Ed Coambs, CFP®, CFT-I™

About Ed Coambs, CFP®, CFT-I™, LMFT

Ed Coambs MBA, MA, MS, CFP®, CFT-I™, is an internationally recognized thought leader and award-winning author in financial therapy. He leads couples through Therapy-Informed Financial Planning™ from financial despair and frustration into financial intimacy and connection using the latest in love and brain science. His ideas appear in the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, Time, and CNBC. He earned master’s degrees in business, counseling, and financial planning. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and Certified Financial Therapist-I™.

Ed is the founder of HealthyLoveandMoney.com, an organization on a mission to help couples transform their relationship through learning, healing, and growing. He offers fee-only Theray-Informed Financial Planing™, social content, books, courses, blogs, and podcasts through this website, all aimed at helping couples and the professionals that serve them understand where their relationship and money challenges come from and how to create financial intimacy in their lives.

Listen to Ed’s podcast here: https://www.healthyloveandmoney.com/podcasts/healthy-love-and-money

Jacob Stalder, CFP®

About Jacob Stalder, CFP®

As a Fee-Only, Advice Only planner, I am passionate about empowering and leading others through the nuances and complexities of financial planning I am passionate about my work, and believe in meeting people where they are at in life, and being in service of others when possible. I do this through professional engagements that provide you with meaningful value, clear and concise communication, and an actionable roadmap intended to help you implement the recommendations I provide.

We can work together in an ongoing basis, virtually or in-person, or work together on an as needed, hourly basis in order to help you best achieve your financial and life goals. My planning process is clarified at the start of an engagement so you understand what I provide though our regular meetings, and how I monitor and analyze your situation behind the scenes.

Outside of my passion for planning, my wife and I are both outdoor enthusiasts. I enjoy kayaking, running, cycling, skiing, and pickleball in my free time. We also make time to travel and experience the world, which aligns with some of the core tenets of Navigate Financial Planning.

I offer a 30 minute introductory call to see if I am a good fit for your unique planning need. If you are looking to learn more about how I can help, I’m always happy to have a conversation.

Tim Melia, CFP®, MBA

About Tim Melia, CFP®, MBA

After working in financial planning for 14 years and then starting, operating, and selling a real estate firm in Washington State, I’m excited to return to financial planning with my own firm, Embolden Financial Planning LLC. My passion for financial planning, financial literacy education, and the desire to help family and friends led me to a career in financial planning, and now I have the opportunity to serve clients in the way I believe it should be done: with transparent, hourly fee-based personal financial advice and comprehensive planning.

Rachel Lawrence, CFP®, MSFP

About Rachel Lawrence, CFP®, MSFP

I’ve known that working with money was my calling since senior year of high school. As it turns out, I’ve poured my entire career (20+ years) into financial planning and coaching, starting with data entry and paperwork, then building financial plans and implementing the recommendations for other advisors. I started taking my own planning clients in 2007, got my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification, an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designation, and a few years later, a Masters degree in Personal Financial Planning from my alma mater Bentley University.

In 2012 I made the leap from traditional firms with high minimums to a new way of working with regular Americans: fintech (aka financial technology). Since then, my mission has been to find scalable ways using technology to bring financial planning to those who need it the most – in particular, women and their allies. Now I get to accomplish some of this through my work with clients at Reverie Wealth, and also through my consulting firm, Plan Ventures, where I do projects for fintech and coaching companies on topics like scaling mass market financial services or coaching and automating financial planning advice.

These days, I’m passionate about money ideas that work in the real world for real people, using your core values and your body’s intelligence (head/heart/gut) to guide financial and other life decisions, backing up financial planning principles with research and evidence, tackling systemic issues in ways that can be good for both the world and our bottom lines, and like a true Enneagram 7, finding ways to have fun while doing it all!

When I’m not working to bring good money to the masses, you can find me reading sci-fi and psychology books, watching reruns of New Girl and Parks & Rec, skiing or surfing with my partner and kids, traveling the world on a budget, and fighting the patriarchy.

