Rebecca Yerby, CFP®

About Rebecca Yerby, CFP®

Hello! I am Rebecca Yerby, CFP®. I reside in Birmingham, AL with my husband, two sons, and two dogs. My practice focus is working with mission-driven, young professionals and families. I believe there is a lot more to life than how much money you have in your various accounts. I want to work with clients who are looking for ways to also maximize their impact – whether that is charitable service or charitable giving. My firm’s name is based on 1 Peter 4:10, ‘As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.’ All of us have gifts that we can use to serve one another. I want to help my clients best align their resources to meet their goals while also helping find ways to impact others. When I’m not working with clients you can find me serving as a member of Rotaract Club of Birmingham and the Junior League of Birmingham. Our family is also actively involved within our local church.

Casey Fulp, CFP®

About Casey Fulp, CFP®

We could use this space to talk all about how great we are. But the decision you are making is not about us, it’s about you.

I’d rather tell you why we do what we do and why our clients work with us:

Becky Walsh, CFP®

About Becky Walsh, CFP®

I have always loved a challenge. As a child, I enjoyed Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series for its pioneering spirit and “we can do hard things” embrace of life. Founding my own financial firm, with the goal of raising others while building a business, reflects my entrepreneurial background. As the daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, and even great-great-granddaughter of business-founders dedicated to serving the communities where they lived, I carry on a family tradition of service oriented entrepreneurship, working with causes close to my heart, such as the Vermont Food Bank, All Brains Belong, and the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association.

My background as a classically trained musician informs my financial planning approach. My academic research and analysis skills transfer from notes and music theory to financial planning and portfolio management. Whether serving clients or playing piano, I bring joy, creativity and a healing energy to my work.

Justin Green, CFP®, MS PFP

About Justin Green, CFP®, MS PFP

The real me.. (keep scrolling for the professional version)

In my free time, I love to spend time with my fiancée, family, and friends. I’m usually in a gym or somewhere by the water during the summer (I hibernate during the winter). I love to read business and personal growth books, listen to podcasts, binge documentaries, or watch Boston sports during my downtime.

My fiancée is a travel nurse, so we currently bounce around the United States every 13 weeks.

I believe that life is too short to take it seriously all the time, so I try to inject humor often. A little laughter goes a long way.


Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning, Kansas State University

I decided to pursue my interest in personal finance a few years after receiving a Bachelors of Science in Sports Management from the State University of New York at Cortland. I was living in Manhattan, Kansas (the Little Apple) at the time and I decided to enroll in the Personal Financial Planning program at Kansas State University.

In 2016, I completed the education requirement of the CFP® certification and entered the profession at a small fee-only firm on Cape Cod, MA. During that time, I became a CFP® Professional after fulfilling all of the necessary requirements. In December 2019, I graduated from K-State with a Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning (MSPFP).

At some point, I will probably add more designations and add to the alphabet soup after my name.

Why fitness coaches & fitness entrepreneurs?
“I had a decision to make. Pursue fitness coaching as my future? Or become a financial planner?”

When I was around 23 years old I realized I was in the wrong job and the wrong industry. I went to school for Sports Management but for the past 3 years I had been selling cheerleading uniforms…

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been passionate about two things: Fitness and Finance

Therefore, I had a decision to make. Pursue fitness coaching as my future? Or become a financial planner?

It was very close! But ultimately I chose to keep fitness as my passion and continued to consume fitness coaching content.

Fast forward to March 2021 when I launched Assist FP, I found myself in a position to work with anyone I wanted to.

And I chose you!

I chose online fitness coaches and fitness entrepreneurs.

Because you’re my people and I believe the work you’re doing is going to change lives!

Nick Booth, CFP®, CDAA

About Nick Booth, CFP®, CDAA

I’m an advice-only financial planner based in Rockville MD. I offer three services: 30-Minute Virtual Consultation (complimentary), The Clubhouse (on-going financial planning membership for Millennials) and Portfolio Scouting Report (one-time financial review for a fixed fee).

To learn more, visit

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.A. in History and from Georgetown University SCS with an M.P.S in Sports Industry Management.

Previously, I was a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and a Vice President at JP Morgan Wealth Management.

Read Nick’s blog here:

Alex Rezzo, CFP®, CFA

About Alex Rezzo, CFP®, CFA, CPA

Like so many of the great XYPN financial advisors you’ll find on this platform, I founded Andante Financial to provide best-in-class, independent financial planning and investment management services. But what makes my firm unique? Here’s three things to start:

-After-tax performance is never an afterthought
We use robust tax-loss harvesting tools and processes to enhance your after-tax returns.

-Investment management: we take it personally
We construct personalized investment portfolios for each client; none of our investment management is outsourced or “copy and paste”.

-Our values go beyond an account statement
10% of Andante Financial fees are donated to charity and we donate to charities that clients care about so we can redefine “shared values”

When I work with a client, I take the responsibility of helping them protect and grow the fruits of their labor seriously; I earned my CFP®, CFA, and CPA marks to expand my knowledge and make the most of any opportunity I get to help a client succeed. But my favorite part of this work is curating a network of clients that I truly enjoy working with and rooting for.

