Harrison Hinz, CFP®

About Harrison Hinz, CFP®

As we learned in 2020, nurses are a pillar of our everyday lives. They spend their careers helping others. Thank you, nurses, for what you do!

My wife is in nursing school and comes from a family of nurses. We have three kids now and hope to have some more down the road. With similar life experiences, combined with the CFP® designation, I both understand your struggles as a nurse and help you find a more clear direction on where you want your finances to go.

I specifically work with nurses that have young children or plan to have children in the next 5 years. Together we prioritize financial goals, discuss saving for child expenses, review cashflow/tax opportunities, plan for retirement, evaluate/establish investment portfolios, and navigate the ever-changing financial world.

I love being able to help nurses understand their financial picture and establish a plan for their future.

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Ronnie Colvin, CFP®

About Ronnie Colvin, CFP®

I spent 31 years climbing the tech career ladder, starting out doing simple data entry, through tech support, network engineer, and Director of IT. If you check my LinkedIn profile, you’ll see I went through a wide variety of industries including DoD, NASA, consulting, petrochemical and telecom manufacturing.

I lived the life of the W2 tech employee, maximizing my salary, benefits, stock options, etc, and when I married another tech employee we had to figure out how to coordinate our benefits most effectively, get our retirement funds balanced properly, insurance issues, even estate planning.

Now that we’re older, we’re also dealing with caring for aging parents while navigating our own lives. I know what it’s like and now I want to help others get through it as well. Not necessarily the executives (though I’ll help them too), but the front-line engineers, scientists, accountants, marketing staff, tech support – all the people who do the day-to-day work in tech who have financial questions and problems to solve are the ones I’m here for.

Read Ronnie’s blog here: http://www.frenchpressfinance.com/blog

Paul Carriere, CFP®, AAMS

About Paul Carriere, CFP®, AAMS

I help mid to late career professionals take control of their financial situation with clear, confident decisions. Whether you are looking for a way make more money or want less stress in your life finance is an important part that can impact both aspects – so I work closely with my clients developing personalized investment strategies based on what they need most at this stage in life.

I am here because: 1) You deserve impeccable service 2) My mission as CFP® professional means providing unparalleled value while improving YOUR well-being 3). The results? Clarity and confidence knowing YOU have taken proper steps financially.

Matthew Williams, CFP®, RICP

About Matthew Williams, CFP®, RICP, CExP, CASL

Matt developed a passion for the financial services industry as a client of the industry. His unique perspective of being a client is an essential part of Matt’s success, as he can easily see things from the client’s point of view.

Matt received a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. After spending the early part of his career as a Professional Engineer designing land development projects, Matt developed the calling to help others learn and develop the best practices around money that have benefited he and his family. His mission is to help his clients bring their futures into the present so they can make informed and educated decisions around their money.

Outside the office, Matt spends much of his time with his daughter and wife. He is an active steward at Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church. Matt enjoys golf, biking, reading, and spending time with friends.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”

– Abraham Lincoln

Curtis Bailey, CFP®, CRPC®

About Curtis Bailey, CFP®, CRPC®, EA, CFA

Quiet Wealth was founded to provide financial solutions in clear, comprehensive ways. The Financial Services Industry is riddled with inflexible offerings and pricing that is in the firm’s best interest, not the client.

We offer flat-fee, fee-only financial planning. There are no account minimums. No commission. True cost transparency.

We combine experience and expertise to offer solutions (taxes, investments, financial planning, and risk management) that are help clients support their lifestyle and achieve their unique aspirations.

Read Curtis’ blog here: https://curtisbailey.io/

Spenser Liszt, CFP®, CCFC

About Spenser Liszt, CFP®, CCFC

I find true fulfillment in advising and educating others toward financial freedom. Before joining Paradigm Advisors in 2019, I enjoyed a successful music career. My strength is utilizing a creative approach to solving a wide range of client needs.

Born and raised in Dallas, I graduated from The University of North Texas with a Master’s in Jazz Studies. I became a Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC) in 2020 and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional in 2021.

In my free time I enjoy woodworking and spending quality time with my wife.