Justin Green, CFP®, MS PFP

About Justin Green, CFP®, MS PFP

The real me.. (keep scrolling for the professional version)

In my free time, I love to spend time with my fiancée, family, and friends. I’m usually in a gym or somewhere by the water during the summer (I hibernate during the winter). I love to read business and personal growth books, listen to podcasts, binge documentaries, or watch Boston sports during my downtime.

My fiancée is a travel nurse, so we currently bounce around the United States every 13 weeks.

I believe that life is too short to take it seriously all the time, so I try to inject humor often. A little laughter goes a long way.


Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning, Kansas State University

I decided to pursue my interest in personal finance a few years after receiving a Bachelors of Science in Sports Management from the State University of New York at Cortland. I was living in Manhattan, Kansas (the Little Apple) at the time and I decided to enroll in the Personal Financial Planning program at Kansas State University.

In 2016, I completed the education requirement of the CFP® certification and entered the profession at a small fee-only firm on Cape Cod, MA. During that time, I became a CFP® Professional after fulfilling all of the necessary requirements. In December 2019, I graduated from K-State with a Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning (MSPFP).

At some point, I will probably add more designations and add to the alphabet soup after my name.

Why fitness coaches & fitness entrepreneurs?
“I had a decision to make. Pursue fitness coaching as my future? Or become a financial planner?”

When I was around 23 years old I realized I was in the wrong job and the wrong industry. I went to school for Sports Management but for the past 3 years I had been selling cheerleading uniforms…

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been passionate about two things: Fitness and Finance

Therefore, I had a decision to make. Pursue fitness coaching as my future? Or become a financial planner?

It was very close! But ultimately I chose to keep fitness as my passion and continued to consume fitness coaching content.

Fast forward to March 2021 when I launched Assist FP, I found myself in a position to work with anyone I wanted to.

And I chose you!

I chose online fitness coaches and fitness entrepreneurs.

Because you’re my people and I believe the work you’re doing is going to change lives!

Jake Courtney, CFP®, CSLP

About Jake Courtney, CFP®, CSLP

Hi, I’m Jake. I’m a financial planner based out of Ohio and the founder of MillennialFP. Just like you, I grew up in the age of AOL instant messager, Myspace, reality TV, and the iPod. I also went to college when student loans were handed out like candy. After studying finance and accounting at Ohio University, I joined a financial services consulting firm where I learned everything I could about the financial advice industry. I learned that the average financial advisor is in their mid-50s and the average client of a financial advisor is in their mid-60s. But what about those families that haven’t had the time to build assets outside of their home equity or the 401(k)? Don’t they have money questions too? I was on a mission to serve my generation and joined a franchise of Ameriprise Financial as a financial advisor in 2020. Through trial and error, I quickly found out that I was unable to be the financial advisor that I wanted to be in the traditional model designed for retirees.

I decided that I would start a business that was specifically designed to educate and empower my generation by offering high-quality, conflict-free advice using the best tools and technology. I truly believe that we have the ability to drastically improve our lives if we change the conversation about money and align our financial decisions with what’s important to us. It’s even more true when we have the majority of our lives left to enjoy it. I launched MillennialFP in 2023 with the goal of helping as many millennial families as I can to understand, take control of, and put meaning behind their money decisions.

Jiayi Xu, CFP®, MBA

About Jiayi Xu, CFP®, MBA

Kristy Jiayi Xu is the founder of Global Wealth Harbor, a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor in San Francisco Bay area. She is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®). Global Wealth Harbor offers investment management and financial planning services to clients in both the wealth accumulation and wealth preservation stages. Kristy specializes in serving tech professionals, business owners, and Chinese immigrants who moved to the U.S. for education/work/business with cross-border financial planning needs.

Kristy is originally from China (and is a native mandarin speaker) and came to the U.S. at age 16 entered a boarding school in Pennsylvania. She received her bachelor degree from New York University, Stern School of Business and worked at Raymond James and The Stanich Group analyzing securities and developing investment portfolios for clients. She then came to realize that she wanted to meet the clients whom she built the investment portfolios for and directly help them with their investments and financial plans. So, Kristy pursued an MBA degree at Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business, where she met her husband who was pursuing a PhD in Physics in the same university and they moved to the bay area after graduation. Kristy got to know many tech professionals from Carnegie Mellon University and they came to her asking questions about their investments. This is when she made up her mind to start her own company to help those who are great at their profession but need some help with their personal finance.

Kristy is passionate about utilizing her expertise to help her clients achieve their financial goals. She also enjoys sharing her financial planning knowledge, so you will see her sharing thoughts on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Investor Business Daily, Wealth Management, etc. She writes blog posts on financial planning subjects in her spare time.

Read Kristy’s blog here: https://www.globalwealthharbor.com/blog-posts

Gus Kristoferson, CFP®, CFA

About Gus Kristoferson, CFP®, CFA

Hi there! I’m Gus. I’m a Certified Financial Planner Professional and I help psychiatric nurse practitioners and their families take charge of their finances so they can build the life they want.

My passion for personal finance was born in 2008 when my fiancée handed me Personal Finance for Dummies as we prepared to get married. And that was it. I caught the personal finance bug and went back to school to change careers. I spent the next ten years in investment management managing stock portfolios. During that time, my wife was called to nursing and became a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Together we strategized student loan payoffs and built our plan for financial independence.

I started Money on the Mind Financial Planning so I can bring that same approach to other psychiatric nurse practitioners.

Mike Staman, CFP®, MSPFP

About Mike Staman, CFP®, MSPFP

My passion is bringing clarity and confidence about money and a feeling of security to the families who have entrusted me to guide them. I have more than 25 years of experience working with hundreds of families and pair that with deep technical knowledge to help you maximize your financial life.

Working with me, we’ll first address your biggest concerns and agree on what areas to prioritize. Then we’ll identify and address gaps across all aspects of your financial plan. Retirement and goal planning, investments, and taxes are often the primary issues to address, but over time we will also review your estate plan, insurance, employee benefits, and just about any other financial issue that may come up. I especially love working with those who are philanthropically minded, helping them maximize their charitable giving to support the causes they love.

I work on a flat-fee basis, primarily with ongoing relationships but can also provide 1-time plans. I am also “advice-only”, meaning that I do not control or directly manage your investments. I do provide specific and actionable investment recommendations and can help you implement changes. I believe in low-cost, passive strategies and believe that simpler is almost always better. There are no asset minimums, but I find that I work best with mid to late-stage professionals approaching or transitioning into retirement. I primarily meet virtually and can serve clients across the country. Always 100% Fiduciary, never any products to sell you.

Pricing can vary depending on complexity, but usually consists of an initial start-up fee of $2500, then $400 monthly for as long as we agree that you are getting massive value from me. 1-time engagements typically range from $3000 to $5000.

In addition to holding the CFP® designation, I also have a master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning and am a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®. I live in Newark, Delaware with my wife Maria, and together we have 3 wonderful children, Allie, Zach, and Josh. I am involved in the community with several organizations and non-profits.

Justin Belkin, CFP®, MBA

About Justin Belkin, CFP®, MBA, PMP®

Welcome to Financial Boss where we help you become the boss of your finances. Financial Boss is dedicated to helping early-to-mid career professionals gain control over their finances with the goal of becoming financially independent. By focusing on maximizing cashflow and investment returns, we help convert your high earnings to long term wealth.

Justin Belkin is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and the lead financial planner at Financial Boss. Justin previously worked directly with clients as a financial advisor at major Wall Street firms like Morgan Stanley and Citigroup. He represented Citigroup Microfinance as a Board Member of the Microfinance Club of New York. Justin taught investments and corporate finance as an adjunct college professor.

Justin also draws on his corporate experience working as a Project Management Professional (PMP)® and software product manager at a Fortune 500 company by making the process of planning and achieving your financial goals easy and stress-free. He earned an MBA from the University of Oxford.

Financial Boss would like to help you become the boss of your finances. If you would like to learn more, then please visit our website using the link above, or click on the “Contact this advisor” button.