Kaylin Dillon, CFP®

About Kaylin Dillon, CFP®

Couples’ financial interests aren’t always perfectly aligned. That’s OK. I believe your desire to define how you treat your money now and in the future is something to celebrate.

I provide Financial Planning and Investment Management for couples with:

Prenuptial agreements,
Blended families,
Separate assets, and
Other separate financial interests.

I’m wholly focused on helping you plan for your financial future in a way that strengthens your relationship.

Let’s talk about setting your partnership up for success.

Kenny Senour, CFP®

About Kenny Senour, CFP®

I help young professionals and families align their money with their life through fee-only, fiduciary financial planning.

It’s important that you feel like your advisor is listening to you – and that you understand WHY something is being recommended and HOW it fits into YOUR plan.

That’s why I’m passionate about educating you on investments and finance and not simply making recommendations without you fully understanding why.

Reach out to schedule a complimentary conversation regarding your financial situation and how I can help you!

Email: kenny@milliennialwealthmanagment.com
Cell: (720) 598 2926
Office: (303) 578 8535
Website: www.millennialwealthmanagement.com

☑️SIMPLIFY your finances, allowing you to make confident decisions about your money
☑️ORGANIZE your financial situation and budget so you can spend your money guilt-free
☑️CREATE a plan for your money that reflects your priorities and goals
☑️NAVIGATE your employee and government benefits to help you create sustainable retirement income
☑️EASE financial stress by planning for the future, so you can enjoy today
☑️RECOVER valuable time to spend with family and on your passions instead of worrying about money
☑️ADAPT your plan to your unique situation as your life changes

HELPING MILLENNIALS WIN WITH MONEY: We grew up in an age where financial literacy was not taught in school. So, if our parents didn’t teach us about money, we were left to figure it out on our own.

I am passionate about the Mission at MWM to change the lives of millennials and their families through financial planning. I understand the importance of partnership and taking the time to educate you through the financial planning process.

It’s important that you know WHY we are recommending certain strategies, or WHY we utilize certain investment vehicles. At MWM, our goal is growth, both personally and financially. I hope to work with you soon!

HOW I GET PAID: Services are delivered via a transparent, fee-only service model.

Comprehensive financial planning consists of an upfront charge and an ongoing fee that is paid monthly.

Our standard advisory fee is based on the market value of the assets under management and is based on the schedule listed on the website: https://www.millennialwealthmanagement.com/fee-schedule/

Email: kenny@milliennialwealthmanagment.com
Cell: (720) 598 2926
Office: (303) 578 8535
Website: www.millennialwealthmanagement.com

Read Kenny’s blog here: https://www.millennialwealthmanagement.com/blog/

Bill Nelson, CFP®, CSLP

About Bill Nelson, CFP®, CSLP

I founded Pacesetter Planning in 2016 to help engaged and newlywed millennials all across the country raise their income, pay down debt, and invest for the future… while also making the most of their lives today. Even more importantly, I help these couples make these decisions and set goals for the future together, and empower them take real steps to make sure they achieve these goals.

Money can either be an asset or a liability to your relationship. When you manage your finances effectively with your partner, your marriage will thrive in ways it never has before. When you don’t, things can go downhill – quickly. My financial planning process is designed to help couples unify around a shared vision for where they want their lives to take them, and use their money as a tool to help these dreams become a reality.

As scary as it is to admit, most of the biggest financial events of our lives happen in our 20s and 30s, and particularly when we get married. You either decide to go to grad school or take the first steps down a career path. You change jobs, earn promotions, and negotiate raises. You decide how much to start putting into a 401(k). You decide whether, and to what extent, you should integrate your finances with your spouse. Behind the scenes, you lay the building blocks of your credit score. You decide when (and if) it makes sense to buy your first home. You may even be financially preparing to have children. And of course, we haven’t even touched on the $1.5 trillion elephant in the room – a student loan debt burden that seems to increase with every graduating class.

All of these items are challenging enough to manage by yourself. When you add a spouse, fiancé, or partner to the mix, trying to juggle these decisions becomes even more complicated. As a newlywed myself, I know firsthand the challenges and opportunities money brings to your marriage. As such, I want to help engaged and newlywed couples navigate the complexities of getting their finances in order to live the life of their dreams.

I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Certified Student Loan Professional. Over the past several years, I’m grateful to have had my work featured by CNBC, CNN, the Financial Planning Association, and several other publications.

If you’re ready to create the life you love with your partner, schedule a FREE breakthrough call to get started!

Kevin Mahoney, CFP®

About Kevin Mahoney, CFP®

When my wife and I were expecting our first child a few years ago, many of our initial conversations revolved around personal finance. Can we make student loans payments and save for college? How should we fit child care into our budget? And at what point might we want to buy a new house?

Fortunately, I had a background in finance, so we had a head start on some of these questions. But even so, we still put a lot of effort into researching different acronyms, tax strategies, and companies. I figured that my life was about to get more hectic, and I was concerned that tasks likes these would cut into the limited time I had for date nights and playgrounds.

I often thought, if I had these feelings – even with an MBA in finance – how much more stressed must other people my age be? I realized that I had the ability to offer our generation an uncommon alternative: a financial planning company that’s actually designed for us.

Illumint offers fee-only financial planning specifically for young couples and families. Kevin Mahoney, CFP®, the company’s founder & CEO, helps his peers navigate the new financial decisions that arise during our late 20s and 30s as we try to repay student loans, buy a house, and invest our savings. Illumint is located in Washington, D.C., but operates virtually (via video chat) in order to work with people across the country.

My credentials and education:

*MBA (Finance), Georgia Tech
*B.S. (Business Administration), Georgetown University

I encourage you to schedule a time to chat with me to start getting help with your student loans, budget, and savings options as soon as this week.