Wes Shannon, CFP®

About Wes Shannon, CFP®, LUTCF

Wes is a native of Fort Worth, TX where he started his career as an insurance agent for his family’s independent insurance agency. After working decades in the insurance and financial services industry, he left insurance to do full-time financial planning and investment advising. Wes is the founder of SJK Financial Planning (SJK are the initials of Wes’ children).

Wes has a bachelors of business administration from the University of North Texas majoring in Financial Planning. In addition to being a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional, Wes is a Life Underwriters Training Council Fellow (LUTCF). Wes is an active member of the DFW chapter of the Financial Planning Association.

Wes enjoys the outdoors participating in backpacking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, and camping. He likes to cook, garden and read. He has a passion for old movies and is a Turner Classic Movie fan. As Wes would say, “I love good story telling, thats what I look for in old movies”.

Expect Wes to listen to your story and dreams; then work in a sincere manner to help you reach your dreams.

James Conole, CFP®, MBA

About James Conole, CFP®, MBA

If you’re like most of the people I work with then you’ve done a good job of saving and investing over the years, but you aren’t fully confident you’re doing everything you can to maximize what you have.

I focus on helping people who are within a few years of retirement navigate that transition so they can be confident they’re making the right choices along the way.

Whether that’s through tax strategies, analyzing pension or Social Security benefits, or through ensuring their investments are fully optimized, our goal is to give you absolute clarity on what you should be doing to accomplish the goals you have and move confidently in the right direction.

This is the work that I do with my clients. I’m a CFP® professional and I received my MBA with a concentration in finance from Pepperdine University.

I grew up in San Marcos and I now live in Encinitas with my beautiful wife Ashlyn.

People often ask what I enjoy doing outside of work. There’s a lot I enjoy doing outside of work, but I sometimes don’t know how to fully answer that because some of my favorite things are the things I get to do inside of work.

I get to help the amazing families I work with navigate the complexities of their financial lives so they can be free to enjoy what they love most. To me that’s incredibly fulfilling and an honor that I don’t take lightly.

But outside of work I love to surf (Beacons and Pipes are my go-to spots), I work out at F45 in Encinitas, and I regularly walk up and down the coast of PCH with Ashlyn in search of our new favorite food or coffee shop.

We’re involved in our church and I’ve been involved with several community organizations like Rotary, the San Diego Financial Literacy Center, and teaching financial wellness courses throughout the community.

I love that I get to show up at work each day and show people how to make better financial decisions that improve their life and give them a sense of confidence and security around their money.

Wendy Marsden, CFP®, CPA

About Wendy Marsden, CFP®, CPA

Wendy Marsden, CPA, CFP®, RIA, MSA began as a tax accountant in 1992. In 2001 she opened Tea & Taxes as a CPA tax practice from a home office while she raised her children. She developed a reputation as a thorough tax accountant who looked at the whole financial picture, often offering financial advising to her clients as well as tax preparation. Over time she added comprehensive financial planning services to her tax practice.

She changed the company name to ProsperiTea Planning when she added investment advising services. This completed the journey to become a deeply integrated holistic financial advisor. She combines tax planning and preparation, comprehensive planning, and investment advising into one service offered under an annual retainer to a few dozen clients.

Ms. Marsden’s graduate degree is from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass/Amherst. She participated in their prestigious two-year MBA program, but took all her electives in Accounting and graduated with the Masters of Science in Accounting rather than the Masters of Business Administration. She continued her education with independent coursework in financial planning.

Honors included graduating first in her class with her MS in Accounting, passing both the CPA and CFP® exams on the first sitting, and winning the Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. Her bachelors degree is in Physics & Astronomy, with a minor in Computer Science, from Mount Holyoke College, class of ’86. She is a member of the P.E.O. Sisterhood.

Wendy is assisted from time to time by Jennifer Chabott and sometimes Wendy’s adult son Sammy or her husband Ben. Somewhat less helpful, we also have River, our wonderful office dog. River loves her ball and her belly rubbed. If you uncomfortable with dogs, please let us know and we will put her in her crate before you come.

Wendy Marsden, CPA CFP® RIA, operating as ProsperiTea Planning, is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, the Financial Planning Association, the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners and the National Association of Tax Preparers.

We are a Green Business and strive to reduce our carbon footprint. We use a paperless filing system, and your copies will be printed double-sided. Virtual meetings using Google Hangout or Skype cut down on commuting costs. In addition, we do a carbon offset each year.

Danny G. Michael, CFP®, RLP®

About Danny G. Michael, CFP®, RLP®, MSBA

Retirement requires making decisions that will impact my clients for the rest of their lives.

So the first thing I do is help them define for themselves what a fulfilling, deeply satisfying retirement looks like. Once they have complete clarity on what they want, I put my advanced degrees in finance and tax-planning to work getting that for them.

