Natalie Slagle, CFP®

About Natalie Slagle, CFP®

I am one half of the husband and wife team Fyooz Financial Planning (see Dan Slagle’s profile).

We are here to help guide you, whether it’s figuring out what to do with your excess savings, merging accounts or staying on track for retirement.

After the work day, I’m found exploring new recipes, researching ways to simplify and be more sustainable, and enjoy healing conversations with friends and family.

Dan and I are a married couple who blend our finances together. And despite all of our education and credentials, we understand it is still a difficult task to undertake. Money disagreements are one of the leading causes of separation in our society. But, it shouldn’t be this way! So we took it upon ourselves to help specialize in this area to help other couples along their journey.

We create a safe, structured, and fun environment to have deep conversations about your past and how it translates into your future. We take an interest in your personal life by listening actively and helping you understand the value of where your dollars are being spent and saved. It is our desire to provide you with the confidence you need to live richly together.


University of St. Thomas; Bachelor of Arts, Leadership and Management

Daniel Kenny, CFP®, CPA

About Daniel Kenny, CFP®, CPA

I founded FI-nancial Planner LLC to offer independent fiduciary advice to clients pursuing financial independence. As a member of the financial independence community, I understand the value of quality fee only advice catering to the complex and “nontraditional” route we are taking to life.

Whether you want to retire early or just undergo a lifestyle change to pursue a lifestyle that you are more excited about than your job, I will be there with you on the journey. I will help you to enjoy the journey, but also be there to confirm you have the freedom to pursue the things that matter to you rather than just the paycheck. I know how it feels now and how it will feel because I have done them myself! I switched from pursuing FIRE to a fully funded lifestyle change when I founded FI-nancial Planner!

After graduating from University of Maryland, College Park, I worked in public accounting doing tax preparation and consulting for high net worth individuals, estates and trusts. I changed careers into financial planning in 2013, working mainly with clients pursuing a traditional retirement path, including attorneys, physicians, executives and families with wealth.

I am a CFP® and CPA. Given my background, I specialize in tax planning, retirement planning and frugality! I love technical topics and look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals.