Jiayi Xu, CFP®, MBA

About Jiayi Xu, CFP®, MBA

Kristy Jiayi Xu is the founder of Global Wealth Harbor, a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor in San Francisco Bay area. She is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®). Global Wealth Harbor offers investment management and financial planning services to clients in both the wealth accumulation and wealth preservation stages. Kristy specializes in serving tech professionals, business owners, and Chinese immigrants who moved to the U.S. for education/work/business with cross-border financial planning needs.

Kristy is originally from China (and is a native mandarin speaker) and came to the U.S. at age 16 entered a boarding school in Pennsylvania. She received her bachelor degree from New York University, Stern School of Business and worked at Raymond James and The Stanich Group analyzing securities and developing investment portfolios for clients. She then came to realize that she wanted to meet the clients whom she built the investment portfolios for and directly help them with their investments and financial plans. So, Kristy pursued an MBA degree at Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business, where she met her husband who was pursuing a PhD in Physics in the same university and they moved to the bay area after graduation. Kristy got to know many tech professionals from Carnegie Mellon University and they came to her asking questions about their investments. This is when she made up her mind to start her own company to help those who are great at their profession but need some help with their personal finance.

Kristy is passionate about utilizing her expertise to help her clients achieve their financial goals. She also enjoys sharing her financial planning knowledge, so you will see her sharing thoughts on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Investor Business Daily, Wealth Management, etc. She writes blog posts on financial planning subjects in her spare time.

Read Kristy’s blog here: https://www.globalwealthharbor.com/blog-posts

Jane Mepham, CFP®

About Jane Mepham, CFP®

Hi, I’m Jane Mepham, a Certified Financial Planner and the founder of Elgon Financial Advisors.

I know what it means to move to a new country and be a cultural stranger despite what would have been considered some great academic credentials in the technology space.

I recall being frustrated at not knowing who or where to turn to for answers on personal finance as I wrestled with issues like taxes, investments, stock options, company-provided benefits, insurance, etc.

I turned to friends and looking back, I was lucky to not derail my American dream with some of the suggestions I was getting, but at the same time, I missed out on some great opportunities that would have allowed me to make different financial choices.

My goal is to help you avoid those mistakes, and partner with you as you pursue your version of the American dream.

Before, I became a financial advisor, I spent over 17 years in the high-tech field, rubbing shoulders with a lot of immigrants and their families – giving me valuable experience, that I draw upon in my advising business.

I understand the confusion and the disadvantage that comes with being in a new financial system, as a foreign-born individual. And over the years, I have helped clients answer questions like
– How Does the U.S. financial system work?
– What can I invest in if I’m on a work visa like H-1B, L-1 etc?
– How can I save for my kids’ college if I don’t know how long I’m going to be here?
– What about my overseas investments/assets?
– What tax strategies can I use to ensure, I maximize my resources
– How do I support my family here and overseas?
– How do I ensure, I stay on the right side of the taxman?
– How do I manage stock options especially if I am on a work visa?

My approach to planning is very hands-on via an agile methodology. While keeping your immigration status front and center, together we work on issues like
– Spending plans
– Retirement saving
– College funding and especially the options available to those on work visas
– Insurance planning
– Estate planning
– Gifting strategies
– Tax planning strategies
– Building generational wealth
– Investment strategies
– Saving for major goals including that special trip back home
– Essentially anything that involves money in your life.

If you are looking to partner with a Certified Financial Planner, who will keep your cultural background front and center of the planning relationship, let’s chat and together figure out a path forwards.

Arielle Tucker, CFP®, EA

About Arielle Tucker, CFP®, EA

Arielle has spent over a decade working on personal tax and financial planning issues for clients who, like her, live and work in Europe. She founded Connected Financial Planning to empower professionals and families to build a life that reflects their core values while building a stable financial future. She believes that financial education is the cornerstone of every client relationship.

Through years of education and industry experience, Arielle has in-depth expertise in the cross-border space, specifically in tax planning, cash flow management, and retirement/life planning. She is both a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ and IRS Enrolled Agent.

While Arielle primarily serves clients virtually, in-person meetings may be available upon request.