It’s also important that my clients know I have no hidden agendas. As a Certified Financial Planner™ and Registered Life Planner®, I provide completely transparent retirement planning and my team acts 100% in their best interests. We make no commissions off the financial products clients invest in and we charge no hidden fees.

For 20 years, I’ve led clients through the maze that is retirement planning and I love knowing that they’re fully enjoying this phase of their lives and not worrying whether or not their financial resources can support their most fulfilling retirement.

There’s nothing worse than realizing after you retire that your planning was incomplete. Let’s work together so that you can enjoy the comfortable, confident retirement you’ve earned.

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Mark Wilson, CFP®, APA

About Mark Wilson, CFP®, APA

Thanks for your interest in my firm!

I’m Mark Wilson, APA, CFP®, a proud father of two teens and lucky husband of one amazing wife. I founded MILE Wealth Management to provide real wealth management to families and “Make It Look Easy” (MILE).

Providing integrated financial planning and investment management is hard. This is the reason why most financial advisors do bare minimum planning or no planning at all. Those that do financial plans intentionally make it look complex to justify their fees. The industry is full of jargon, acronyms, fine print and disclosures.

It’s no wonder that their “customers” are not meeting their goals or sleeping well at night.

My goal is to use my experience, teaching background, wise use of technology and smarts to make it look easy. I’ve found that families that understand their financial situation, set their personal targets and see their next steps will be able to achieve their short and long-term goals and make adjustments as necessary.

I want you to be relaxed about your finances, focus on what’s really important and make it look easy.

Have a look at our website (www.milewealth.com) or call 949-441-4410 to find out more.


Ryan M Bayonnet, CFP®, MSF

About Ryan M Bayonnet, CFP®, MSF

Ryan Bayonnet is a Certified Financial Planner® and founder of Hyland Financial Planning, a Fee-Only, Registered Investment Advisory firm in Akron, Ohio. Ryan founded Hyland to empower professionals and families to discover and reach their life goals while building a stable financial future. Through years of education and industry experience, he has acquired in-depth expertise in many areas of wealth management, specifically in retirement planning, tax planning, and investment management. He is a graduate of both the University of Akron and the Ohio State University. His work as a financial advisor has been cited in numerous news organizations including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and many more. Ryan serves clients locally and virtually across the country.

Noah Schwartz, CFP®

About Noah Schwartz, CFP®

Decisions of mine are rarely made in haste, a blessing and a curse. Analysis to the nth degree and a natural skeptic, I want the proof in the pudding.

My approach to work and life is simple. It’s a dedication to continuous improvement, personally and professionally. Never stop learning. Always ask why. Never stop improving.

From those lines of analysis and approach, I bring our Registered Investment Adviser firm to you.

I’ve taken all of the experience, research and education I have accumulated since entering this industry in 1999 to create a firm that can properly serve our clients, in a fashion up to my standards, applying everything that we’ve learned to benefit you, our client.

My vision is to create a client experience so exceptional that worrying about breakfast tomorrow has our clients losing sleep, not their investments or financial future.

Certified Financial Planner by day, Certified Awesome Dad in life, it would be my honor to serve you.

Charles Malsbury, CFP®, MBA

About Charles Malsbury, CFP®, MBA

My goal is to help my clients reach financial independence as quickly as possible.

I provide high-quality financial planning and investment management for one sensible flat fee of $6,000 per year regardless of AUM. I believe that a flat fee retainer is the most sensible and fair way to charge for my services.

Todd Minear, CFP®, MBA

About Todd Minear, CFP®, MBA, CTFA

Todd Minear, Founder of Open Road Wealth Management, has put in the work to be a well-educated and experienced financial advisor. He has done the BSBA, MBA, and CFP things.

Regarding his professional experience, Todd has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years and has worked at boutique financial planning firms, a mortgage company as well as community and regional banks. He has also been the Past President for Kansas City Financial Planning Association, made contributions to The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Kansas City Star and other industry publications.

Rest assured, Todd has the experience to help you hit the Open Road. He founded Open Road Wealth Management, LLC to be able to do the best work for his clients.

James Sweeney, CFP®, CFA

About James Sweeney, CFP®, CFA, MBA

I founded SwitchPoint to provide holistic, unbiased advice to working professionals who are ready to start planning for retirement.

I have years of experience helping individuals and families plan for and transition to retirement.

My flat fee business model removes the conflicts of interest inherent in traditional commission and % of asset models and allows me to focus 100% on the needs and goals of my clients.

If you are ready to get serious about retirement (whether you’re 10 years or 10 days away), let’s chat. I can help you understand where you stand today and then design and implement a plan that works for you.