Jesse Carlucci, CFP®, Ph.D.

About Jesse Carlucci, CFP®, Ph.D.

Jesse is a family financial planner and founder of Arrow Investment Management. He helps everyday Americans reach their financial and lifestyle goals, and is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom.

Prior to starting Arrow Investment Management, he spent eight years in higher education as a university professor, and has a strong background as a researcher, teacher, and mentor. He develops and helps implement customized investment, estate, and financial solutions for all the families he works with. As a fiduciary, he takes his ethical obligations to work in the best interest of his clients very seriously.

The Arrow process:
1.) Initial consultation
2.) Gather data
3.) Analyze and recommend
4.) Implement the plan
5.) Monitor and update the plan

Jesse lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, where they enjoy hiking the national parks, golf, and spending time outdoors.

Jesse received his Ph.D from the University of Oklahoma in 2012, his M.S. from the University at Buffalo in 2008, and a B.A. from Binghamton University in 2005. He is a CFP® professional and also a lecturer at the University of Virginia in the Certified Financial Planning Certificate program.

Jesse is the author of Money Milestones: A twelve-month personal finance journey, and over ten professional technical papers. He writes monthly personal finance articles at “Arrow Investment Education”.

Scott Monk, CFP®, CFA

About Scott Monk, CFP®, CFA, MBA

Many years ago, I felt a clear calling to devote my life to building wealth for the purpose of funneling as much of it as possible into the ministries and charities I feel passionately about. When I first caught this vision, I was fresh out of college, and since I came from a family of limited means, I worked and took out student loans to pay for college. All that to say, this vision came to me as I was drowning in student loan debt with no idea what this was going to look like or where it would take me. However, I decided to just step out in faith and let the vision guide me.

I carried this dream in my heart throughout business school and then through countless hours studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certifications. All the while, I would find myself daydreaming about the charitable legacy I could leave and spending my free time researching strategies to maximize the impact of that legacy. I started Charis Legacy Partners to take all that I have learned on this journey and share it with others who care deeply about their financial legacy. This firm is my way of connecting with and giving back to my tribe of legacy-minded wealth stewards.

I started my investing journey in the early 2000’s during the dotcom bubble, so I have been through multiple market cycles. I began my professional career in financial services as an equity analyst for a boutique hedge fund, and after business school, I spent eight years with Vanguard, which is where my career as a wealth planner began. I have been married to my lovely wife, Erin, since 2009, and we have three children who keep me busy outside of work; I am passionate about raising them to be well-rounded, curious and thoughtful individuals who prize character and integrity above all else. I love the outdoors and exploring new places, learning new things and experiencing new cultures.

Jason Demland, CFP®

About Jason Demland, CFP®

I could have probably been a teacher. Or a rock-star. Rock-star would have been good too.

I love being a financial planner and am most fulfilled when I get to help people understand how their future can be impacted by financial decisions they make right now.

I’m a SmartVestor Pro because I relate to people using Dave Ramsey’s program to get their financial lives straight. I’ve been there myself. I’m there now!

Many years ago, in a new business venture in agriculture with my dad, in a rented old Case IH Magnum that only got AM radio, I heard a lot of the Dave Ramsey show by God’s providence. Dave gave me some hope that my new wife and I could be prosperous in spite of our poor decisions and meager means and that got me really interested in personal finance.

When the business failed, I looked for and found a job in finance. I loved it.

I met Jason Bernal with whom I shared a passion for pure financial planning and Blue Jay was born. We’ve helped hundreds of people plan, invest, and retire since. I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a B.S.B.A. in Finance and concentration in Financial Planning. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and specialize in helping young families manage the tax, estate, and investment challenges that come with inheriting a family farm when they don’t plan on continuing to farm while honoring the values and work of their family.

My wife Amanda and I have 5 children and live in Defiance, OH. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and love gathering together with the saints at Peace Reformed Church. I’m passionately pro life and am blessed to serve on the board for the CPC Women’s Health Resource. I sometimes have a beard and/or long hair. I play the guitar and love music. I love playing basketball and reading fiction.

Greg Will, CFP®, CPA

About Greg Will, CFP®, CPA, CIMA, MTAX, RMA, PFS, CFE

Greg is a financial advisor with over ten years of financial services and tax experience. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting and a Master’s of Science in Taxation from the University of Baltimore, and completed the Investment Management Theory and Practice program at Yale. Greg specializes in retirement planning because he enjoys helping clients remain financially secure so that they can make the most out of their retirement. Greg also has an expertise in advising stock option recipients, high net worth individuals, and trusts. Greg has a passion for minimizing clients’ taxes so that they can keep more of their hard-earned money, he enjoys the challenge of incorporating advanced tax planning into holistic financial plans for clients.

Greg is a member of several professional organizations, regularly presents seminars for professional groups, and has testified as an expert witness. Greg enjoys spending his free time with his wife and three sons.

What do all those letters stand for?

CPA- Certified Public Accountant

CFP- Certified Financial Planner

CIMA- Certified Investment Management Analyst

MTAX- Masters in Taxation

RMA- Retirement Management Advisor

PFS- Personal Financial Specialist

CFE- Certified Fraud Examiner

Read Greg’s blog here:

Christy Latraille, CFP®, CPA

About Christy Latraille, CFP®, CPA

Christy is a Certified Public Accountant, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ and founder of Crystal Clear Wealth Management, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm.

Christy’s passion for financial planning, investment management and individual taxation will give you the confidence you deserve. Schedule your complimentary introduction meeting to find out if we are a good fit.

Joel Huet, CFP®, CTFA

About Joel Huet, CFP®, CTFA, CISP

Joel graduated from Fort Hays State University (1986) with his BBA. He later obtained his MBA from the University of Missouri- Kansas City (1992). Joel is also a graduate of the Cannon Trust School, Pepperdine University and the College for Financial Planning, Denver, Colorado. In addition to his CFP®, Joel also has his Certified Trust and Financial Advisor(CTFA) and Certified IRA Professional (CISP) designations.

Prior to founding White Sand Wealth Management, Joel was the Trust Market Manager for Mobank. He has also held positions as the Division Manager for the Wealth Management Group at Blue Ridge Bank and as the Director of Sales for the Commerce Trust Company.

Joel is a member of the Children’s Mercy Hospital Planned Giving Council and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City Corporate Club. He is also the former Chairman of the Missouri Bankers Association Trust Services Committee and Vice Chairman of Hillcrest Transitional Housing of Clay County. Joel is a current member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

Doug Oosterhart, CFP®

About Doug Oosterhart, CFP®

Over the better part of a decade, I’ve had the privilege to work with a variety of clients, ranging from millennials just starting their careers, to multi-generational nine-figure business owners and families. Having thousands of client meetings has shown me that financial planning is complex, but the process doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming.

​I began working in financial services in early 2013 as an insurance agent while getting my degree in Finance from Michigan State University. I then developed a passion for financial planning, but felt that there was a disconnect that left the client questioning a couple of things: How does this advisor get paid? Is this advisor obligated to work in my best interest (fiduciary)? With those questions in mind, I started researching business models, and concluded that to best serve my clients, starting an independent Registered Investment Adviser was the best option. During that time, I also earned my CFP® designation and am among only 4.85% of CFP® Professionals under the age of 30.

Transparency, integrity, and mastery of financial strategies in my client relationships are some of the most important values that I adopted early on. I found that clients actually desire and appreciate an advisor that is younger than them and probably won’t be retiring at the same time they are. I am dedicated to serving clients to and through their biggest decisions, while aligning money with life to make work optional.

Justin Porter, CFP®, CPA, J.D.

About Justin Porter, CFP®, CPA, J.D.

Hi, I’m Justin. I’m the founder and lead advisor at PWM. We help families who need a coordinated approach to their financial strategies for retirement. Obviously, there are plenty of advisors that offer retirement planning. What sets me apart is the extra horsepower I have in the areas of tax planning, estate planning, asset protection and charitable giving.

We might be a fit if, in addition to retirement planning, you:

• Pay too much in taxes.
• Want to design a strategy that protects your assets from creditors.
• Need to incorporate complex assets (businesses, investment real estate, etc.) into your retirement strategy.
• Want to improve the effectiveness or tax efficiency of your charitable giving.
• Need to update your estate plan or at least have a second set of eyes review it.
• Want to plan for the tax impact that required minimum distributions (RMD’s) will have on your strategy (particularly after the SECURE Act of 2019)
• Want to protect the assets you leave your children from taxes, creditors or divorce.
• Will inherit assets and want to plan for being a good steward of those assets.
• And/or need an effective investment strategy without unnecessary fees and expenses

Here are the cliff notes on my background and qualifications:

• Education – Georgia Tech and GSU Law
• Credentials – CPA, CFP® & JD
• I transitioned to the wealth management industry in 2014 but have been serving the same type of clientele since 2009 in the accounting and legal industries. I don’t practice law or accounting anymore, but they are useful skills to have in constructing a comprehensive financial plan.
• Started my career in public accounting with Frazier & Deeter. I spent several years preparing tax returns and recommending tax planning strategies for high-net worth families and small business owners.
• Worked for a boutique estate planning and corporate law firm in Atlanta where I drafted wills, trusts, ownership agreements, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, etc.