Contact Arielle here: https://calendly.com/connectedfp

Ariadne Horstman, CFP®, RLP®

About Ariadne Horstman, CFP®, RLP®

I have been practicing financial planning since 2008 and came to this profession out of a desire to help others and work in a meaningful profession where I can impact lives positively. A graduate of Smith College, I worked in consulting and marketing earlier in my career and came to financial planning later. My broad experience and liberal arts education have been helpful in understanding a range of different clients in various life situations. Having lived in France, India and the UK, I have international skills to bring to those with cross border situations. I founded my own firm in 2015 and merged with Emilie Goldman’s firm, Tamarind Financial Planning, in October of 2022. George Kinder’s Life Planning training allowed me to delve deeper into the part of client’s lives that focuses on what they want to get out of their time on this earth so we can direct their finances towards that. I love the outdoors, yoga, Pilates, reading, creative writing and meditation. Married to an academic working in Climate Finance means at times spending significant time in other countries and travelling. Our two children are now pursuing their studies so we are fresh empty nesters!

Sefa Mawuli, CFP®

About Sefa Mawuli, CFP®

Hi! I’m Sefa, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Investment Adviser Representative who helps people with cross-border ties organize their finances to meet their life goals. I also have extensive experience working with globally-mobile professionals and executives who receive equity compensation (RSUs, RS, ISOs, NQSOs).

My practice approach is hands-on and ongoing. I essentially act as a personal CFO: helping my clients to manage their overall financial life and life events – beyond just investments.

Together, we tackle:
-Cash flow and budgeting
-Saving for goals and major purchases
-Tax strategy
-Insurance planning
-Estate planning
-Financial independence and retirement planning
…and the various events that life conjures up.

Typical client questions for me:
How do I manage/plan for cash flow and savings when international travel is central to my family values?
How do I manage cash flow and accounts in different currencies?
How do I plan for retirement when I’m not sure where I’ll retire?
How do I manage my equity when some of it was granted while I worked overseas?
How do I think about real estate (overseas and here in the US)?
How do I minimize taxes when I have tax obligations in different countries?
How do I save for my children’s college when I’m not sure where in the world they will go to college?
How do I support family here and abroad?

If you’re seeking a long-term partnership with a comprehensive financial planner who can guide you through all aspects of your financial life in the US and wherever life may take you, please send me a note and we can figure out if we’re a mutual fit.

Paul Borges, CFP®, CFA

About Paul Borges, CFP®, CFA, MSC

Borges Financial strives to be a trusted financial advisor bringing unbiased fee-only advice to our clients. Our goal is to maximize our clients’ wealth and aid them in achieving their financial goals/objectives. We believe investing for financial returns and investing for impact do not have to be mutually exclusive. We help clients understand what they currently own in their portfolios and how they can better align their money with their values and/or mission.

Paul is the Founder of Borges Financial. He is a US citizen born and raised in the Midwest, but has spent nearly 7 years as an expat studying and working in Scandinavia, initially in Copenhagen, Denmark and most recently in Oslo, Norway.

He has a range of financial industry experience having worked at Ameriprise Financial in Chicago, IL, Nordea Bank in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Ernst & Young in Oslo, Norway. Roles have ranged from investment management, ESG analysis, financial planning, to consulting.

Paul has a Graduate degree in Management from Copenhagen Business School and an Undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Additionally, Paul continuously strives to further develop his skillsets and has earned both his CFA Charter and CFP® certification.

Victor Gersten, CFP®, EA

About Victor Gersten, CFP®, EA

I am not your typical financial advisor because of my unique background. I grew up in Mexico City in a household with a single mother and two sisters, thus, I have tremendous respect for women and a passion for seeing them succeed financially.

I have always been curious to see all that the world offers. I have been lucky enough to explore the impressive Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to the enigmatic city of Petra in Jordan, I have traveled to 40 countries. Hence, I understand why many Americans want to live abroad: rich cultures, exquisite cuisine, hospitable people, and let’s say it: a more affordable cost of living.

Since 2007 when I entered the financial services industry, I have enjoyed doing financial and strategic planning for Americans who wish to move abroad and need some extra help planning around their finances. I’m particularly well-prepared for working with expats as I am a virtual financial advisor with a deep understanding of the financial needs of those who have a home away from home.