Christopher Annello, CFP®

About Christopher Annello, CFP®

Are you a Young Professional…

…in your 20’s or 30’s, making good income, who wants to start life out on a smart financial footing?
…who would like a coach to hold you accountable to your financial commitments?
…who could use help creating goals, paying down debt, and starting a savings and investing plan?
…who wants to make the most of your salary and company benefits?
…who would like direction on how best to protect you and your loved ones with insurance and wills?

What is SAGEbroadview Wealth Management for a Young Professional?

As a young professional, investing in your future is the single most important financial step you can take.

This is why we, at SAGEbroadview Wealth Management, created a service offering specifically for Young Professionals — to provide customized advice to high income young professionals looking for guidance and accountability as they navigate the various stages of life, and all that comes with it.

Everyone wants to ‘live the dream’. Thing is, everyone’s idea of that dream is different. Through conversation, questions and analysis, we help you clearly define your dream so together we can create a working plan to achieve it.

Our wealth management process is ongoing, and integrates financial planning and portfolio management, with tax planning carefully woven throughout.

Professional Background

I joined SAGEbroadview Wealth Management as an associate adviser in 2011 and achieved my CFP® credentials in 2014. In 2016, I became a wealth manager and broadened our ability to serve clients throughout the northeast by opening our Burlington, Massachusetts office to complement our offices in Morristown, NJ and Farmington, CT. In July 2021, I was promoted to Partner.

I understand the complexities of a growing career and family because I’m there too! So, in 2019, I kicked off our Young Professionals program, because I wanted to help motivated professionals make well-informed decisions in the early stages of their career through lifelong financial planning and portfolio management, with tax planning carefully woven throughout.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Bryant University. I am a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and am active in NAPFA’s Genesis networking group for supporting professional growth and development among next- generation NAPFA advisors.

Personal Background

I am a family man at heart. My wife Lindsay and I welcomed our daughter Avery Grace to the world in 2016, and son Landon in 2019; things have never been the same since.

Read Christopher’s blog here: https://sagebroadview.com/blog-2/

Jeff Branson, CFP®, MBA

About Jeff Branson, CFP®, MBA

I founded Branson Financial Planning in 2020 with the vision of becoming a personal CFO to individuals and families seeking to incorporate a process-based and rules-driven approach to their financial lives. I believe there is a gap with how successful small businesses are operated and how successful individuals and families manage their day to day lives. A successful venture is built on the foundation of cashflow. I believe that any successful financial life should have the same goal: it all starts with your cashflow.

I believe that financial advice should be clear, objective, and delivered in a fiduciary manner. Advice should come with the client’s goals and interests put first and foremost and shouldn’t be jeopardized by products or conflicts of interest. By removing the typical barriers large firms put up, advice can be stripped down to its core: to help achieve the financial goals clients strive to accomplish.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree from CSU, Sacramento, my MBA in Finance from Saint Mary’s College of California, and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Outside of the office, I love walking and running with my golden retriever Mavrick, reading, and cheering on favorite sports teams.

Read Jeff’s blog here: https://www.bransonfp.com/blog/

Matthias Giezendanner, CFP®, EA

About Matthias Giezendanner, CFP®, EA

My purpose is to find what makes my clients feel happy, successful, and fulfilled and help them coordinate their life to maximize those things. In my spare time, I enjoy fly fishing, reading biographies, baseball games, collecting mechanical watches and wine, and exploring the parks, food, and museums of San Francisco with my family.

Ashlee deSteiger, CFP®, CFA®

About Ashlee deSteiger, CFP®, CFA®, CPA

When I was 5 years old, I started going to work with my dad at one of his 7 diners. We’d get on the road around 6 AM. I was allowed a day-old doughnut from the freezer for breakfast – white-iced, raspberry jelly-filled was my go-to. He usually zapped it too long in the microwave, making the jelly in the middle piping hot. I was great at peeling hardboiled eggs, restocking the candy case, and tallying up carry-out receipts – I loved every minute of it!

Dad always said my maiden name, Bassano, meant “hard-worker.” I firmly believe that tongue-in-cheek joke, along with my mom & dad’s entrepreneurial spirit, shaped who I am today. Whether it was graduating college as a double major with honors in 3 years, or cycling the US coast-to-coast in 9 weeks, I put my heart and soul into everything I do. I fully expect the same of myself if given the opportunity to be your financial advisor.