I have held 3 different financial planning positions prior to starting my own firm in 2018. One was at a large bank with very wealthy clients ($20-90mm net worth), one was with a fee-only RIA with wealthy clients ($3-20mm net worth), and one was with a fee-based RIA with millionaire next door type clients ($1-5mm net worth). From that experience, I learned:

• An independent, fee-only RIA is the best structure for a firm to minimize conflicts of interest.
• That each advisor at that firm should be held to the fiduciary standard for every piece of advice they give their clients. Splitting hairs over when you are required to act as a fiduciary and when you can be held to a lower standard only hurts the client.
• The bundled service model of charging for investment management and providing financial planning for “free” is not very transparent. It also doesn’t work for families who have a more complex balance sheet. I offer an unbundled approach. You can hire me for financial planning, investment management or both.
• Most families benefit from replacing the comprehensive planning meetings that occur only once or twice a year with shorter, more frequent meetings. The material is easier to digest and we can focus on the part of your financial life that matters most to you at that time. We leverage technology to make these extra meetings happen where and when you want them.

It usually makes sense to “try before you buy” when hiring a financial advisor. If you think I might be a good fit for your family, why don’t we start with a FREE consultation. Usually, consultations last about an hour. During that time, you can get a better understanding for the services I provide and how I provide them. I’ll also ask you a number of questions to gain a basic understanding for your current situation and what plans you have in store for the future. I should be able to provide some recommendations during the meeting. If it looks like there might be a fit, I’ll provide you with a proposal for my services which includes a full recap of our meeting and a handful of written recommendations following our consultation. It will take a week or two to draft that document depending on the needs of my current clients but it should be worth the wait.

I do not charge for consultations and there are no strings attached. Here is the link to my calendar if you’d like to self-schedule a zoom meeting or phone call.

If you prefer not to use the app, you are welcome to reach out to me directly via e-mail (whfgva@cbegrejz.pbz). Here is my cell (540-270-7542) and office line (404-954-2720) if you prefer a phone call. Please leave a voicemail with your name and number if I don’t pick up. Chances are I’m in a meeting but can call you back soon.

Matthew D. Porter, CFP®, J.D.

About Matthew D. Porter, CFP®, J.D.

Hi, I’m Matt. My job as a financial planner is to make your life simpler. To help you efficiently and effectively narrow down your options, so you can make the right decisions. And be confident in those decisions for the long-term. Financial planning and investment management are often muddied by unnecessary complexity (usually in an effort to sell you something). It doesn’t need to be this way.

I began my career in the financial services industry in 2003 as an analyst with the due diligence law firm Snyder Kearney, LLC (Columbia, MD). At Snyder Kearney, I reviewed public and private securities offerings and evaluated national securities sponsoring companies, focusing on real estate investments and non-traditional investment products. It was there that I realized that I wanted to know more about the practice of law and a lot more about the pretty co-worker in the cubicle next to me, Sylvie.

I earned my law degree in 2007 from the University of Baltimore School of Law and married Sylvie in 2008; further proof that education and personal relationships are the investments that produce the best returns.

After law school, I practiced law with the firm David Albert & Associates, LLC (Bethesda, MD), focusing in estate planning and administration, guardianship administration, taxation of estates and trusts, and business formations. There, I recognized that helping clients through complicated and often stressful issues was intellectually stimulating and emotionally fulfilling.

In 2010, I opened Patuxent Financial Partners, LLC, registered as an Investment Adviser with the State of Maryland in 2017.

Here, I leverage my legal background to provide clients with value-added insight in the overlapping areas of estate and financial planning. More importantly, as a personal financial planner and small business owner, I can build lasting relationships with clients and their families; these connections make my work fulfilling, because client success becomes intertwined with my own.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and hold the FINRA Series 65 securities registration.

Raised in Columbia, Maryland, I graduated from McDaniel College with a bachelor’s degree in English. When I sneak out of the office and escape from my phone, I enjoy fly fishing, reading, and hiking with my wife, son, and our Siberian Husky, Lou.