobby Cremins, CFP®, CFA®, CKA

About Bobby Cremins, CFP®, CFA®, CKA

Here’s the long version summed up in five bullets:

1) I started off in finance working at a regional bank, SunTrust, helping people with more transactional needs like opening home equity lines, loans, checking accounts, money market accounts, etc.

2) I found that I really enjoyed finance because it brought numbers to life, but I wanted to build deeper, lasting relationships with clients so I moved into wealth management / financial planning at Morgan Stanley (then Smith Barney)

3) I was recruited to move to Merrill Lynch/Bank of America as the world seemed to be falling apart. I thought I was moving to a more secure financial institution…ha!

4) As I watched what seemed to be the demise of modern finance and capitalism with it, I stumbled onto Biblical stewardship via Crown Financial and Financial Peace University

5) After seeing a different approach to personal finance, I started Metanoia Financial to provide Biblically-based financial planning and advice

Ryan J. Weiser CFP®, CDFA®, ChFC®

About Ryan J. Weiser CFP®, CDFA®, ChFC® CLU®, CASL®

Weiser Financial Planning LLC is an an Independent, Fee-Only, Registered Investment Advisor in Lewis Center, OH that provides Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management services to clients in the Columbus & Central Ohio area, as well as nationwide through online virtual meetings.

We specialize in working with busy professionals, client’s in-or-near retirement, and people going through divorce. Our mission is to help connect people’s money with the things that are most important to them. We do this by helping you make wise financial decisions so you can live your life values and maximize your full life potential.

Hi I’m Ryan and I love what I do! I founded Weiser Financial Planning LLC after working many years in the corporate world. I chose to open WFP because I wanted to create a business with a noble purpose where I could combine my entrepreneurial side with my passion for helping people to make wise financial decisions. I believe that money is just a tool and that it’s important to help people connect their money with the things that are most important to them.

I have worked in the financial services industry since 2000 working for several Fortune 500 companies. Over those years I have consulted with hundreds of financial advisors from various financial institutions including banks, insurance companies, wirehouses, and independent broker/dealers. Through this experience I have had the opportunity to help thousands of clients and positively impact their lives.

One of my driving motivations in building a new financial planning business was to separate from the Wall Street firms, banks, and insurance companies where I am not handcuffed by proprietary products, sales incentives, and conflicts of interest that are intended to maximize company returns at the expense of my clients. As an independent RIA we are completely free to focus on our clients and what’s in your best interest.

I like to say, “money without purpose is like eating cereal without milk, it might taste ok – it’s just not as satisfying.” At WFP we want you to live your life values and reach your full life potential. We will help you make wise financial decisions for today and tomorrow.


Arnie K. Cabiles, CFP®

About Arnie K. Cabiles, CFP®

Achievable Wealth based out of Vallejo, CA, at the doorstep of the Napa Valley. We serve people aiming for financial independence who are:

*Retired or close to it (within 8 years).

*Still enjoy sports like skateboarding and mountain biking, and music, either
creating it or listening to Earth, Wind, and Fire now and then.

*Currently asking themselves: “How can I better use my hard earned money
to take care of my family, enjoy the company of friends, and support
charities that impact my community?”

*Excited to partner long-term with a financial planner to help plan and guide
the money part of their life and lifestyle.

Jason Howell, CFP®, CPWA®

About Jason Howell, CFP®, CPWA®, CSRIC®

Jason Howell is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, former U.S. Congressional candidate and in 2021 and 2019 was listed as a TOP Wealth Adviser by WASHINGTONIAN magazine. He is President of Jason Howell Company, a family wealth management firm that uses Sustainable, Responsible & Impact Investing (SRI) to develop family leaders into patriarchs, matriarchs, and stakeholders of their local communities. Jason is a Chartered SRI Counselor™ and a Certified Private Wealth Advisor® professional and is the author of JOY of Financial Planning: 7 Strategies for Transforming your Finances and Reclaiming your American Dream.

Jason is an adjunct instructor for George Mason University’s School of Business Financial Planning and Wealth Management (FPWM) concentration and Council Chair for the FPWM Advisory Board. He is also an adjunct instructor of personal finance at American University’s Kogod School of Business.

Jason has been featured as both a financial expert and independent political strategist on FOX 5 DC, ABC’s News Channel 8, US News & World Report, Yahoo Finance,, Readers Digest,, Washington Business Journal and the New York Times. His professional career spans years in retail banking, corporate accounting, personal finance, politics and long shot attempts to make stars out of unsigned musicians.

Jason has been recognized by George Mason University as a Prominent Patriot (2013) and received both the School of Business Alumni Service Award (2020) and the overall university Alumni Service Award (2021). He was twice the distinguished alumnus speaker for the School of Business graduating class.

His mission is to bring the best of ultra-high net worth family financial planning to this generation’s regular net worth families. He shares his home with a beautiful and patient wife, two daughters and 1990’s nostalgia.

View Jason’s blog here: