Konnor Tranoris, CFP®

About Konnor Tranoris, CFP®

Hello! My name is Konnor and I help individuals and families in pursuit of their financial goals. I am a fee-only fiduciary with no assets under management minimums or net worth requirements. I am looking to serve all walks of life in their journey towards financial independence. I started Wealth Den Financial after working for a few years in the industry with a mix of small, medium, and large financial institutions and realizing not everyone is client focused. I currently live in Minneapolis area with my wife but work virtually with clients throughout Minnesota. I believe firmly in the accessibility of qualified financial advice to all, and not just those of us who have been successful already. I am always interested in connecting and learning more about everyone’s story. Feel free to reach out and connect.

Ryan McCarty, CFP®

About Ryan McCarty, CFP®

I want to redefine what financial planning means to you and your family. You deserve accessible, relatable, financial services. You deserve an independent advisor that works for you and only you. A fee-only firm, McCarty Money Matters is proud to provide a no bias approach that focuses on your needs, desires, and expectations. No sales pitches and no quotas. You are our boss.

Whether it’s portfolio management, financial coaching, or comprehensive planning, you won’t be disappointed. No commissions, no-nonsense. You want to talk about your money so that you get the most from it so you can do the voodoo that you do so well. Plain and simple.

You and your family want to win with your money. What does winning look like to you? That’s the question you will uncover, and answer, working alongside McCarty Money Matters. Let’s raise a glass to the future and meet today.

Jordan Benold, CFP®, MBA

About Jordan Benold, CFP®, MBA

My name is Jordan Benold, and I am a Certified Financial Planner™ at Benold Financial Planning.

I have a passion for financial planning and guiding people through the thicket of financial jargon, rules and regulations to help them achieve financial independence. I want my clients to feel confident and safe that they are making the correct decisions for their personal situation.

I aide pre-retirement professionals through the following topics:

✅ Investment Management
✅ Risk (Insurance) Analysis
✅ Retirement Planning
✅ Tax Planning
✅ College Education Planning
✅ Estate Planning

However, as a fiduciary fee-only financial planner, I do not engage in the below:

❌ Commissions
❌ Sales
❌ Products

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation.

🔘 817-235-6863
🔘 wbeqna@orabyqsc.pbz
🔘 https://calendly.com/jordanbfp/

Zhi Li, CFP®

About Zhi Li, CFP®

I am a big history geek (Church history fascinates me) I’m always down for a great sport narrative (Derek Redmond, you’re an inspiration) and I’ve been moved to tears by more Pixar movies than I’d like to admit. (My wife still teases me about them). When I’m not rooting for the underdog, or trying to get my daughter to enjoy books as much as I do, you can find me enjoying Saturday morning breakfasts with my wife.

If you have been considering financial planning, you have come to the right place. Our finances can be a source of shame and anxiety, but they can also be a source of so much joy when they allow us to do the very things that satisfy us – traveling, learning, spending time with loved ones, or supporting great causes, just to name a few. I have been on both sides of that coin. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by “finance stuff” and would like nothing better than to do something, anything else. I also know the sense of satisfaction that comes when our “finance stuff’ is under control and working for the life we want to live to live instead of the life we are pressured to live.

I graduated with a degree in Accounting (Best decision of my life) and spent 11 yrs in the Financial Services Industry. As a lifelong learner, I am always eager to bring what I am continuously learning to improve people’s lives. I am inspired to help individuals and families reach joy in their lives by helping them discover their goals and walking with them to crush what they set out to do. My mission is to help you feel proud of your finances and in control of your life.

When we are working together, you can expect from me professionalism with a strong dose of humanity (finances do not need to be cold) and humor (finances do not need to be bland) You can expect humility, empathy, experience, and an eagerness to help you develop your financial wellness.

William Hatton, CFP®

About William Hatton, CFP®

Hello! My name is Billy, owner of Billfold Budget Counseling.

I believe that money is not a natural thing. Be it overspending, living paycheck to paycheck, or a low credit score…these money mishaps are actually quite common.

Because of this, I feel that there’s no shame in not understanding personal finance. Heck, when I was studying accounting as an undergrad, I managed to get in over my head with credit card debt. A situation due to a lack of personal finance knowledge. But this overwhelming burden would weigh on my every action, and my not-so-wise decision to ignore the problem only made it worse. I was eventually able to pay off my debt through sheer chance (and lots of part-time work), but I never wanted to feel that level of anxiety again.

However, what was bad for me is often worse for others. In this country, there are haves and have-nots, and money has historically been hoarded by haves: rich, white, powerful men. As a privileged white male, I had the opportunities that lead me to eventually being debt-free. I could see how my challenges were relatively small compared to the structural issues that other folks face. So, I’ve made it my mission to not only provide financial planning, education, and coaching but to have my advice be as accessible as possible. Especially to those who have had dealt with money hardships, but still want to give back to their communities.

That way, you can focus on your mission to make the world a compassionate, diverse, and understanding place.

So if you’re ready to enlist help to tackle your financial burdens (without cliché, condescending advice like “eat less avocado toast” or “don’t buy lattes”), please reach out for a complimentary consultation.


Tara Unverzagt, CFP®, MBA

About Tara Unverzagt, CFP®, MBA, CFT-I, CTEC, RTRP registered tax preparer

South Bay Financial Partners was founded by Tara Unverzagt, who first explored financial planning as a young girl growing up with a mom who became a financial planner in the 1970s before the career even existed. Tara follows her mother in breaking new ground by helping expand the future of financial advice with the Financial Therapy Association. Dealing not just with the numbers but also the fear, shame, anxiety behind the numbers that prevent you from being your best.

Stuart, our Assistant Advisor, is Spanish speaking and a first-generation college graduate in his family. He brings important knowledge and experience to our team.

“We believe it’s your day to day decisions that make the difference in achieving financial success or not.” – South Bay Financial Partners team

Tara has been working in financial planning, investment advice, and tax preparation for over 25 years. She and the South Bay Financial Planning team are excited to help young adults who are just starting their working careers and in a couple’s relationship, set up a strong foundation in making money decisions. Many of our clients are couples with one freelancer navigating a new business launch.

Your finances should support your life and not the other way around. You should have a life plan that includes your values and helps you live by them without shame, fear, anxiety, or depression. Your budget should tell your story.

We’re not afraid to look at the emotional side of money decisions to make sure your journey is emotionally satisfying in addition to calculating the numbers. This can’t be done in a quick one or two-hour meeting. We go on a journey with you that we call Your Amazing Life.