Michael Schell, CFP®

About Michael Schell, CFP®

Sensible Financial Management, LLC is a fee-only, independent financial planning firm based in Vermont designed to help those who are approaching (within five years) or in retirement. Our focus on retirees allows us to attend to the questions that matter to you such as:

• How much can I reasonably spend in retirement?
• Is my financial situation set up to accomplish my goals beyond retirement?
• Which accounts should I spend from?
• How should my portfolio be allocated to meet my goals?
• Am I adequately safeguarding against threats to my retirement?
• When should I take Social Security?
• How do I get started with Medicare and how do I avoid making costly mistakes?
• Am I taking advantage of tax planning opportunities available to me?

Our mission is to provide you with financial planning options in plain English so you can make the best decisions to have a successful and meaningful retirement.

Jay Karamourtopoulos, CFP®

About Jay Karamourtopoulos, CFP®


My name is Jay. I’m originally from Massachusetts and live in the North End of Boston.

Prior to starting Hereford Financial I worked for an investment management company servicing their private clients, a team of financial planners helping put together financial plans, and for two early stage FinTech companies (one in Boston and one in NYC.)

Like many of my peers, I set out to join the tech industry to find more fulfilling work that aligned with my values and provided me with an opportunity to grow and enhance my career through opportunities not easily found at more established firms. I’ve seen first hand the dedication, passion, time and effort that goes into working for a tech company and the fulfillment that comes from bringing a new product or service into the world. However, it leaves little time to understand your RSUs, ISOs, NSOs, ESPPs and how they fit into and affect your financial plan and goals.

My time in the tech space made me realize how impactful and beneficial equity compensation can be, but also how lack of education can cause confusion and missed opportunities, especially for millennials who haven’t accumulated the necessary assets to work with a traditional financial planner.

I created Hereford Financial to help clients in their 30’s and 40’s create clarity around their equity compensation and use it to plan for a secure future while enjoying their life today. There are no asset minimums, which allows me to work with and help younger clients whose financial situations are just as, if not more complicated than those traditionally served by the industry.

Our comprehensive financial planning process will help you create, grow and keep the wealth you have worked so hard for and allow you to spend more time doing the things that are important to you. We’ll ensure that your money is being leveraged as a tool to do more of what you love.

Bryan Curry, CFP®

About Bryan Curry, CFP®

At Bridge The Gap we purposefully choose to work with a small number of clients per advisor, so each client’s situation can be served as a priority. This provides clients with a partnership that goes deeper into your financial planning needs. Our goals is to be the go to for all things financial, and to be your accountability partner in implementation. Many advisors draft clients a plan, but we work to together to live it. We have ongoing planning conversations with our clients around investments, risk management, liquidity analysis, estate planning, tax planning, tax efficiency, and goal fulfillment.

Bob Shopes, CFP®

About Bob Shopes, CFP®

I have an unusual background for a financial advisor. I have a Ph.D in Biophysics and founded several biotech companies. After one company went public, leaving me financially secure, I retired early to fullfill my dream to be a ski bum. Early retirement was not for me but I discovered while volunteering that I loved talking to people about their financial lives. Who knew?

I joined a small brokerage, got properly licensed, started learning the business and earned my CFP. After six years I left to start my own registered investment advisor firm.

Favrile Financial was founded on the fiduciary principle to always put the clients interest first. We are strictly fee only and will not accept commissions from any third party. The client deserves our undivided loyalty as a fiduciary. Secondly, we do not charge fees on the basis of your “assets under management”. This allows us to give our best advice without concern over where your assets are located. We charge a flat annual fee and that is all. We have no minimum asset or age qualifications but clients are typically 60+, near, or in, retirement and have a net worth of more than $1MM.

Jan Pevzner, CFP®, EA

About Jan Pevzner, CFP®, EA

My career began in 1995 on Salomon Brothers’ trading floor. Since then, I have worked in the financial industry in various roles as an options trader, quant, and quantitative consultant to fin-tech startups. In 2019, my firm, Gotham Block, began offering financial planning and investment management services to clients.

I have a Master’s Degree in Scientific Computing from University at Buffalo, a double-major BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from UB, and a certificate in Financial Planning from NYU.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and an Enrolled Agent admitted to represent clients before the IRS.


Joshua Casey Garland, CFP®

Joshua Casey Garland, CFP®

Ten years ago, I began my financial career at Fidelity Investments. In 2014, I earned the Certified Financial Planning TM designation and graduated from Ohio University with an MBA degree with a concentration in finance. I later moved on to TD Ameritrade where, after multiple years of high performance, I ultimately was given the opportunity to take on a new role as Branch Manager of the TD Ameritrade Louisville office. I lead a team of three financial consultants and worked directly with high net worth families and business owners. Throughout my career I have been recognized by my employers, co-workers, and clients for being a top financial advisor by earning multiple awards including Circle of Champions, Excellent in Action, Presidents Circle and MVP.

