Timothy Iseler, CFP®

About Timothy Iseler, CFP®

Tim founded Iseler Financial to help the people he knows and respects: independent, creative, and ambitious, striving for a better financial future but out of step with mainstream financial providers. Square pegs in round holes. Standing apart, charting your own path, defining success your own way – Iseler Financial sees these as good things, not liabilities.

Tim lives in Durham NC with his family and wonder dog, Yoshi. Prior to starting Iseler Financial, he spent 18 years in the music industry as a recording & touring audio engineer. And, even further back in time, Tim grew up on a family farm before graduating with honors with a degree in mathematics.

Travis Ray, CFP®

About Travis Ray, CFP®

Travis has built a career around helping others and has spent more than a decade consulting other financial advisors how to leverage financial technology to better serve their clients. Wanting to give back to his community, and to develop deeper relationships with the clients he serves, his focus is mid-career professionals, small business owners, and real estate professionals that could benefit from the financial clarity gained with an active engagement in financial planning.

As a Greensboro native, he loves his city and made the decision with his wife, Laura, that it would be the perfect place to raise their family. In addition to Laura, Travis shares his life with his two sons, Andrew and Grayson. He prides himself on being present with his wife and kids and cherishing the sound of little feet while he still can.

When on his own, he enjoys trail running, whitewater kayaking, putting off gardening tasks, foosball, and watching his two sons grow-up faster than he wants.

Megan Kiesel, CFP®, CSLP

About Megan Kiesel, CFP®, CSLP

Hi, I’m Megan. I’ve had the joy of spending most of my career helping people master their finances in one way or another. I truly enjoy demystifying the concepts of investing and personal finance for people and helping them make confident decisions. I’m a helper and educator by nature. In fact, part of my career was spent working at some excellent Philadelphia-based nonprofits that help people from all kinds of backgrounds overcome financial challenges.

Of course there is a lot more to it than dollars and cents. I believe that the seemingly mundane decisions we make about the money that passes through our lives each day can have a profound impact on our lives and our world. I have a background in social work that I draw on to help people become more mindful about those decisions and make plans that live up to their values, goals, and ideals.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Certified Student Loan Professional. I also hold a Masters in Social Work from Temple University. I live in South Philadelphia with my quirky husband, clever daughter, and cheerful son. On my favorite days you can find me wandering around Passyunk Avenue, slinging kettlebells, or heading down the shore.

Cassandra Smalley, CFP®, CFA

About Cassandra Smalley, CFP®, CFA

Cassandra Smalley is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. She is on a mission to empower women to define and use their voices at the financial table to ensure they can enjoy a fulfilling, purposeful, creative, and joyful life.

Cassandra previously led a financial planning team that managed more than $500 million in assets. She has been recognized by Forbes and SHOOK Research as America’s Top Women Wealth Advisors 2020-2021, Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisor 2017-2020, Working Mother Magazine and Top Wealth Advisor Moms 2017-2020, among others.

Cassandra earned an MBA with a Finance concentration from the University of North Florida and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida.

After 15 years in the financial services industry, Cassandra felt called to publish a book based on her experiences. Her book, The Why of Wealth: Mastering the Steps to a Wealthy Mindset to Live a Joyful Life, centers on the challenges women face in building wealth and pivots obstacles into action by turning one’s unique perspective into one’s power to design their best life.

Today Cassandra is the Owner and CEO of her own financial planning and wealth management practice.

Cassandra is passionate about giving back to her community and is currently the Chair of the Leadership Development Committee on the Leadership St. Pete Alumni Association Board. She enjoys speaking to audiences about Financial Success as well as partnering with and coaching her clients to turn their goals and dreams into reality.

Cassandra is the proud mother of two young daughters, Addison and Meghan, and partnered in this amazing life with husband, Kevin Smalley.

Arielle Tucker, CFP®, EA

About Arielle Tucker, CFP®, EA

Arielle has spent over a decade working on personal tax and financial planning issues for clients who, like her, live and work in Europe. She founded Connected Financial Planning to empower professionals and families to build a life that reflects their core values while building a stable financial future. She believes that financial education is the cornerstone of every client relationship.

Through years of education and industry experience, Arielle has in-depth expertise in the cross-border space, specifically in tax planning, cash flow management, and retirement/life planning. She is both a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ and IRS Enrolled Agent.

While Arielle primarily serves clients virtually, in-person meetings may be available upon request.

Contact Arielle here: https://calendly.com/connectedfp

Matt Ryan, CFP®, CFA

About Matt Ryan, CFP®, CFA

When I was 7 years old, I remember going to the bank for the first time to deposit my birthday money. When I went to deposit the funds, the teller told me about Certificates of Deposit (or CDs). Apparently, if I gave my birthday money to the bank and let them put it in a CD, 12-months later they would give me my money back and MORE! That seemingly small lesson into the financial world sparked my passion for investing and making smart financial decisions.

That spark ignited my career as a financial advisor where I now use my passion to help others in an area which is extremely sensitive and personal. I enjoy the research and analysis, but the most rewarding part of my job is seeing my clients’ goals come to fruition. That is what gets me up every day and motivates me to continue learning and growing myself.

I’ve studied over 1,000 hours (yes, I tracked it in excel) to obtain two designations. I hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM (CFP ®) designation and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. I pursued these to designations to continue learning and growing so that I may better serve my clients. I’m committed to being a lifelong learner and am always looking for ways to advance my knowledge and understanding in the financial planning or investment world.

Part of my mission in life is to also give back to my community. I’m an active member in the San Diego Rotary (a service organization) where I participate in several committees. I’m currently going through the LEAD San Diego program which is a leadership development program where I learn more about the key regional issues, strengthen personal leadership skills and establish community connections. I consider myself blessed in this life and it’s only right to pass those blessings along.

I launched Focused Mission Financial in 2022. I’m focused on my clients’ goals and I’m on a mission to see them reached.

Amber Miller, CFP®, EA

About Amber Miller, CFP®, EA, CSRIC

I help clients build their net worth and use their money for good. I serve busy professionals, who work hard every day to care for others (patients, pets, kids) AND who want to do more. They’re passionate about personal, environmental, and social justice issues, and frustrated they don’t have the financial savvy (or time) to support their lifestyle and also change the world. I help clients make their extraordinary lives even better.

How you save and invest for the future, where you bank, and even the credit card you use can help make us and the planet a little better. As your partner (and fee-only fiduciary), I’ll help you understand your options, find venues to support what’s important to you, and build a better world.

I am one of less than 500 financial professionals to hold the Chartered SRI Counselor (CSRIC) designation, specializing in sustainable, responsible, and impact investments (SRI). These are investments that consider the environment as well as incorporate procedures and governance to not only generate a return for a client but also to make a positive societal impact.

Read Amber’s blog here: http://rising-financial.com/blog/

Sarah Gerber, CFP®, AFC®

About Sarah Gerber, CFP®, AFC®

Whether it’s deciphering your stock compensation, deciding what to do with your new paycheck, determining how to invest your 401(k), deciding to pay down student loans or contribute to a Roth IRA, Momentum will show you how to navigate the personal financial world. I’ll help you get started on the right financial track for your future financial success.

After work, I’ll be running, reading, or playing with my baby daughter. Or possibly nerding out on biochemistry too 🙂

In addition, Momentum’s “Money & Marriage” program aims to help committed couples work through the challenges and financial planning opportunities that come with combining (or not combining) finances as they choose to get married (or not).

New grads and early career professionals are very underserved by the financial planning industry, especially if you don’t want someone else to manage your investments. Building your financial foundation shouldn’t be so hard, and I’m here to help change that. Let’s work to build your financial confidence and execute your plan together.

Phil Francois, CFP®

About Phil Francois, CFP®

Foundation Wealth Planning is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm helping clients virtually from central Kansas and beyond align their Catholic values with their finances. Specifically, we love to help young families with financial planning and biblically responsible investing from a Catholic point of view.

When it comes to financial advisors and financial planners, there are hundreds of excellent options. However, not many understand your biblical viewpoint, your desire to steward God’s resources, and your why.

The Bible has clear lessons on how to manage your finances and as Christians, we know that ultimately nothing belongs to us, it all belongs to God. We are called to steward the resources God has provided us. In addition to that, Catholics know this earth is not our final destination. So while it is important to manage your finances prudently, it is just as important to keep it all in perspective

Jeff Grimes, CFP®

About Jeff Grimes, CFP®

I started Parakaleo Planning with a vision to bring hope to those who need it after becoming divorced or even to those in a life or career transition.

I have been in the financial services industry since 2008. My initial career aspiration was to serve as a full-time Christian overseas missionary.

I struggled to raise support as a newlywed 21-year recent college grad, so I stumbled into becoming a financial advisor after trying to learn more about personal finance.

I felt like a failure and floundered for years with the loss of purpose and carrying a sentiment that I let my family down.

As a result of losing hope, I went through a divorce in 2019. It was not something I wanted but deserved as I reaped what I had sowed. I have three amazing kids and am thankful for that season in my life. I have regrets but can also recognize the good that came from it.

I am a work in progress. But I press on to take hold of all that has been made available to me at the Cross. I hope to encourage you and help you find a community of brothers.