Early retirement is more than just not working; it signifies attaining financial independence, i.e., the freedom to work on your terms. My passion is helping you achieve your personal definition of financial success, whether that is early financial independence, retirement abroad, or something else. Let’s make a customized money investment plan that fits your needs!

Bryan Haggard, CFP®, CFA

About Bryan Haggard, CFP®, CFA

RetireMitten Financial specializes in helping family’s transition into retirement. We are also experts in cross-border financial planning, specifically helping families that have worked in both the U.S. and Canada.

In order to help families realize their dream of a successful retirement, we go through a three-step process.

Step 1: The Retirement Roadmap
Initially, we go through a comprehensive retirement plan and goal setting process. What do you want your ideal retirement to look like? How do you envision spending your newfound free time? Great, let’s put together a plan so that you can stop worrying, and start enjoying retirement.

Step 2: The Retirement Paycheck
Once goals are established, we now need to build an investment portfolio to help meet those goals. We believe in a cash-flow matching investment strategy. Cash-flow matching involves creating a monthly “retirement paycheck”, to help meet your goals. This allows you to feel comfortable generating a steady stream of income, regardless of the ups and down of the stock market.

Step 3: On-going Planning and Support
The initial plan and investment strategy are only the beginning. Things change a lot in retirement. The stock market, your goals, and your life are ever changing. So should your retirement plan. Our systematic approach to meetings allows us to consistently change your plan as soon as your goals change. That European river cruise you woke up last night dreaming about, let’s figure out how to make it a reality.

Looking for a Stress-Free and Fulfilling Retirement?
If you are looking for an experienced financial planner to help guide you through retirement, let’s talk.

Malissa Marshall, CFP®, Master’s in Taxation (MS Tax)

About Malissa Marshall, CFP®, Master’s in Taxation (MS Tax), EA

I serve as a personal CFO for busy corporate executives who require advanced tax and financial planning and need a 360 degree perspective on your finances to make effective, goal-based decisions in the little time you have. While tax planning serves as the backbone, focusing through the tax lens alone is insufficient – it’s critical to step back and make sure that all aspects of your financial life are fully aligned to support your goals.

As a trusted advisor, I can provide actionable guidance to help you achieve your personal goals by helping you set priorities, explore alternatives, and understand potential unintended consequences, allowing you to make decisions with confidence. At this stage in your career, you are laser-focused on growing your wealth – it’s my job to help you protect and preserve it.

Services include:

– Creation of an initial, comprehensive financial plan based on your personal goals
– Two planning meetings per year (spring and fall)
– Portfolio management up to $250,000 (optional)
– Detailed tax projections and planning guidance
– Tax preparation (if elected)
– Additional funds can be managed at 0.5% management fee (paid quarterly)

Read Malissa’s blog here: https://www.soaring-wealth.com/blog

Daniel Tobias, CFP®

About Daniel Tobias, CFP®

My career began in Washington, D.C. I finished studies at George Washington University, then moved from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to a career as a management consultant with IBM. Although the work was I did was always interesting, it wasn’t what I would or could call a calling or a passion. I needed a goal.

Thankfully, my wife Jillian was on-board with the idea of leaving it all behind to travel the world, so that’s what we did. After spending years with a singular financial goal, careers were put on hold, the plunge was taken and next thing we knew we were petting grey whales in Mexico on day one of a trip through 50 countries around the globe over 21 months.

Then we came home.

I was a new person in need of a new career; I wasn’t interested in opening a travel agency and that meant financial planning was the next logical choice. Why you ask? The number one question I’m asked about that trip is how we paid for it! When it comes down to it, my career today is about helping others realize their own goals—retirement, travel, education, lifestyle, etc.—and that’s just what I had done for myself. Bringing that experience to my career, to help others do the same, means I no longer have a career…this is a calling.

I joined my father in Florida and followed his footsteps to become a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional. Later, with three children—Amira, Nora and Samuel—Jillian and I decided it was time to leave Florida and put down roots in a place where we could spend more time doing the things we loved to do like whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and camping. Although my first position in North Carolina was a rewarding one, I wanted to focus more of my time working with people and helping them achieve their dreams. Out of that desire Passport Wealth Management was born.