Ryan Burgess, CFP®, AIF®

About Ryan Burgess, CFP®, AIF®

Throughout his 20 years in financial services, Ryan has spent his career helping individuals make educated decisions about their money. As well as building and managing investment accounts. Since 2016, he has done over 6,000 financial consultations with people all across the country. He has also delivered countless educational presentations to thousands of attendees on most topics involving personal finance but specializes in investment and retirement planning education. Ryan has managed upwards of 80 client portfolios, totaling $50 million.

The ability to guide and help people is what drives Ryan. In addition to helping his clients understand their financial path, Ryan produces educational content in the form of webinars, blog posts, videos, and articles. More than any financial product, education is the key to managing finances and achieving goals.

Ryan lives in Roseville with his wife Nicole, their daughter Delaney, and 4 rescue dogs: Rex, Atticus, Echo, and Cooper. Outside of work, his life revolves around spending time with family, exercising, following professional sports and traveling.

Curtis Crossland, CFP®, CFA®

About Curtis Crossland, CFP®, CFA®, MBA, EA, CFA®

I’m a Phoenix native and spent years working for large wealth management firms.

I have a strong commitment to lifetime learning, the heart of a teacher, and I’m obsessed with finances.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the Graziadio Business School at Pepperdine University, and my Master of Business Administration with Finance Emphasis from Grand Canyon University.

I’m a CFA® charterholder, a CFP® professional, and an Enrolled Agent with the IRS.

I have over 10 years of experience helping clients do the following:
1. Build a Smarter Retirement
2. Tax Plan
3. Invest Wisely
4. See to Their Family’s Future

And while I love helping everyone, I’m the best fit for the following folks:
• Retired
• Near Retirement
• Transitioning Jobs or Career
• Busy Professionals with Families

When I’m not helping clients create their ideal plan, I’m out on an adventure with my wife and our 3 boys, chasing down the perfect craft barbecue, enjoying a weekend of football, or reading a good old fashioned book.

Schedule a call, I would love to get to know you and learn how I can help you on your financial journey!

Justin Bolmgren, CFP®

About Justin Bolmgren, CFP®

Justin founded Bolmgren RetirePLAN in 2013 after a decade of financial planning and executive management experience. He is a graduate of the University of Akron with a degree in Finance and makes it a priority to further his industry education. Those activities include achieving the renowned Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certification. Justin has also received one the world’s most respected insurance expertise designations; the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU).

His company specializes in retirement planning for individuals that work for large & small corporations, business owners and financial planning for families early to middle in their working careers. Initially started to help people plan for retirement, his company has now evolved to help people PLAN in so many other ways. Whether that is creating a budget, getting started in investing, setting goals for savings or understanding your 401(k), Bolmgren RetirePLAN is ready to help with all things personal finance.

Jason Stein, CFP®

About Jason Stein, CFP®

For over 8 years, Jason has been helping clients achieve their financial goals through transparent advice and client education. Prior to establishing Bluepoint Wealth Advisors, Jason spent nearly 6 years with The Vanguard Group in Scottsdale, AZ.

Originally inspired by his grandmother’s adolescent hardships, he’s always been encouraged to help others find financial clarity.

“My grandmother, who was a huge influence on my life, was a teenage girl during the Great Depression. Because she witnessed such financial hardship, she learned at a young age the importance of financial stability, and remained relatively frugal through most of her life. She instilled these values on my father, a financial advisor himself, who began educating me at a young age through our many road trips. In fact, the earliest lesson I recall was about mutual funds, and how I could buy a fund that contains Toys-R-Us, rather than buying the toy itself. What was initially a desire to learn more about my father’s job, quickly became valuable knowledge I knew could be used to help others. In 2013, I moved away from my friends and family, not knowing anyone in Arizona, to pursue a career with Vanguard. Given the indisputable morals behind Vanguard’s reputation, I could not think of a better company to begin my career, and to further enforce how success is achieved by putting client’s priorities ahead of one’s own.”

Jason now looks forward to bringing that industry leading experience, and scaling it down to provide a more personalized relationship with each of his clients.

Bryan Curry, CFP®

About Bryan Curry, CFP®

At Bridge The Gap we purposefully choose to work with a small number of clients per advisor, so each client’s situation can be served as a priority. This provides clients with a partnership that goes deeper into your financial planning needs. Our goals is to be the go to for all things financial, and to be your accountability partner in implementation. Many advisors draft clients a plan, but we work to together to live it. We have ongoing planning conversations with our clients around investments, risk management, liquidity analysis, estate planning, tax planning, tax efficiency, and goal fulfillment.

