Dan Herron, CFP®, CPA/PFS

About Dan Herron, CFP®, CPA/PFS

I founded Elemental Wealth Advisors because I believe everyone should have access to solid financial planning, period. No one should be turned away just because they don’t have a million-dollar portfolio or aren’t a higher income earner. Everyone, regardless of income or assets, has financial matters that they need to address. Our clients are those who are just starting to get their financial plans in order and who are eager to learn each step of the way!

We take an educational approach to the financial planning process and provide a means for everyone to construct and implement processes to achieve their financial goals. Together, we walk through and implement each aspect of YOUR financial plan. The financial services industry has made it difficult to see all investment costs and expenses. As a fee-only advisory firm, we believe in transparency. There are no hidden fees or surprises. We collaborate so that you will know what is going on every step of the way. This is how financial planning should be.

We work as fiduciaries, offering our clients support in every area of their personal financial lives. I’m also a CPA who looks at your whole picture including comprehensive tax planning. I earned my degree in Economics, and a Masters in Business and Portfolio Management. You’ll find me to be responsive, collaborative and down-to-earth.

When I’m not at the office, you’ll likely find me out running. I’m a Dad to an amazing furkid (below) and sometimes I even enjoy a real movie.
I look forward to connecting!

Jonathan Huss, CFP®

About Jonathan Huss, CFP®

Being the son of a CPA, I have always had a keen interest in finance. Along with my other two siblings, I spent a few tax seasons in my father’s office helping where I could and learning the basics of the tax universe. After my time at Virginia Tech, I spent 5 years in Northern Virginia in the hospitality industry, from country clubs to selling wine (fun!!). After the arrival of my first daughter, my wife, Emily, and I returned to our roots in Richmond. I joined his father at his firm in 2018 and made quick work of learning the financial planning world. My goal is to take the questions and stress out of my clients’ financial situation, so they can live the life they’ve always wanted. I believe that everyone should have access to a financial planner, whether they have substantial assets, or are just starting to save. You’ve got questions, the Hussmen have the answers!

Jonathan Grannick, CFP®

About Jonathan Grannick, CFP®

I help travel loving young families & professionals say YES to travel (or whatever their dream). Balance an adventurous life today with being financially prepared for tomorrow. Go from “One Day” to “Day One” in your journey to financial freedom.

*Why younger clients: One word, IMPACT. It’s incredible what’s possible if you make smart financial moves now, not later.

*My Mission: To educate, empower, & guide you to a life full of options, not limitations.

*What We Do: Holistic financial planning on an ongoing or one-time basis.

*Who We Serve: Our niche focuses on working with travel loving young families & professionals in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

*Financial Planning Specialties:
– Ask powerful questions to explore your money mindset
– Create a life vision that inspires you
– Prioritize income: Pay down debt vs investing vs experiencing life now
– Automate your savings & debt payments for consistency & simplicity
– Student loan payoff strategies and planning
– Create & execute an investment strategy
– Create a plan to pay for your children’s education
– Run long-term financial freedom projections
– Review to make sure you have the proper insurance in place
– Maximize the value of your employee benefits
– Review for tax reduction strategies
– Guidance on your estate plan
– Credit card rewards planning for free travel
– Rent or buy decisions: How much house can you afford & tradeoffs

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Matt Gray, CFP®

About Matt Gray, CFP®

My name is Matt Gray and I help working professionals give back to causes they care about while achieving their own financial goals.

I do things a little differently than most advisors in that I do away with the overly formal advisor schtick. There aren’t very many approachable financial planning firms so I decided to create one! No jargon, ties, or expensive offices. We just give good advice in a familiar and simple way.

Most of my clients are working professionals and young families, but I work with clients across many demographics and life stages. During the middle of your career, you often are taking care of parents, raising a family, and have more complexity at work than ever before. We take your financial life off your plate so you can focus on everything else.

My background is in both economics and finance as I earned degrees in both disciplines at Fresno State. I’ve spent my entire career working directly with clients in a financial planning capacity.

Jim Crider, CFP®

About Jim Crider, CFP®

I’m the founder of Intentional Living FP, a firm created to help families, like my own, achieve early financial independence. Our job is to help you live the life that you want, understanding that your money is simply a resource to help do this. Together, we navigate the decisions, opportunities, and obstacles that you will face so your money is used efficiently and effectively to serve its purpose in your life.

I am highly trained in financial planning and investment management having earned the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in addition to years of experience as a financial planner at nationally recognized firms. I’ve worked with tens of thousands of families in aligning their financial decisions with their lives. If you’re looking for early financial independence and work optionality I am highly suited to help you and your family. Beyond the countless planning situations I’ve helped others navigate, my family and I are in a similar position. My wife, Kendra, and I are working toward early financial independence so we can have more time to spend with those we love and do more of the things we enjoy. This begins with becoming clear on what is important to you and your family then making intentional decisions to align your actions and your values.

I live in the once-small town of New Braunfels, Texas with my wife, Kendra, and our three sons, Atticus, Asher, and Arlo. When I’m not engaged in a conversation about life and money, I can be found playing dinosaurs or at the park with our kids, playing board games, or in the mountains on an adventure.

Phil Patten, CFP®, RICP

About Phil Patten, CFP®, RICP

My financial career started straight out of college where I worked with Northwestern Mutual for 6 years. However, things started to change for me in the summer of 2017 as I studied the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) before work at Starbucks. As I studied the scripture, I realized my foundation for managing finances was built on sand.

Let me tell you more about my foundation. In high school, I was driving in the car with my dad listening to Dave Ramsey discuss Roth IRAs. This made me interested in accruing wealth because of the amount of money I could have later on in life (not a bad thing right?!). This mindset stayed with me until the summer of 2017, when I realized it was a bad thing…for me.

Has someone ever taught you something NEW about a Scripture you’ve known all your life?? Well that’s what happened for me in the summer of 2017. My teacher was the Holy Spirit and the Scripture was Matthew 25:14-30. I am sure you are familiar with the Scripture but Jesus is teaching about the Kingdom through a parable. The story is about a wealthy man who gives three servants three amounts of money to manage. Two of them double what they received and the third buried his in the ground. I could write a message here but let me boil it down to the main idea the Holy Spirit taught me:

There is a difference between being an owner of your finances and being a manager.

From this point, God took me on a (difficult but necessary) journey to renew my mind around finances (both personally and professionally). And ultimately He led me to build Pursuit Financial.

Michael Kelly, CFP®, CFA

About Michael Kelly, CFP®, CFA

I am Michael Kelly, the President of Switchback Financial, a Registered Investment Advisory firm in Connecticut. After working nearly a decade within some of the nation’s largest banks I realized that continuing my climb up the corporate ladder wasn’t going to provide me with the life that I was looking for. Instead, it would simply be me chasing the vision of success most others have dictated for me.

After taking the time to properly plan and build my required knowledge base (I am a CFA charterholder and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️), I decided to pursue my passion of helping those around me optimize their financial lives and find balance/fulfillment. I work to help my peers, professionals, and young families (especially those with equity compensation), wade through the jargon and over-complication caused by the industry to provide them with a life they want to live today while maintaining financial security for the future.

My goal is to be a financial guide for those who are blazing their own trails in their chosen industry. I provide planning through down-to-earth and straightforward methods. I work with my clients as a partner and don’t simply direct them or talk down from above. Ultimately my clients walk away enlightened, empowered, and educated.

I currently live in Madison, CT with my wife and our two daughters. When not spending time with family or running Switchback, I attempt to stay in shape, try to catch my teams on tv, or on rare occasions try not to hack up the local golf track too bad. Overall, though it is mostly a lot of daddy time (with two under five that’s just how it goes).

Cody Garrett, CFP®

About Cody Garrett, CFP®

Comprehensive financial planning for families on the path to financial independence as DIY investors.

The 3-month collaborative planning process includes a full analysis of your finances, detailed personal recommendations, and most importantly – a measurable action plan to help you achieve your financial objectives with clarity and confidence.

To maintain transparency and avoid conflicts of interest, I provide truly comprehensive financial advice for a simple flat fee, without managing your investments or selling any commissioned products.

Financial planning with Measure Twice Financial is most appropriate for families who would like to go ‘beyond the basics’ and receive professional guidance and education when making financial decisions, but prefer to implement those decisions themselves.

Brittany Mollica, CFP®, CSLP®

About Brittany Mollica, CFP®, CSLP®

Brittany is a financial advisor at Hilltop Wealth Advisors, a fee-only financial planning firm located in Chapel Hill, NC. She primarily works with young professionals and young families, helping them lay the foundation for a successful financial future through holistic financial planning and strategic investment management.

Brittany has been with the Hilltop team since 2014, when she started as a financial planning intern while earning her BA in Mathematics at UNC-Chapel Hill. She quickly discovered financial planning to be a perfect combination of problem solving and relationship building, which made it her ideal career path. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™(CFP®) professional and Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®), and is passionate about working with Gen X & Gen Y clients.

Brittany lives in Raleigh with her fiancé and dog. When she’s not working, she loves cheering on the Carolina Hurricanes, exploring the local food scene, and traveling to the mountains.

Dan Slagle, CFP®

About Dan Slagle, CFP®

I am one half of the husband and wife team Fyooz Financial Planning (see Natalie Slagle‘s profile).

We are here to help guide you — whether it’s figuring out what to do with your excess savings, merging your accounts, staying on track for retirement or developing your household’s new joint investment philosophy.

Outside of work, I am a marathon runner, avid soccer fan, and always down for a good day trip.

Natalie and I are a married couple who blend our finances together. And despite all of our education and credentials, we understand it is still a difficult task to undertake. Money disagreements are one of the leading causes of separation in our society. But, it shouldn’t be this way! So we took it upon ourselves to help specialize in this area to help other couples along their journey.

We create a safe, structured, and fun environment to have deep conversations about your past and how it translates into your future. We take an interest in your personal life by listening actively and helping you understand the value of where your dollars are being spent and saved. It is our desire to provide you with the confidence you need to live richly together.


University of St. Thomas; Bachelor of Arts, Financial Management