Please reach out for an intro call – I’ll enjoy the opportunity to chat and help you get the right person in your corner, whether its me or not.

George Kao, CFP®, ChFC®

About George Kao, CFP®, ChFC®, CRPC™, MBA

My philosophy is to help as many as I can (Reach), while at the same time, make those I’m helping smarter and more savvy with their finances (Teach).

I became a financial planner through divine intervention. That’s right! If God didn’t make me walk down this path, I may have never taken the leap.

You see, I spent the first 25 years of my career focused on building some of the world’s most innovative technologies (at that time). This was what I was trained in. These cool tech include virtual classrooms and virtual meetings, webinars, podcasting (in 1997!), streaming videos, wearable smart name badges, private corporate social communities, mobile targeted advertising, autonomous vehicles, just to name a few.

It was thrilling. It was fun. It was rewarding.

But then in 2019, I came to a fork in the road. For reasons that can only be explained by the divine, all doors that normally would be open weren’t, and the proverbial door slightly ajar during that time was this one door leading to financial advising.

In a decision base on faith, I stepped through that one door, and another door opened up. I stepped through that door and another door opened. This is how I started on my financial advising journey.

Now, I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, a Chartered Financial Consultant®, a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™, and a fee-only advisor.

Looking back on it now, it makes a lot of sense.

I made my share of mistakes with my own funds. I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. I also had worked with a financial advisor since my 20’s. Now, I’m setting out to be the advisor I wish I had. I love my clients, and enjoy every minute closely working with them to ensure a well-planned and protected future.

At the same time, I’m on a life-long pursuit to seek and discover what it means to be a great financial professional, and I expect to continuously be learning new ways to perfect and innovate in this craft.

Born in Hong Kong, I immigrated to the US with my family when I was a young boy. We settled in Framingham, a suburb of Boston. I’m a die-hard Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins fan, which I’ve proudly passed down to my kids. I earned my degrees in Math and Computer Science, as well as Cognitive Science and Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University, and a MBA from the University of Arizona’s Eller School of Business.

I’ve been married to the love of my life for 23 years, and we are blessed with three awesome children. I’m fluent in Mandarin Chinese and attend and serve at Cornerstone Church in Chandler.

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to getting to know you more.

Richard Cooke, CFP®

About Richard Cooke, CFP®

After 5 years in financial services, I felt burnt out. My wife and I decided to take a sabbatical in 2019. We spent the year traveling the world and visiting friends and family.

On that trip, I also took the time to reset and determine what was most important to me. I wasn’t sure what was next, but I knew I was going to choose passion over paycheck.

My passion for personal finance was reignited on that trip. I had always loved working in personal finance, but I knew there had to be a better way that was focused on helping people first and making a living second.

So, I started 2Point0 Financial, a firm designed for millennials who are trying to find their way in the world. We spend our time together figuring out what you want your life to look like and how we can use money to support those dreams.

Brennan Zizzi, CFP®

About Brennan Zizzi, CFP®

Brennan is the Cofounder and Investment Advisor of Zizzi Investments. He primarily focuses on personal wealth management and small business retirement plans.

Brennan is a Certified Financial Planner, and his love for the technical side of finance drives his passion to continually learn and improve his knowledge. Brennan earned his CFP® in 2022, which expanded his expertise in the areas of investment, tax, education, retirement, risk management, and estate planning.

Brennan is a 2015 graduate of George Mason University, where he played on the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Soccer team. Brennan has played soccer since he was five years old, and his experience as a team player helped foster his passion for working with clients and developing strong relationships necessary to achieve their long-term goals.

Outside of work, Brennan enjoys traveling and tasting wine with his wife Kayla, playing amateur golf events, and cooking. Brennan’s family members all live in Central PA, and he enjoys spending time with his niece and three nephews.

Nicholas Rygiel, CFP®, Certified Digital Asset Advisor

About Nicholas Rygiel, CFP®, Certified Digital Asset Advisor

Nick graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering in 2004 (computer engineering and robotics). He served four years as a Surface Warfare Officer aboard the USS PORTER (DDG-78) and two years at the Center for Surface Combat Systems (CSCS) in Dahlgren, VA as a Naval Liaison Officer and Management Analyst (supporting the Littoral Combat Ship and Unmanned Vehicles training programs). After he transitioned out of the Navy, he worked for Deloitte Consulting (Strategy & Operations) in Arlington, VA prior to joining Merrill in October 2011. At Merrill, he was a Senior Financial Advisor until July 2022, when he left to form his own Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm called Ironclad Financial.

*Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Before engaging in the purchase or sale of options, investors should understand the nature of and extent of their rights and obligations and be aware of the risks involved in investing with options. Prior to buying or selling an option, clients must receive the options disclosure document Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options. This document is available by contacting your Ironclad Financial Advisor.

*Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and CFP® in the U.S.