Bob Shopes, CFP®

About Bob Shopes, CFP®

I have an unusual background for a financial advisor. I have a Ph.D in Biophysics and founded several biotech companies. After one company went public, leaving me financially secure, I retired early to fullfill my dream to be a ski bum. Early retirement was not for me but I discovered while volunteering that I loved talking to people about their financial lives. Who knew?

I joined a small brokerage, got properly licensed, started learning the business and earned my CFP. After six years I left to start my own registered investment advisor firm.

Favrile Financial was founded on the fiduciary principle to always put the clients interest first. We are strictly fee only and will not accept commissions from any third party. The client deserves our undivided loyalty as a fiduciary. Secondly, we do not charge fees on the basis of your “assets under management”. This allows us to give our best advice without concern over where your assets are located. We charge a flat annual fee and that is all. We have no minimum asset or age qualifications but clients are typically 60+, near, or in, retirement and have a net worth of more than $1MM.

Anthony Watson, CFP®, CFA

About Anthony Watson, CFP®, CFA

Thrive Retirement Specialists is a retirement planning specialist dedicated to delivering a more thoughtful and strategic approach to retirement planning for those nearing or in retirement. We offer a single, flat-fee service entitled ThriveRetire™ that goes far beyond what has traditionally been known as retirement planning. ThriveRetire™ is an engaging ongoing eight-step retirement planning process and investment management service that seeks to identify all risks, assets, tools, and tactics to develop an optimal retirement plan designed to support your ideal retirement lifestyle and goals to the fullest extent possible. With every interaction, we seek to inform and serve, so our clients can safely trust their ThriveRetire™ plan and process, leaving each client with the confidence and peace of mind to live a vibrant and full life through retirement.

Before founding Thrive Retirement Specialists, Tony spent eight years serving as the Chief Investment Officer of a firm where he provided advice and investment management services to over 600 individuals representing at the time over $1.5 billion of investments. Before this, Tony served as Vice President at J.P. Morgan Private Bank, where he advised high- and ultra-high net worth individuals on all matters of wealth, including investments, portfolio construction, portfolio management, and retirement planning.

Tony lives in Dearborn, Michigan, with his wife Dawn and daughters Emma and Anna.

Logan Murray, CFP®, RICP®

About Logan Murray, CFP®, RICP®, EA

I’m Logan Murray, a financial planner and tax preparer for Pocket Project.

Pocket Project started with the simple goal of helping my peers get access to financial planning early in their careers. Getting financial help from an advisor can be intimidating, and it’s hard to know if the advisor has your best interests at heart. Pocket Project was developed to help young individuals, couples, and businesses get control of their financial situation. My promise is full transparency and to ease that feeling of “am I doing enough?”.

Pocket Project’s mission is to provide financial management to individuals, families and businesses by working as an advisor and accountability partner. This is done through a comprehensive approach to your full financial picture – how your retirement plans work with your investment accounts, how your company benefits work with your individual insurance policies, how your different types of bank accounts affect your taxes, etc.. Most of my clients are closer to the beginning of their careers than the end and have never hired a financial advisor. Because of this, my approach includes financial education along with recommendations to empower you and instill confidence in the decisions you are making. As an accountability partner, I make sure that action items are getting completed and help you stay on track to reach your financial goals.

Your finances should be seen as a lifetime “Project” that is constantly changing and requiring updates. I formed my company to be a guide and a partner throughout these changes, and assist in making the best decision for you.

I look forward to hearing more about you!

Read Logan’s blog here: https://www.pocketprojectfp.com/blog

Ryan Shannon, CFP®

About Ryan Shannon, CFP®

R.M. Shannon Wealth Management is founded on the belief that wealth management starts with truly knowing our clients. As such, we offer exceptional service to select clientele.
With a full understanding of your situation, lifestyle, family, priorities, and goals, we then help you use your wealth for the things in life you value most. This is growing and using wealth according to your values.

We are an independent, fee-only registered investment adviser with no ties to any one financial institution—differentiating ourselves from employees of banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies. We do this to assure an objective position with no incentive to sell anything or invest in a certain fund. We believe that by being truly independent, we can see the best ways to serve you. This reduces conflicts of interest and assists us in getting to know our clients. We are here to do with a client’s wealth what is best for them.

Tim Doehrmann, CFP®

About Tim Doehrmann, CFP®

Tim Doehrmann is a Fee-Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ serving the greater Peoria, IL area from his office in Morton, IL. His firm, Eagle Ridge Wealth Advisors, provides financial planning, retirement planning and investment management solutions to help clients organize, grow and secure their financial lives. Eagle Ridge Wealth Advisors is a fiduciary firm that places clients’ best interests first.