After ten years of working in the financial industry for big firms I realized I could give more and do more for my clients independently. I started Shepherd Wealth Management because I believe it is my duty, obligation, and responsibility to utilize the gifts God has given me. Performance, Purpose, and Passion are three marks of a good Shepherd, and these are the pillars that I have built my life and firm around. My goal is to help families, business owners, and anyone looking to take control of their finances while also making a BIG impact on the world and our community. Unlike many companies in society today, I believe it is not just about making money, but using that money to make a difference for the better. Therefore, I choose to invest the first 10% of Shepherd Wealth Management revenue to charitable organizations in our local community.
In my personal time I enjoy spending time with my wife, Nicole, and our two daughters, Maddie and Collins. We also have two extremely playful dogs, Emily and Henry. I enjoy running, fly fishing, camping and playing golf. My family and I are longtime members of Crossroads Community Church.

Jordan Benold, CFP®, MBA

About Jordan Benold, CFP®, MBA

My name is Jordan Benold, and I am a Certified Financial Planner™ at Benold Financial Planning.

I have a passion for financial planning and guiding people through the thicket of financial jargon, rules and regulations to help them achieve financial independence. I want my clients to feel confident and safe that they are making the correct decisions for their personal situation.

I aide pre-retirement professionals through the following topics:

✅ Investment Management
✅ Risk (Insurance) Analysis
✅ Retirement Planning
✅ Tax Planning
✅ College Education Planning
✅ Estate Planning

However, as a fiduciary fee-only financial planner, I do not engage in the below:

❌ Commissions
❌ Sales
❌ Products

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation.

🔘 817-235-6863
🔘 wbeqna@orabyqsc.pbz
🔘 https://calendly.com/jordanbfp/

Gregory Crofton, CFP®, EA

About Gregory Crofton, CFP®, EA, MBA

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional and IRS Enrolled Agent which provides tax and financial advisory services.

I help you keep more of your hard-earned money, make more money that you can spend and secure your future. I do this by leveraging my combined expertise in planning, tax law and investing.

First, I save you money by working with you to minimize what you pay in taxes over your lifetime.

Second, I help you invest using tax-optimized strategies to yield the maximum after-tax results.

And finally, I help you develop life plans to ensure you achieve your most important personal goals. I do this by leveraging the optimal combination of taxable and tax-deferred accounts, investing in a mix of investments that tax advantage of each and matching your investments with your goals.

If any of the following are true for you, I can help you:
• Unsure if you are on track for financial independence or eventual retirement
• Not sure how much or how best to save for retirement and to meet other goals
• Granted employer stock or stock options
• Most of your wealth is held in your employer’s stock, small business, or real estate
• Holding cash or sold investments because of fear of the stock market decline
• Recently widowed, divorced or retired or plan to retire soon

I am a fee-only planner and sworn fiduciary. I offer you a choice of fee models to suit your specific needs and situation. I offer financial planning, investment management and tax services on an à la carte basis.

Reach out to me to take advantage of a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation to answer your question and help determine if working with me is what is best for you.

Brian Terry, CFP®

About Brian Terry, CFP®

Brian obtained his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in December 4, 1992. He owned and operated a Fee-only practice in Charlotte, NC for 7 years before moving back to Winter Park, Florida.

During his career, he worked and supported the Fee-Only model and was able to assist his clients in the areas of investments, retirement, insurance, and estate planning. By adopting a Fiduciary relationship with his clients, he was able to ensure that all recommendations were in the clients best interest.

He has a BS in Business Administration from The University of Central Florida and a MBA from Keller University. Brian is active in the stock market and primarily trades ETFs, stocks, and options. He enjoys reading, traveling, and staying physically active.

Christine Papelian, CFP®

About Christine Papelian, CFP®

Christine partners with clients to navigate life’s choices and reach their success. By getting to know you and your unique situation,​ Christine develops a comprehensive wealth plan. As a Certified Financial Planner with a Master of Arts in Economics, Christine serves as your guide through your financial life.

She joined the Smarter Financial team after having run a practice of 225 households within Charles Schwab’s premier advice offer, Schwab Private Client. Actively engaging in investment management and providing proactive advice has become second nature for Christine. In her nine years at Schwab, Christine established herself as a strong resource for her peers and stood out as a client advocate.

“I have a curiosity of people. Discovering together what success looks like and then helping clients get there is what makes my job fun. It’s about bringing someone financial empowerment.”

Prior to Schwab, Christine worked at Heartland Farm Partners, where the commodities markets were the focal point as they helped farmers hedge their crops. It was also in Nebraska, at the University of Nebraska, where she earned her degrees in economics.

Needless to say, Christine has a passion for numbers and the economy. So much so that she married someone to talk numbers with, as her husband is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Golfing, hiking and rifle shooting are hobbies that are now past times as she obsesses over her new baby girl. Plus, someone still has to walk their three large dogs.